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Food for the insomniac gamer

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  • Food for the insomniac gamer

    When a game is too interesting to stop playing. But you get a growling in your stomach. Your hungry ; you havent been to the store in a few days. But your stock of_____ (insert cpu food) is good.

    Anything to recommend? Cold Pizza, Pretzels, Jolt/mountain dew come to mind.

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    Gawk, you are making me hungry.
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      ignore the rumblings and keep playing

      cold pizza, sandwiches, anything that you can eat with one hand (while playing with the other) and won't make a big mess if you drop it on your keyboard. i prefer sandwiches, as they don't leave your fingers greasy (so you can play with both hands between bites if necessary) and the crumbs aren't that messy
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        If you're playing a game like Civ3 with large wait times between turns then eating a bowl of cereal becomes very easy. That's what I do. No greasy hands, no spilling on the keyboard because you're waiting between turns and don't have to have at least one hand on the keyboard. A good chair and computer desk is all you need.

        Now what does one do when mother nature comes a calling if you know what I mean..................
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          have piles of that stuff lying around if such a scenario arises. fast and easy and 5 days worth of sodium in one pack


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            Spinach or celery, keeps you healthy. A pound of spinach will fill you up and set you back about a hundred calories, a pound of celery will fill you up and set you back about negative-twenty calories. I've never felt better since I started eating pipe-cleaners for my midnight snacks.

            Oh yeah, and try Code Red (the new Cherry flavored Mt. Dew).
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              Bourbon and coke seem to work for me.

              It doesn't really fill me up, but it stops me from realizing I'm hungry
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                Doritos, Pepsi and smokes
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                  Originally posted by Haupt. Dietrich

                  Now what does one do when mother nature comes a calling if you know what I mean..................
                  Diapers.....there a life saver during all nighters.

                  Code red...why havent I seen that here yet?


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                    Peanuts are my snack of choice. Since I gave up smoking the tendency to eat through huge bags of them has become worrying so I try to stick to fruit instead.
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                      Tomatoes or fruits. Yeah, bananas are good, but make sure you get them from fair trade shops.
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                        Don't forget the godfather of all snacks.

                        Microwave popcorn.

                        With the right set-up (microwave close by and a case of corn from the wharehouse store) you'll never have to get up.

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                          hot pockets, chex mix, pringles, mountain dew, pizza (order it..then you can be really lazy!), sobe/snapple, cheese n crackers, fritos scoops and some salsa or queso, cookies, cheese nips

                          things to be wary off: anything messy like soup, ice cream (melts), fruits (juices get on your fingers and thus on the controller)
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                            Avacados. Raw and unpealed.


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                              Originally posted by Anunikoba
                              Avacados. Raw and unpealed.

                              How 'bout the ol' baloney sandwich. Forget about the butter, mayonnaise, and mustard and it takes 5.2 seconds to make.