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The Lemurian History

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  • The Lemurian History

    Write Here your History

    Post here any history you have made that you think worthy telling.

    The history can be about anything even made up legendary heros, mytical places, religious routines, how is the day in Lemuria, the day as a city governor (even if you re not one), Lemurian national soccer tournment, how did you loose your lemurian tail, etc... Anything. As long as DG related.

    The only rules:

    * Must be DG history related
    * Must have a title
    * Must have the author
    * Must have more than 5 lines.

    The content - (shortcut when clicking it)
    20 stories - Pedrunn (8), Turambar (6), Frozzy (3), Ískallin (1), Maquiladora (1), Child of Thor (1).

    -- In the Beginning by Pedrunn
    - Our people is not nomad anymore. See how!

    -- The Birth of Ískallin by Ískallin
    - The birth of the first Minister of Infrastructure of our nation.

    -- The Seed of a Democracy by Pedrunn
    - How did the ministers were chosen and the quest for the Good Land to settle our first city.

    -- Dysfunctional in excess by Frozzy
    - The fear of the barbarian and the dicontentment of the people towards our long walk.

    -- Sword of a Lemurian by Maquiladora
    - The minister of Defense expressing his feelings when he was chosen for his function.

    -- The Long Walk Has Ended by Pedrunn
    - We have finally found the land we shall settle our first city.

    -- More Than This... by Frozzy
    - The people is confused about the world and what to do now that they are a sedentary people.

    -- Legend of Turambar I: The Newcomers by Turambar
    - We have made the first contact. How did the warriors felt about this. Specially the young Turambar.

    -- Legend of Turambar II by Turambar
    - One day in the Lemurian warrior army camp.

    -- Hostile Reflections by Frozzy
    - Some people just are not ready for war.

    -- Family Contradictions by Pedrunn
    - Even the royal family have their differences among each other.

    -- Today is a good day to die by Child of Thor
    - The soldiers are sharpenning their swords and preparing for the war to come.

    -- Two Sides of the Same Coin by Pedrunn
    - The creation of the War Party and the Apolymuria People's Party and how they influence our people.

    -- Legend of Turambar III: Changes by Turambar
    - Hoplites, new leader, war, etc... A lot have changed in the warrior camp.

    -- Legend of Turambar IV: Innsbruck by Turambar
    - The Austrian city of Innsbruck now called H Town is ours. Check out our first war victory here!

    -- Pressburg slaughter by Pedrunn
    - Another victory of our army. The Austrian city of Pressburg was conquered!

    -- Legend of Turambar V: Back in the field by Turambar
    - After conquering two of their cities did you really think the Austrians weren't going to counter-attack!?!

    -- The New Minister of Defense by Pedrunn
    - Austrians keep coming. Look their most dangerous threat and the coming of the new minister of defense.

    -- Legend of Turambar VI: Lord H Tower by Turambar
    - Turamabar have left the warrior camp to H Town in a important mission.

    -- Miltary Decisions by Pedrunn
    - The administration of Pedrunn as minister of Defense (Discussions of the 9th Game Chat)

    Thank you
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    High Lemur Pedrunn
    In the Beginning
    by Pedrunn

    "I am walking through this terrain for more than forty winters Since the day I was born, so did my father through all his life, and my grandfather, and my Grand grandfather, and many others for countless generations since our mighty god, Apolymura, created the world and all of its beauties and resources to fulfill our needs. And I never questioned his willing not even when we walked Through days with our stone spears bright clean oppose to the live bloody red we usually see. But this scene is happening more often every day." Warns Pedrunn in sights, "Still our mighty Apolymura did not forget about us. Three moons ago, while unseeding the grains of wheat in the storage I noticed new grain of wheat were borning in that very place. And from that time on I started unseed and storing a few amounts of wheat in my hut in front of the dark stone that came from the stars, the gift from our kind god. And I want you all to see what has happened."

    When Pedrunn finishes his words he opens his hut and inside forty small wheat trees is found. Some of the wise men shows a confuse face while several other showed a face of excitement.
    Pedrunn then moves his mouth in tears "Yes, the mighty Apolymura has thought me to make wheat born from the ground. We do not need to walk blind through the woods, the jungles, swamps and the deserts. Not having to carry our children in our sore backs or leave the older mans along the way." Pedrunn raise his hands and continue the speech "Lets find the best spot to start this great teaching from the mighty Apolymura and save our children from this endless walking we all and all our descendents have been making since the day the mighty apolymuria turned darkness in light, and powder in men".

    Pedrunn then raises his staff to blue sky and yells:

    "Thank you, mighty Apolymura! We will use all your teachings wisely"
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    "Kill a man and you are a murder.
    Kill thousands and you are a conquer.
    Kill all and you are a God!"
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      The Birth of Ískallin
      By Ískallin
      On the days of Pedrunn, a message came from him that
      all members of the Lemuria tribe should come to the winter camp in the dune sea, so Kallin took his pregnant wife Ís and traveled to the camps, when they had got to the camps the time came that Ís should become lighter, but there were no room left in the tents.
      So Ís gave birth to a beutiful boy whom they named Ískallin.
      Ískallin became a strong and wise young man who studied the ways of agriculture and soon came Pedrunns
      advisor in that portofalio(Minister of infastructure)
      Then the time came that Pedrunn told his pepole that they were bound to leave ther ancestors land and look for a good place to live in.
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        High Lemur Pedrunn
        The Seed of a Democracy
        by Pedrunn

        “Sixteen years walking in the desert. Since the Mighty Apolymura came to me in a dream in the very same day He thought me how to make wheat grow fro the ground promising the Good Land, a very rich terrain where we shall leave until the day the Mighty Apolymura will call the good men to sit next to him. Where there will be wheat to all men and women of our nation in abundance. Sixteen years walking in the desert. Many died of thirsty and hungry. We have only eaten lizards, insects, snakes and dry cactus. From the old wise men I was the only one left other than judges: H tower, Gilgamesh and Mapfi. All of the others couldn’t finish our journey anymore. The new generation who will replace the dead one is impatient and angry. I have found some of them worshipping gods other than the Mighty Apolymura. My leadership is being doubt.
        My son, Pedrunn, named after me, is a grown man already and without him I don’t think I could never keep our people together by now. My staff, symbol of my wisdom, is now also a sign of my weakness because without it I can hardly walk. The day I will meet the friends in the afterlife is getting closer. Although the Mighty Apolymura came to me in a dream today I don’t need Him to tell me this. I can feel it” tells Pedrunn to mute writer while calling his son.

        When his son arrives in his hut he says “My son, we need to join our people together today. I need to tell everybody what the Mighty Apolymura told me today”. Pedrunn’s son leaves the hut. And three hours later he is back with the loud noise of people coming from outside.
        “My son help me to get up” Pedrunn says. Once up Pedrunn walks up with difficulty to the rock he makes his speech. And starts his speech “People of the Mighty Apolymura. I will leave you all soon to meet my friends who are already at our God side. But I know you all are impatient to find soon the Good Land that was promised to us. And the Mighty Apolymura assured me that the river in which we have been walking since the last summer will lead us to the Good Land. I am fighting with all my strength to see the terrain with my own eyes. Sadly, I barely have the strength to get up in the morning and even my eyes cant see as far as they used to do. Soon I wont be able to lead you all. So I chose those who will walk behind me until my of my death but who will continue walking over my dead body so that you all can follow their steps” Pedrunn silently quietly raises his staff to an upper rock while the noise of rumors spreading come from people of Lemuria. After a minute silent Pedrunn raise his harsh voice yelling “The family that has the wise young boy I thought all the knowledge of farming and alone improved this beautiful teaching more than I did will become the advisor of Farming. Ískallin, the son of Ís and Kallin one step forward”. Rumors and claps come from the crowd but are silenced by the voice of Pedrunn: “The family of the lemur who drawed the symbol of our people in the stone will raise this same symbol while sending orders to our warriors. Maquiladora one step forward.” Without letting the people make noise Pedrunn continues “The family of the old but young lemur will lead be our peacemaker and commerce advisor. Immortal Wombat one step forward. And the family of Wise Ass will lead the public houses building advising what our people needs”. Only minutes later Wise Ass came from the back of the crowd pushed by its family to the front among with his fellow advisors. “And Finally…” raises the leader his voice even louder “My own blood, Pedrunn, will be the next leader of our people”.

        No sound was coming from the people of Lemuria when the wise Pedrunn continued his speech “If anyone is against my choices speak now or forever remain in silence.” The only sound came after a few minutes when you could hear loud and clear the sound of claps. Pedrunn call all of the chosen advisors to the top of the rock where he was. They all climb the rock when still from the highest place Pedrunn announces “These young men will lead our people from the deserts to the Good Land and from the Good Land to the stars where the kind Apolymura is waiting for us”. The wise Pedrunn then leave the rock on claps while his son takes the staff symbol of the wisdom of the Lemuria people and raises to the sky an act not done since his father lost all the strength to the years. The claps where higher when the young Pedrunn Yelled once and again with together to all the people and all the advisors:

        “To the Good Land”.
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          Dysfunctional in excess

          By RedBull

          "We are walking... we do not know what we are coming against..." Redbull was reading scripts he had found in the sand. Being one of the few who was literate, he read out to a small crowd what it was he was reading. "We see people approching from the jungle...they hold clubs and spears... we are running toward a cave..." Redbull stopped. A blood splatter covered the next word. "We are putting up wood to stop the beast... but it cannot hold for long..." The words now became more elongated and slanted down the page "We cannot escape... we are going to die..." Redbull stopped. There was no more on the parchment. A silence surrounded the crowd. Redbull put the parchment onto the ground, and set fire to it.

          Murmering started around the crowd... into whispering... into talking... into shouting... "That could have been us!" shouted one concerned female. Many had died in the coming to this land, and now the fear of uncivilised people had added to the fear of death, starvation and de-hydration.

          Redbull returned to his family, but outside was mass rioting, and there was no sign of it stopping...

          Night came. The sand dunes they had passed were far away now... but ahead was grassland, flat and perfect for attackers, and the jungle they had come to fear...


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            Sword of a Lemurian
            The Forge

            by Maquiladora

            I remember that day like it was only yesterday, in fact it was the day before, the chosen Leader of our peoples, Pedrunn, called on us atop the great 'sandy rocky slightly grassy' big rock, he stood exactly where my grandfather had carved the symdol of our people so many moons ago.

            As people gathered, Pedrunn, throwing his arms around calling people inwards, his large ears backlit by the oncoming dusk moonlight. He told us that he would have to leave us soon, i remember cries from women and small children and uproar amongst the elders as he spoke, whome which they all relied so heavily upon Him, He spoke the words as if they were his last, this was a sour day for our peoples.

            He continued as everyone listened so transfixed by his words, but i was dejected, everything i had hoped for our people, to conquer and rule as far as our imaginations would let us see, yes these were my dreams, but what is a man without dreams? He is no man at all.

            Indeed i trusted in him, but this was gone, it was all gone now. I turned to walk away and think of what was to become of all that we had strived for and already achieved, then suddenly i heard a strong deep voice call out above everyone, it was him, from high upon the rock he was pointing his staff into the crowd, with shuffles of sweaty sandals and gasped breathe the sea of brown linen parted and ended at me, indeed he had called my name, 'step forward', he said, I strode forward into the open space, and he leant forward a hand.

            He continued as now i stood beside him on the rock, and others stepped forward as he called their names, farmers, tailors, thinkers, all were chosen one after another by talent and expertise, and it became clear as the crowd rose with adulation, indeed this wasnt the end at all, it was only the beginning. . .
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              High Lemur Pedrunn
              The Long Walk Has Ended
              by Pedrunn

              “Father, you are truly a genius” The young Pedrunn comments to his father at the minute he enters the hut. “Before this very moment all the people was already giving up the quest for the Good Land. There were even those who were already skeptical about Apolymura. Now everybody is even more confident to found the promised place than when you first told them.” “It is all written in the stars” replied the wise Pedrunn. But the young Pedrunn continued “Not to mention the walk to the West made us find the river we are currently following. Father, we will reach the Good Land sooner than we expected. Are current pace is quicker than any other in our descendents history”. Smiled the young Pedrunn continuing his talk “The people you chose was accepted for almost every Lemur. They really are new wise man even the old wise mans, our judges, accepted these people integrally. And I promise my father we will reach the Good Land before you leave us”. The wise Pedrunn with a really low voice answered his son “Thank you, my son, I am very happy to see that you are excited about the good god Apolymura sayings”. Pedrunn gives a new smile and leaves the hut yelling to his people who were just waiting him to leave in the search to the Good Land: “To The West”

              The five winters of search for the good land the dry and excruciating desert turned into a much clean wet where the river was rich in fish for eating and water to drink. The people were so much happier with the abundance of resources they almost didn’t felt the time spent in the plains. The people of Lemuria almost doubled its population in this small time. A Baby boom and an improvement of the quality of life of the older ones. Even the wise Pedrunn was alive and happy with his people satisfaction although his legs couldn’t keep him stand for almost two winters. Despite this the young Pedrunn was truly happy with his family, his wife and his seven children. Everybody felt they were closer than ever of the Good Land.

              "In a day ironically clear and mist since the sun was so warm an enlightening that its brightness was visible through clouds and the river we have been following for many winters was reflecting it intensively.
              But the blinding mist did not frighten our people. And we kept following the river with the five chosen ones including me in the front guiding all! When I was on my way downward the slope of a small hill the clouds of the mist were becoming too high now to hide what was beneath. I was dazed by the image formed by this opening sky. I could see the light of the sunlight reflected by the river even stronger than before. Alight that come comes from behind us behind the beautiful green hills before us. Revealing the green carpet of grass at the front and the shadows of jumping fish and fast birds over the water. From where were we heard the sound of the water mixed with harmony with the sound of these same birds while small mammals from the trees of our left were drinking the water of the bright river. My pace slowly stopped, due such a beautiful picture followed by the others advisors and finally by all of our people by that time although none had spoken a single word we all knew what I shouted":

              “We Have Reached the Good Land. The Place we will build our house and settle for eternity”
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                More than this...
                By Frozzy

                The foundations of our first city are laid. The stories of our first adventure are told. The generations before us are gone. The sad fasct of eating the gut and muscle of live lizards has passed. Now we must ask the question, "What now?". This question had never been asked by us before. We only knew one thing, and that was in the past. Now we had the facings of a civilisation, we could bring our learnings from the past a step further. The great leader, Pedrunn, called a meeting, to discuss what next to do. The ministers argued long and hard, and the talking grew into shouting. Suddenly, I stood up, and I said something I never thought I would say: "I woke up and the world outside was dark, all so quiet before the dawn. I got up and walked around, but the ground was cold. I walked until I couldn't walk any more. To a place I'd never been, but I knew there was something stirring in the air. In front of me, I could see more than this. More than this, Oh, so much more than this! There was something else there. All that we had, has all gone! And here we are, I stand, feeling so covicted. But I'm all there... right next to you." I nodded and sat down. The great Pedrunn didn't shout at me. He agreed with me. He agreed that we expanded. He decided that an elite group of men would scout the area around us.

                So now we're busy making plans on our ever-lasting foundations. The trouble is, nothing fades faster than the future, and nothing clings like the past. But I could see more than this. There was something out there. But more than this is coming through. I stood alone. But I was all there right next to them.

                I was not travelling with the soldiers. A young man came up to me and asked why were they leaving. I simply told him:

                "Look around you. There is more than this, way beyond imagination. Much more than this..." I looked up. "Beyond those stars. My head is so full of fractured visions, but I'm right there, right next to you." The soldier thanked me, and left with the others.

                You know when you think there has to be more than this, and there's something else there? Well, all that we had has now all gone. Yet there is more than this. And looking into the faces of the soldiers moving into the sunset, I knew it wasn't too far into the future.


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                  The Legend Of Turambar
                  Part 1: The newcomers

                  by Turambar

                  “Tis an unexpected sight, Turambar” Galmar was saying to the young warrior, “to see people who look so alike to our own but who yet, also seem so different.” Turambar’s eyes shone as he looked down at the camp below from the hill. He was only half listening the soldier beside him. The sun was setting and the evening breeze had grown cool against his face as he turned to look at Galmar.

                  “What do you think this means for us?” he asked.
                  “We’ll know after our captain meets them tomorrow I suppose.” replied Galmar.
                  “I don’t like it. I can see no good coming from meeting these people.” said Turambar turning back to stare down at the foreigners camp. Galmar looked thoughtfully at Turambar. Turambar was hardly known for his cheerfulness but Galmar had always respected his intelligence if not his rashness. “Wait and see lad.” He said finally. “Don’t be so quick to judge them before we know them.” Turambar seemed to consider this before finally nodding.

                  After a little while Galmar left a gloomy Turambar on the hill and returned to his tent in the Lemurians camp where he laid down and considered the days events. They’d come across the foreigners camp early in the morning march, Galmar himself was first to spot it from the top of a hill over looking it. After reporting his sighting to his captain the scouting party assembled on the hill and stared down. It wasn’t long before they had been spotted in the camp by what mostly seemed to consist of unarmed men women and children. The sighting seemed to cause quite a commotion in the foreigners camp but one man who appeared to be the leader calmed it down soon enough before approaching the hill. Galmar had been sent to meet the man halfway and establish contact.

                  They’d both found communicating difficult at first but before long it became clear that both languages were similar in nature and with some patience communicating was possible. They eventually both left agreeing to meet again at sunrise tomorrow when Galmar would bring his captain along to represent Lemurian interests when dealing with these newcomers.

                  Galmar knew that this was a huge moment in the history of Lemuria and would be remembered long after his time. Meeting these newcomers had to go well he thought, but the air of distrust amongst many of his fellow soldiers worried him, especially from the young lad Turambar……
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                    The Legend Of Turambar
                    By Turambar

                    Turambar rose with the sun the next day and went to hill over looking the foreign camp. Between himself and camp was a newly erected tent. Turambar knew that inside Galmar and his captain would be meeting the newcomers leader and setting the tone for future relations between the two peoples.

                    Sighing he made his way back to his tent to pickup up his spear and shield. He thought he’d use this free time to get some weapons practice in with some of the other soldiers. After leaving his tent he headed off towards the centre of the camp where he saw Gothar and some of the other soldiers finishing their breakfast round a fire. Gothar seeing Turambar called out in a gruff voice “Hoy there Turambar! After someone to spar with?”
                    “Is that an offer old man?” replied Turambar grinning. Gothar though only in his 30’s was one of the oldest soldiers and had soon acquired the name “old man”.
                    “Indeed it is young Turambar” said Gothar as he picked up his own spear and shield from the floor. “And how about a weeks pay for the winner?” Turambar grimaced slightly remembering the last time he lost his pay to Gothar not long after they’d set out from home. These kind of contests were quite common amongst the soldiers on the long march. It was a way alleviate boredom and keep fighting skills sharp. Though they only fought until first touch some soldiers had picked up injuries, particularly when money was on the line.

                    “Lets get on with it then. I shall enjoy taking your money Gothar!” said Turambar. Although having lost his first match with Gothar Turambar was a better fighter than when they had first set out, practicing at every opportunity he found. He had no intention of losing his pay this time

                    Hearing the talk of a wager some of the other soldiers began to gather round the pair in a circle, shouting encouragement to both men. Rumour quickly spread and soon every soldier not on duty was gathered and cheering at them.

                    Facing each other the two men approached the centre of the open ground. When he came almost within reach of Gothar, Turambar lunged forward with his spearing aiming for Gothar’s chest, but to only to find it blocked by his opponents fast moving shield. Gothar counter attacked with a barrage of cuts and thrusts, which had Turambar backing off trying to keep him out of range.

                    “Best you can do old man?” Turambar taunted between blows much to the delight of the onlookers. Gothar only smiled and leapt forward aiming his spear at Turambar’s lower body forcing a quick reaction from Turambar to block it, but which left him stumbling back. Gothar seeing this came at Turambar with another series of attacks, none of which though could get past Turambar’s faster moving shield.

                    “Had enough yet young lad?” asked Gothar during a brief pause in the fight.
                    “Not just yet” replied Turambar with gleam in his eye as Gothar moved to lunge his spear at Turambar. If Turambar would of remained where he was the spear would of gone straight through him. But as it was about to hit home he sidestepped the spear and moved round the side of the overextended Gothar kicking the legs out from under him. Gothar landed with a heavy thump as the air left his lungs, leaving Turambar the simple task of placing his spear point on the other mans chest.

                    “A weeks pay was it?” asked a pleased Turambar to the obviously surprised Gothar.
                    “Aye lad it was”. A host of cheers came from the onlookers (and a few cries of “cheat”) as Turambar helped him back onto his feet. “Seems you’ve improved somewhat lad” said Gothar “I never even saw that coming.”
                    “That was the idea” replied Turambar with a rare smile on his face. “Perhaps we’ll get a chance to show these newcomers a few suprises soon.”
                    “I wouldn’t get too eager boy” said Gothar as they walked away from the milling crowd. “You don’t know what might come of it”.
                    “They’re heading towards our lands Gothar. And we don’t know where they are from or how many will follow them. We must protect our people.”
                    “Exactly Turambar,” said Gothar frowning slightly “we don’t know anything about them. We must learn more first, as our Captain is no doubt doing. He’ll certainly want to know where they’re from and what they intend before deciding on anything. Lets just see what comes from these negotiations……
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                      Hostile Reflections

                      By Frozzy

                      I was finally forced into going with the other elite warriors. It was amazing what I saw on my travels. I saw a thing they called "wheat". It was quite a sight. I saw the sun rise in front of us, and set behind us. I kept my axe nearby... I still had not forgotten those words of death I heard from you many years ago.

                      It's not all good though. 40 men died travelling here from disease and hunger... and one went crazy in the night and killed 12. Other than those few, we're all co-operating, and are enjoying our journey, spreading stories and singing. We sing for the laughter, we sing for the moment, but we mainly sing to keep our minds off those around us who are not so fortunate.

                      Write soon,


                      Dear Father,

                      we are further than we thought we would ever come. We have crossed to the other river, and we have spotted other pre-nomadic peoples, not unlike ourselves. They call themselves the "Austrians". We do not know what to do, but I am going to rush home with 50 others to get orders of what to do from your old friend the Immortal Wombat.

                      Keep safe until my return,



                      Aculem died on his return to Lemuria. I was good friends with Aculem's father, which is how I came to see these letters.

                      Aculem carried the spirit of all Lemurians, and I shall remember all those who died on that first, deadly expedition.


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                        High Lemur Pedrunn
                        Family Contradictions
                        by Pedrunn

                        In the warrior explorers encampment of the north Pedrunn, the high Lemur, was there to talk with the newcomers Austrians. Inside his hut a conversation was happening.
                        “Father, why am I not going to be the leader of our country like you?” asked a young teenager to his father, the high lemur Pedrunn. And the high lemur responded “Because you were my third child and only the oldest alive brother can assume this function after I die”. “But I want to be the leader! I want! I want! And I want!”. The father looked him with a nausea face and asked “why you want to be the high lemur so much after all? If you can live with luxury and no wories as a member of the royal family”. And the son replied instantaneously “Because I want to kill the Austrian bastards”. “Son, the Austrians are a people created by the great Apolymura just like us and they can became a valuable friend against the challenges of a world we don’t know much about…” answered Pedrunn interrupted by his son “They don’t worth sh**t. I want to kill them”.” Pedrunn sights “Looks like you are spending too much time with the young warriors. They must be teaching this bad behav…”. Interrupted again the young teenager again “I know they did not accept the map exchange you sent yesterday! Everybody nows. They dont want our friendship. So let's kill those idiots.”
                        “Son, don’t say these thin…”. Pedrunn demonstrating an angry face already but the son continued interruoing him “They do not worthy our friendship. I WILL kill those bastards”. Pedrunn in rage with the spoiled kid shouting a suppressed scream that almost his others asleep sons “We are not going to kill them! I have told them we are going to remove our troops from their territory and this was the beginning of a good friendship! You are NEVER going to become the high lemur but your brother! And stop this foolishness NOW!” turning his back to the boy.

                        “Never…? But you said…” muttered the young boy. While Pedrunn felt a burning and sharp pain in his backs. Looking down to his chest he saw the tip of a sword crossing his body soaked with his blood. When he looked behind, his son was holding the sword that had crossed his body. And murmuring Pedrunn said with his blood in his hands “My blood…Your blood…How could…you…?” He felt on his knees and while his sight was blurring he could hear the words of his young son singing “Brothers, I have a surprise for you”.
                        The sound of a scream from his older sons was the last thing the high lemur Pedrunn heard.
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                        Kill thousands and you are a conquer.
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                          Today is a good day to die

                          Many things had happened since those heady early days of founding and discovery. A new city had been founded in a fertile valley to the south east of the town of Pedrunn.
                          The son of Pedrunn had taken the throne from his father with hardly a whisper of concern from the citizens of our newly formed country. I had been shocked by those events and more so by the lack of outcry. Still i knew to bite my tongue, the new leader was a firey young man with a stern eye towards any disenters.
                          Our wise men had discovered a new weapon that could take down a man or beast at 100 paces, and warriors were trained to use it.
                          We had met new peoples, and given them our wealth in the hope of building a peaceful future for our descendants.
                          That was then.

                          Now i sat before my fire looking deep into its flames, my weapons arranged around me, sharp and keen.
                          I was an old man now, grey and shrunken, but my chest was broad and my grip still firm - i could still wield a sword and that was all that was needed from me now.

                          My wife and children had understood when i had told them. How they had stood proud and straight before me, my son and daughter shed no tear. My heart had swelled with pride - these were the ones to carry my name forward for all time, they were of my blood and did me great honour.
                          My task was to do honour for our nation in the coming storm. I had asked to lead the recon attack on the first city we would attack, none of the party on this mission would be coming home.

                          We had been forced into this desperate situation by forces beyond our control. We had thought the Land of Lemuria was strong and clever with all the new techniques the High Lemur had shown us.
                          We had been wrong. Around us were stronger peoples and they had all but laughed in our envoy's face at our offers of goodwill and peace.

                          Now, where we had been united in our drive for knowledge and prosperity, we are a divided people.
                          This makes us vunerable.

                          So I and others prepare for the war that is coming. My life has been full and good, i am ready to strike that first blow. I am ready to die for the country i love and the people that live in it.
                          By the Great Lemur my arm will stay strong and true and i will know the bliss that is the red tide of battle and the glory that comes to those who fall fighting for what they believe in.
                          'The very basis of the liberal idea – the belief of individual freedom is what causes the chaos' - William Kristol, son of the founder of neo-conservitivism, talking about neo-con ideology and its agenda for here. prove me wrong.

                          Bush's Republican=Neo-con for all intent and purpose. be afraid.


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                            Citzen of Lemuria
                            Two Sides of the Same Coin
                            by Pedrunn

                            “I will meet the leader and the advisors of our people. ” sighted one citizen of the Lemurian community while telling the story of the events that lead our people to its current situation to a friend. “Nowadays those meetings a became more difficult every day”

                            “When the crazy child killed his peaceful father and his brothers. He thought all community would agreed that his father was stupid and his brothers were weak. He actually thought every one would with arms opens agree with their murder of the Wise Pedrunn. Ironically that young psychopath now is a hero for some people and is used fright the children with all the scary tales made about him. At this very moment, many other children now wonder if the ‘crazy child’ will stab them during the night if they do something wrong.
                            But one thing he was he was right about. Although they didn’t welcome him with open arms some of citizens were happy with his actions. He triggered the discussions about the death of the newcomers Austrians. And our people became divided. And amazingly we have saw that most people agreed with the son of Pedrunn. The war should take place and inspired by this war feeling, a so far not very political active lemurian, Dale, created the War Party (WP), in which is composed by almost all the current government advisors and a large number of our people. Opposed to this party and representing the other side of the coin, another lemurian, called Zaphod Beeblebrox, crated the Apolymuria People’s Party (APP). In which has a progressive agenda with a non-war content."

                            "Fights and resents among both party member are a usual sight in our community. But for the surprise of all the much smaller APP convinced the people that the best option was explore. The look in the face of the War Party members and the angry face of the ‘Crazy Child’ when are warriors headed to the terrains at North with our warrior unit called ‘Bob’ and South with the warrior unit named ‘Dave’, is something still in my mind although the Military Advisor, Maquiladora was member of the WP. It was great victory day of the APP.

                            We have created the new city in the lands at east and from this day potatoes have became part of our diet but not only potaoes come from the new city of Colonia Locuta but also weapons as wanted by the War Party. Using the excuse of defense but with an eye in the Austrian civilization they conviced Wise Ass, the minister of the cities to build more archers and hoplites. That day was good for the War Party.

                            We thought we were alone in this beautiful terrain created by the Mighty Apolymuria. But other than the Austrians new civilizations have been met. The Germans and the Thai are gigantic civilization that make the Austrians and us look like flies. But under the control of Locutus, the current Diplomatic advisor, we have made those civilizations our friends even getting such powerful civilization to exchange maps with us. And a peace treaty with the Germans. That’s for sure a day the APP members did celebrate."

                            "Now both armies, Dave and Bob, while several years in the exploring the terrains next to our city looking for a good place to settle a new city. Our gathered together in the east side of the river. Not only alone but with the new armies trained in both of our cities. And our heading back to the capital with great stories about what they have seen and how dangerous was the constant threat of the barbarians.
                            Both parties are still exchanging comments and stories about each other. We all know the members of the War Party are still getting along with a plan to overcome the peaceful actions made specially a good plan to attack and conquer the Austrians cities. Including sending our newly formed armies to the Austrian city of Innsbruck although the APP does try to prevent that. Today we will decide at the meeting” sighted the Lemurian leader while moving towards the meeting stone where he will find his advisors in order to chose a path for the future of our nation. And always questioning:

                            “Will today be the day of warmongers or the day of the peaceniks”
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                            "Kill a man and you are a murder.
                            Kill thousands and you are a conquer.
                            Kill all and you are a God!"
                            -Jean Rostand


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                              The Legend Of Turambar

                              The Legend Of Turambar
                              Part 3: Changes
                              By Turambar

                              Upon a hill overlooking the beginning of Austrian lands, the dark, usually solemn figure of Turambar allowed himself a brief smile. He’d been right all those months ago when contact with the Austrians was first made. Nothing good had come of that meeting. And now the armies of Lemuria had marshalled and marched to war with Austria, camped on the border awaiting the final order to enter Austrian territory and descend upon the unwitting city of Innsbruck.

                              A lot had changed since that first meeting though, both for Lemuria and for Turambar. His nation had grown in size, founding more cities to the east of the capital which were already adding to the forces of the Lemurian army. New methods of warfare had also been discovered and now Archers made up a large part of the force he was currently with. The potential damage these new soldiers could do to an enemy brought another smile to Turambar’s lips. It would be fine a day once they reached Innsbruck.

                              For himself a lot of wandering with his squad followed meeting the Austrians. Their task was to explore the lands around Lemuria and so they had done for many a month. But during that time the squad’s Captain had died of disease and Turambar had been asked to replace him. He’d accepted gladly, the thought of leading his own men into war appealing to the young warrior, who’s fighting prowess amongst the soldiers was now unrivalled and the chief reason for his promotion.

                              Turning away from his view of Austrian lands Turambar made his way back to the camp. He wanted to let his men know they’d be first to rise again tomorrow and first to be ready to march when the order came. Turambar wanted to show the Hoplite squads whose men were the most disciplined. A kind of rivalry in the camp had sprung up between Turambar’s Warriors and the Hoplites. The Hoplites considered themselves the more superior fighters, their arrogance seriously irritating Turambar’s men.

                              Turambar though, did have respect for the Hoplites skills but thought them far more suited to defence than attack, which was where he knew his warriors would excel. Though only half the size of the Hoplite contingent Turambar’s Warriors would be leading the attack on Innsbruck, flanked by the Hoplites and backed up by Archers which made up the other half of the army.

                              Arriving back outside his tent Turambar issued the order for the early start to his assistant and entered. Inside he removed a bundle of clothes from the back of the tent and picked up what they were covering. A sword. He’d found it and two others in the ruins of a long lost settlement a month or so back. Of the other’s, one had been sent back to Pedrunn City for study whilst the other Turambar gave to Galmar and together they’d taught themselves how to fight with the weapons, ready for the day when they’d finally march on Austria.

                              Hefting the blade in both hands Turambar studied the two handed blade once again. The blade was black as night with small runes inscribed along it and the hilt. It was far heavier than the spear Turambar was used to using, but after some time with it he became more and more comfortable with using it as his bulk and body muscle increased, making Turambar look more and more imposing when holding his new weapon.

                              He’d no doubt he could take a man’s head off with the weapon and would relished the opportunity to find out when they finally arrived in Innsbruck…..
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