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  • Nuclear War VII

    Each player starts with 3 cities, and may perform 1 order each turn. Orders should be sent to me through:

    MSN/email: angusniven @

    (When orders has been sent, please post a ďsentĒ msg in the thread, to make sure I have received the order).

    If you donít send any orders for a turn, you won't be auto-set to do something (I won't deflect for you, I won't do anything for you... ), and since I post a msg from time to time in the forum about who still needs to send orders, people can see whoís open for nuking, so be sure to send them

    If you donít send your orders, there will be consequences, unless you can come up with a good reason BEFORE youíre missing your orders (i.e. if youíre going on vacation tell us BEFORE you leave, not when you get home)

    # of turns missed: Consequences:
    1: nothing
    2: Youíll lose one city this round
    3: Youíll lose two cities this round
    4: ---------you get Wasted--------

    Each turn takes about 24 hours (Ending at 9 AM GMT each day) (Though there might be some changes, so donít count on it being ready every day at this time... maybe itíll be earlier, maybe later). If I have received all orders before time runs out, the turn has ended and Iíll post the results early

    You will be able to change your orders up until one hour before the end of the turn, except for observation missions, which can be changed until you receive the information.

    Spy missions don't count as orders: e.g. you can sabotage an enemy and nuke him in the same turn. Each player starts with one spy


    Launch Nukes:

    The player can launch two nukes. The nukes can be launched at different players or they can be launched to the same player, depending on preference.

    Stockpile Nukes:
    When stockpiling nukes you can launch 4 nukes instead of 2 at some time. You can't stockpile stockpiled nukes, the max # of nukes is 4. You don't have to use the stockpiled nukes the following turn. If you've got stockpiled nukes and want to nuke someone, but also keep the stockpiled nukes, you may, but (obviously), you can only use two.

    When deflecting nukes to a certain player, every second nuke to arrive that turn will be deflected to another player (Which has to be included in the orders). The nukes which get deflected is: 1, 3, 5Ö while 2, 4, 6Ö will hit

    Hide in bunker:
    Each player has one bunker. When used, ALL nukes fired at you are destroyed (Not deflected), and all spies sent against you are killed (caught by the guards). After one use, the bunker is unavailable, unless rebuilt.

    Train a new spy:
    Just like it sounds. (No-one starts with any spies)

    Build City:
    You get one extra city.

    Sabotage (Spy):
    When using sabotage on another player, the other players orders will be cancelled. This kills the spy used. Sabotage does not work on bunkers; stockpiled nukes launches that are sabotaged lose the stockpile involved.

    Observe (Spy):
    When using a spy to observe a player, the other player gets information about the other playerís orders. The spy only dies if the other player is being nuked the same turn, or if that player is using a bunker (in which case the spy's death is an answer in itself...).

    If you post a "sent" msg in the thread, but I don't recieve any orders, I'll auto-set you to train a spy (Of course I'll send you a msg that I didn't recieve your orders)

    When 3+ leaders have lost their country, they have 1 nuke together, where they may vote for who to nuke. The player who gets the most votes (or in case of a tie, the player who got the first vote) gets the nuke.

    These voting orders may be posted public (For the love of dogpiling) or they may be sent private (For a surprise attack)
    If a player doesn't post/send-PM votes, there's a chance this player will be included in the story, making this player unable to vote in future votings... active voters wont be taken though.
    When there's two players left, there will be no more votes.

    Player and City List:

    - 4 cities (If, I, Must, Join the game)

    Dr. Spike:
    - 2 cities (I'm, LastedtwoturnslongerthanSkanky)

    - 2 cities (Bauern, Laufer)

    Spaced Cowboy:
    - 1 city (Jamski)

    Orders Received From:

    Orders Not Received From:

    Skanky Burns
    Dr. Spike
    Vlad Antlerkov
    Spaced Cowboy

    Turns Missed:

    ADG: 1 turn.
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    Cool, game on!
    I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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      Now let's get this show started

      /me checks the radar

      Damn... 10 nukes on the way to me.... arrrrgggghhhh!!!

      /me hides in the bunker...
      This space is empty... or is it?


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        Orders on the way.


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          Bumping for GT.

          oh god how did this get here I am not good with livejournal


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            Report for 2nd of February 2004

            Unusually, the blood began flowing on the first day of the war, with Skanky Burns nuking Dr. Spike and being struck in turn by Vlad Antlerkov. Meanwhile, Spike himself built the city of 'later', followed by Spaced Cowboy building 'Later' (presumably their citizens will put a great deal of emphasis on capitalisation), Jamski built 'Spank Me Please', Hercules cosntructed the city of 'be', and ADG was working on a classified program.


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              I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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                Orders sent
                On the ISDG 2012 team at the heart of CiviLIZation


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                      Orders sent...
                      This space is empty... or is it?


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                        Sent, follow the queue.
                        We're sorry, the voices in my head are not available at this time. Please try back again soon.


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                          oh god how did this get here I am not good with livejournal


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                              Report for 3rd of March 2004

                              The main event today was the complete destruction of Hercules, as ADG unloaded a full stockpile of 4 nukes onto his cities, cutting short his classified programs.

                              Meanwhile, Vlad Antlerkov halved Jamski's city count, destroying the cities of Springer and Spank Me Please, althought Jamski immediately constructed a new city name "Why Me?". In addition, Dr. Spike built the city of "Brokentreaty", and Skanky Burns and Spaced Cowboy were working on undisclosed projects.

                              Total Player Losses:

                              Hercules: 4 cities (WASTED)
                              Jamski: 2 cities (3 cities left)

                              Remaining Cities:

                              - 3 cities (If, I, Must)

                              Dr. Spike:
                              - 3 cities (I'm, later, Brokentreaty)

                              - WASTED

                              - 3 cities (Bauern, Laufer, Why Me?)

                              Skanky Burns:
                              - 1 city (Scum)

                              Spaced Cowboy:
                              - 4 cities (Jamski, Must, Die, Later)

                              Vlad Antlerkov:
                              - 3 cities (Romero's Head, Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind)
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