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    Well, on Darkknight's recomendation in the other thread, I've started playing Ferion, and I must say, it's a very good game.

    But anyways, I was just throwing together a logo for my empire (The United Dominion of Zeta Prime) Only thing is, I don't have anywhere to host the picture at, does anyone know of of a good (and free) hosting site that allows you to link to images?

    Here's my Logo so far.

    Any opinions of it?
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    Well...pretty much any free host will do...since they all support images and the images don't take too much space...but here are two sites to help you find a free host...:


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      Erm... Is this image everything you need webspace for? You can just use the link to the attached image (which would be this:! That´ll save a lot of trouble signing up with wacky hosting services you hardly need anyway.
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