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    UberKruX has a point (getting a continent early will make you a target) but if it's Australia and you have a stack of defenders at the only entry point, nobody's going to want to beat their head against you just to deprive you of two armies a turn. Once you have that position, do just enough to get your card every turn, plus maybe an extra attack or two to gain a tactical advantage (knock the next player's army count down, bring yours up, break up someone's continent) until you've got enough to steamroll.

    I agree with those who value N. America. For its size and value, it's easy to defend. But don't take it until you're strong enough to hold it, because you will be a target.
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      Originally posted by Ming

      That's all I was waiting for... Moving this to the other games forum now.

      Good luck tonight.
      Isn't it normally the other way around, moving a topic from a (postcount) forum to the OT?
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        Originally posted by Skanky Burns

        Isn't it normally the other way around, moving a topic from a (postcount) forum to the OT?
        no it's usually a banning for some blurry reason
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          I highly recommend Risk II for PC. It has an expanded form of play that is simply genius! It is more in-depth than Risk Classic, but isn't over complex, and doesn't diverge too much for the classic feel of the original.


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            Depending on what rules are in force. If the classic rules are in effect, it's somewhat redundant to hold a continent. The thing to do is to stay alive and grab a card each turn. You don't want to be too weak, because that tempts other player into wiping you out and grab all your cards.

            OTOH, if Castle Risk-esque rules are in effect, it makes a lot of sense to hold a continent. The best one is N. America, followed by Australia, S. Ameica, Africa, Asia, and Europe in that order.

            Some things to do are:

            1. If somebody grabs a continent on turn 1, it is imperative to wipe out his holdings outside of his continent. Conversely, you don't want that to happen to you.

            2. If you can't grab a continent, try to station all your troops in a stategic location, such as Alaska, Greenland, Central America, Ukraine, Indonesia, East Africa, Egypt, Brazil, etc. Then just slowly expand from there.

            Risk II is too easy when you play with all the rules plus land auction.
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              You could allways try to spy on other players designated missions (in order to prevent them). All it requires is lots of beer, a bathroom and quick hands...
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