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    --"I also saw one where these guys were flying around in what looked like lighter than air battleships and were pounding the snot out of each other."

    That was probably Last Exile, although airships are fairly common in anime.

    --"As an introduction, especially for a girl, you should really look for Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki."

    Depending on the ages. I definitely agree that Miyazaki is a good start, especially since one of his trademarks is strong female characters. I'd just hesitate to recommend Mononoke to a young girl... it should be fine in this case, though.

    My only problem recommended the Miyazaki movies is the way Disney handled them. The only release that has had proper subtitles is Princess Mononoke. The rest are dubtitles, which is just flat out annoying. Even if you don't know any Japanese, having subtitles appear on screen when no one is talking is pretty obvious. And when you do know some... ugh. If you're only watching dubs, though, go for it.

    --"Am I the only human being outside Japan liking Naruto?"

    Er... no.... Personally, I was never able to get into it, but the past few anime cons I've been to have been overrun with Naruto fans, most of whom buy one of the headbands in the dealer's room and then spend the rest of the con wearing them with their normal clothes. They tend to be quite obnoxious.
    It's probably the single unlicensed title most popular in the US right now. Which may be why it's still unlicensed; I bet the licensing fees they want for it are huge.

    --"She wants to try Wolf's Rain next, I think...not entirely sure why,"

    Bishounen leads.

    Seriously, this is the only thing I can think of for the popularity of this show.

    --"Also wants to see Twelve Kingdoms, but since it's not entirely out in English, we'll probably wait on it."

    The last DVD is due out next month. By the time you watch the previous 9, it should be available.

    --"I"m also thinking about "Tuskihime", mostly a vampire story that is not very vampire story-like. "

    Tsukihime wasn't too horrible, for something based on an h-game, but not a patch on the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA.

    --"Hmm... we should really make a new standard anime thread one of these days."

    I've been kind of thinking about it. There's been a lot of interesting news. I just haven't bothered to sit down and write it out. Probably the best bit is that the Banner of the Stars IV book came out, and the Banner of the Stars III series is finally in production. Hopefully see that soon.

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      Tsukihime wasn't too horrible, for something based on an h-game, but not a patch on the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA.

      I read a review of the first few episodes of Tsukihime that made it seem rather... silly. It allegedly has one of those insane protagonists whose memory is all fuzzy... which they don't seem to do much with. Kinda odd to do that and then do nothing with it.

      As for Vampire Princess Miyu, I saw that OVA recently, but the subtitles (which I'm practically certain were fansubbed rather than officially done) left something to be desired. Even if they had been better, I suspect I still would have been left frustratingly shaking my fist at the screen for answers. I think that those 4 episodes would have been fine as the first 4 episodes of a 7-episode series, but... questions... unanswered... bah. It was interesting, though.

      I really have not seen any series better than FULL METAL ALCHEMIST.

      The few random episodes I've caught of it didn't seem that bad. The animation quality is top-notch, certainly. I only wish that... Ed, was it? The non-suit of armor brother... anyway, he seemed to fight using the "change my metal hand into a blade" a little too frequently. Alchemy is pretty neat when they're using it outside combat (heck, it's in the show's title and the main gimmick), can't he come up with something more creative? Turn the ground into water beneath them, then freeze them in or something?
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        erm.... so our sat tv operator has has launched an anime channel....

        I am now (kinda) watching:

        Twelve Kingdoms
        Uninhabited Planet survival

        and they seem cool. I start to understand the appeal. Generally, too many kids shows, though


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          Oh yeah, Full Metal Alchemist is pretty nice too, expecially the transexual-serial killer-butcher-episode

          Too bad I don't have an internet connection in my new apt, so I can't download anything
          I will never understand why some people on Apolyton find you so clever. You're predictable, mundane, and a google-whore and the most observant of us all know this. Your battles of "wits" rely on obscurity and whenever you fail to find something sufficiently obscure, like this, you just act like a 5 year old. Congratulations, molly.

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            I just started watching Last Exile. It's very good so far.
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              Oh yeah, Full Metal Alchemist is pretty nice too, expecially the transexual-serial killer-butcher-episode

              why aren't we getting this stuff on tv?