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    Peter Molyneux. I'd guess he's most famous for Populous, Dungeon Keeper, and Black & White, though.

    Yeah... He's done MUCH more famous things than Theme Park. It's the big thing for why people believe this could be pulled off... Molyneux is a 'Game God'.
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      The reason I mentioned Theme Park is because originally it was going to be called 'Theme Studios'. I'm glad they changed that.

      General: None yet...I'm still in college so I really haven't had the chance to get out there yet. But that is my major, and I should hear within days if I got accepted to tranfer to Emerson College (one of the premier US acting and communication schools.)

      As for the "well so much can be in movies", they have said it is there intention for the game to be fully-modable, and may even release the tools used to make the game.
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        Originally posted by The Emperor Fabulous
        I personally can't wait. I love movies, and write scripts
        I like writing sketch comedy myself.
        So you'd rather play a gmae where you get to live out your fantasy rather than jsut pursuing it? Just joking, but with a touch of truth Joking on the square.

        i hope thta game doesn't suck though. I also hope its cheap, b/c I AM
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