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    any language is easy if you have read enough books on that (it's my own experience).
    I know Russian and Georgian perfectly, and am still trying to learn English. I hope with success )

    Lord, no genders and inflections (I'm not sure about the second since saw in dictionary) is cool. But TENSES!!! Oh, my God, they make me crazy

    It is time to kill me, I see all topic I join becomes off-topic. Sorry.

    BTW, I still think the easiest language to learn is Russian (among those three) because rules are work and there aren't so many exludions. Easiest language to write (again 3) is Georgian - what you hear is what you write, no spelling is needed (but damned grammar). All of this don't make English bad or less. Language of Shakespere and Kipling is shining anyway.

    Don't beat me hurt please, I'll add something on-topic.

    Civilinations for example.


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      Hey Stalker, don't worry about making things off-topic. We won't hurt ya. Maybe just rough u up a little... nah! Just kidding!

      The off-topic element of these forums are the cream and butter of this whole forum - we live for off-topicness! Go ahead and make everything off-topic if you want - its a lot of fun!
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        Actualy, Saintly Lion, Sid/Brian need help either coming up with new Games systems that dont look like attempts to "work around" the leagal tecknicalities imposed on them since they Jumped ship and started up Firaxis or get off of their colective (expletative deleted)and REALY DOING the true CivIII. Frankly, if Brian/Sid Realy wanted to do a new "Civ" game he/they would have litlle trouble coming up with a new name. (Sid Myers Manifest Destiny of Nations has a nice ring to it.)


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          Manifest Destiny of Man

          or Destiny of Man

          or Sid Myers Trial of Nations

          or have i made my point already?


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            Terran Domain


            Culture and Conflict

            Ultimate Purpose

            To Rise

            SMC III(Sid Meier's CivIII, no copyright infringement)

            Homo Sapiens Sapiens

            Caves of Steel and Stone
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