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    The Legend Of Turambar

    The Legend Of Turambar
    Part 4: Innsbruck
    By Turambar

    Turambar’s sword crashed through the neck of the defenceless archer, tearing through muscle and bone as he bellowed the Lemurian war cry of “Lemur” at the top of his lungs. As the head fell away and the lifeless body slumped to the ground, Turambar smiled briefly at the efficiency of his weapon before driving it into the chest of the next archer.

    It was a slaughter.

    They’d came upon Innsbruck at dawn, the defenders alarm sounding to late for them put up any organised defence. Most of the unit of archers in the city had managed to assemble outside, and get off a few flights of arrows before Turambar’s warriors hit them at a dead run. The arrows they did fire went mainly astray, the daunting numbers they were facing clearly imtimidating them and clouding their thought.

    Turambar had ran at the head of the charge, his weapon the first to taste blood.

    The defenders were running now. The impact of the Lemurian warriors charge breaking their resolve to defend their people. Cowards, Turambar thought as his sword plunged through the collar bone of another running Austrian, taking the arm clean off. They stood no chance turning their backs and running. Their fear obviously stealing any courage or sense they had left after seeing the shear numbers pitted against them.

    The running fight now moved on deeper into the streets of Innsbruck. Bemused and alarmed citizens were running into the path of the fleeing defenders and ultimately into the chasing attackers. But Turambar’s warriors were indiscriminate in who they took down. Seeing citizen and soldier alike as enemies.

    Before long Lemurian Hoplites and Warriors filled the streets hunting down the defenders and stamping out any pockets of resistance from citizen and archer alike. Turambar found himself running with Galmar and Gothar beside him as they chased five archers round a bend and down a narrow alley. It was a dead end. The archers turned and seeing their deaths on the faces of the Lemurians tried one last desperate charge for their freedom and lives. Armed with knives they came at the three Lemurians at a sprint hoping to catch them off guard. But they did not have the range of Turambar’s and Galmar’s swords, or Gothar’s spear.

    Turambar lunged forward feeling his sword drive deep into the chest of the lead runner, the black blade delivering a clean and swift death to the desperate Austrian. Withdrawing his blade he saw Galmar deal with his first opponent in similar style whilst the last three were upon Gothar.

    Gothar had taken the first clean through the ribcage but his spear had become lodged there as the other two opponents saw their chance and descended upon him. Giving up on the weapon he stumbled back trying to avoid the first attackers lunge which put a deep cut along Gothar’s side. Seeing his friend go down Turambar quickly swung his sword at the head of Gothar’s second assailant smashing through his collar bone at the base of the neck. With a quick reversal of body movement he withdrew the sword and delivered a backhand strike to the body of the last Austrian attacking Gothar.

    We all five dead Turambar crouched down to speak to the wounded Gothar whilst Galmar stood guard.

    “You alright old man?”

    “I’ll live.” replied Gothar moving to get up. Turambar reached out hand and helped the old warrior to his feet. “Perhaps you should try one at a time and work your way up?” said Turambar with a grin, knowing his friend would live.

    “Didn’t have much choice did I?”

    “You should get that seen to” said Turambar seeing the cut on Gothar’s side.

    “Maybe later. For now we’ve a city to bring under control.”

    “Indeed. And I dare say it’ll take a lot more deaths to do it.” said Turambar as the three of them made their way back out into the blood stained streets of Innsbruck. Back out amidst the first war and victory in the history of Lemuria.
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      High Lemur Pedrunn
      Pressburg slaughter
      by Pedrunn

      The Lemuria army marched over the city of Pressburg where no resitance was found. Men running and screaming, kids hidden in the alleys hugging their mothers, the houses on fire, the desperate was general and could be whatched stamped in the face of the defendless population.

      “Ha! ha! ha!” Laughed Pedrunn’s son walking over the roads of the Austrian city of Pressburg proud about the conquering of the second Austrian city. “Those stupid peaceniks. I Knew the Austrian couldn’t stop us!” shouted the gigantic leader of Lemuria while smashing the head of a runaway Austrian with a iron club. After the sound of bones breaking the Austrian blood could be sighted in the leader’s face and body while he laughed even louder.
      He calls one of the warriors while tasting the blood in his club “Bring me the armies commanders”. The warrior swung his head in a positive sign and left running among his fellow warriors until couldn’t be sighted anymore. Lookin around he sees a Austrian worship place.

      The Lemuria leader then walked into an the worship place followed by strong faithful warriors. Reaching the center table of the worship place where the images of the Austrian gods were placed and where the Lemuria leader punched with closed hand. The table broke apart in two pieces and the god images went to the ground. He sat in the chair that was behind the table, probably the place where community priest celebrated the mess. With a hand gesture his warriors walked closer to him stepping over the god images in the ground. The Lemuria leader moves his lips still full of a blood that reached below his shin where we could see the dark red liquid liking to his chest and spoke with harsh voice “The commanders are coming! So lets prepare the party” with a disturbing smile he continued

      “Bring the most angry men to enjoy their torture! Their wives and the most beautiful women so that we can have some more fun!"
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      "Kill a man and you are a murder.
      Kill thousands and you are a conquer.
      Kill all and you are a God!"
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        The Legend Of Turambar
        Part 5: Back in the field
        By Turambar

        They spotted each other at noon. The Austrian Archers quickly forming defensive ranks as Turambar’s men crested the hill overlooking the Austrian grasslands. They were still some distance away but Turambar wasted no time in preparing his men to attack what looked to be some 200 archers. Although equal in size to his own unit he was confident that quick and fierce charge would crush them.

        His face grim with the thought of battle he gave the order to charge the Austrians ranks whilst just outside of the range of the Austrian bows. Soon arrows were falling amongst the Lemurians dealing out death and injury at random. Men fell screaming as arrows took them as they ran, some died quickly, others took horrible wounds as they ran and all the while the sound of death completely at odds with the serenity of the Austrian countryside.

        Seeing his men die around him anger welled up inside Turambar as he became the first to hit the front ranks of the Austrians as they put down their bows in favour of knives and short swords for close combat.

        Turambar’s blade took the first defender across the face before he thrust it inside the mans chest, horror on the man’s face as his life’s blood drained away. Taking down his next opponent Turambar looked around him and again saw a slaughter reminiscent of the initial charge at Innsbruck. The warriors, though now less in number, seemed to be everywhere amongst the defenders, hacking and slashing the attempt at a defensive to piece’s the Austrians blood running like rivers amongst the green grasses.

        Parrying a sword thrust to his chest Turambar sidestepped, swung and saw another head hit the ground before him. His sword now seeming to hum with every swing as defender after defender fell before the onslaught of the magnificent blade. With Galmar and Gothar beside him they drove through the centre of the Austrians, leaving a trail of dead left in their wake.

        “It’s over” sighed Gothar resting on his spear. “All dead by the looks of it.”

        “So it seems,” replied Turambar, “but the question remains, what were they doing? And where were they heading?”

        “To Innsbruck I think”

        “So it would seem, but they could not hope to retake on their own. I’d guess they were scouting ahead for their main army, much like ourselves” said Turambar as they turned to rejoin their men.

        “Turambar!” shouted Galmar as he saw the two men approach “What now?”

        “We bury the dead, tend the injured then return to Innsbruck, if my suspicions are right a lot of Austrians will soon be headed that way too”
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          Minister of Defense Pedrunn
          The New Minister of Defense
          by Pedrunn

          “Bring all units outside the wall in front of the barrack entrance. NOW!!!” shouted the crazy son of Pedrunn to the subordinated soldier who walked away as fast as he could, stumbling as he ran to the army barrack. The lemurian leader wears his armors, grab his shield and hold tight his club.
          He leaves his house where he meets his personal defense composed with the most loyal and strong men. The five men march in the direction of the main door of the barrack in silence. The barrack was already empty. No one could be sighted unless the grouped units yet marching in the same direction as theirs.

          The great leader slows down his pace when arriving to the several rows of men perfectly aligned. Each row was big enough to fit a hundreds of men. And ever once in a while the distance of the rows increased determining the end of a unit. And in front of every unit there was the commander of each stack. It was almost midday at this time but the men didn’t seemed to be bothered by this.

          The director of the barrack walked in my direction and talks “I believe you have received the news from our Minister of Defense Turambar by now that we have a big Austrian stack moving in the H Town direction”. The Lemurian leader coldly responds, “Yes, I have”. The barrack director continues, “So I believe you know what to do! Are you coming with us?” the face of the son of Pedrunn changes looks angrier now and he replies “Yes”. The director continues, “So we should go. The minister of defense has given the orders on how to intercept it”. Pedruunn’s son yells raising his club “Let’s kill the Austrian bastards” followed by the shout of the furious stack!!!

          After days traveling the enemy stack could be sighted less then a hundred meters of distance. When all the units left the marching pace and started to run after the shout of the Leader. The Austrian stack did the same. Archers started to lauch their weapons. In a few seconds the deaths were going to start.
          Looking up anyone could see the arrow rain falling. It was frightenning to be below them. Our archers did the difference killing many of their hoplites before the collision. But the archers of the Austrians didn’t make less damage. Still both armies kept running to each other even faster.
          5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …. The seconds extinguished and the collision happens.

          The first line hoplites of both enemy stacks died almost instantaneously but they kept pushed by the crowd behind. The casualties in both stack could be sighted dead in the ground hundreds dead in the ground with mutilated bodies. Some still moving due to the quickness of the event! Our army got the advantage by killing one of their archer army first since we did had more men then theirs. The son of Pedrunn could be sighted charging his club in the head of the Austrian hoplites who were surrounding him. The next minutes of the battle were decisive. The Austrians had half of his army destroyed including most of the hoplites and a whole archer unit. Our people were severely damaged but almost all alive ones were still fighting. Pedrunn’s son not holding his club anymore but a sword probably from a dead Austrian pointed to the alive Austrian archers over a the bodies of dead Austrians hoplites. We all knew we had won the battle. All Austrian hoplites were deceased.

          The Lemurian men run over them even the wounded ones did. They forgot their injuries in that minute and murdered the run away archers. With the sword in the chest of one of the last Austrian who was already fallen he bended in his knees and laugh so high that our archers near the starting point could hear. We had won another battle. The hardest of all. The only thing left now is to heal the wounded and move back to the city of H Town where the assistance could be greater! The Lemurian leader with his blood covered by blood, not only Austrians but also his, was being carried by an archer and one of the men of his personal guard. Said very low since he could speack louder:

          “The Austrians shall die! so from now on I will control all the Lemurian army.”

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          "Kill a man and you are a murder.
          Kill thousands and you are a conquer.
          Kill all and you are a God!"
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            The Legend Of Turambar
            Part 6: Lord H Tower
            By Turambar

            Having decided to order his unit to continue scouting Austrian land under the command of Gothar, Turambar retuned to Innsbruck with only Galmar for company. The city looked much the same as it had when they had first left it but it seemed far busier than before, it’s citizens obviously having adjusted to the new rule and order in the city.

            After speaking to a passing soldier it became apparent that the city had undergone some other changes as well. A noble named Lord H Tower had been sent from Pedrunnia to take charge of Innsbruck, his first act being to rename the city “H Town”.

            Upon hearing this Turambar immediately sought out an audience with him at the city hall. They were received by Lord H Tower at around midday, having arrived early in the morning.

            “Apologies for the wait gentlemen” said Lord H Tower as Turambar and Galmar entered his office. “You would not believe the amount of paperwork involved in running the city.” He was a short, slim man, his blue eyes glowing at the prospect of meeting the man who had lead the attack on Innsbruck.

            “I bring news of further battle with Austrian forces my Lord” said Turambar, impatient with having been made to wait all morning. “In the grasslands south of here we came across Austrian archers, no doubt scouting ahead for a larger force, and destroyed them to a man. I fear it won’t be long before they send a larger force exact revenge upon us!” Evidently this was not news the Lord had expected as his face grew more worried with each of Turambar’s words.

            “This is bad news indeed. What of the fate of your own unit?”

            “We suffered casualties but I sent my men on to continue to look out for further activities from Austria.” replied Turambar, pleased to see the Lord was taking his concerns seriously. He’d expected an ignorant noble from the capital who knew nothing of war, but evidently Lord H Tower was concerned, whether it was for the fate of Lemuria or for his own position within it Turambar was yet to decide.

            “And how big a force do you think Austria can send against us?”

            “I’ve no doubt they can send forces far larger than we currently have here my Lord. Without reinforcements from the east H Town will not be in our hands for long” replied Turambar.

            “Indeed.” said Lord H Town. “Thank you for brining me this news, it has given me much to consider. No doubt you are both in need of some rest after your march here.”

            Dismissed they left the city hall and proceeded to the army barracks where they found food and accommodation but nothing to ease their worries over what the Lord would about the impending threat. To Turambar another worry was the state of the army itself. Having won the battle and restoring order to city it seemed to have no clear leader and nothing to occupy itself. Soldiers obviously headstrong after their only victory wanted to march straight away for Graz thinking the rest of Austria would be a pushover too.

            Turambar thought different. No longer the headstrong lad that first joined the army to see battle and explore the world, he knew that this war could either make or break Lemuria and decisions made now would echo throughout the history of the Empire.

            Next morning they were woken early and summoned back to see Lord H Tower. Though less enthusiastic than their previous meeting the Lords welcome was warm but he looked somewhat troubled.

            “It seems to me that we are in a crucial phase in the history of Lemuria and that complacency in the wake of our recent victories is folly. Therefore I’ve decided to return to Pedrunnia myself to convince the government that reinforcements are needed here.” said the Lord, obviously not relishing the prospect of returning to the capital.

            “Why not send a messenger my Lord?” asked Galmar.

            “This is an important matter as you yourselves have explained. You’ve been away from Pedrunnia for a long time have you not?” At their nods he continued. “These days it is a place of squabbling nobles who being so far removed from the front line here will find any threat to them or Lemuria hard to believe. I cannot trust any messenger to convince them therefore I must go myself.”

            His respect for the man increasing Turambar said “I thank you for this my Lord, but what of H Town in your absence?”

            “I’ve also given this consideration, the day to day running of the city can be easily done by my staff here. But I’d like you to assume charge of our forces here and in Pressburg.”

            “I thank you again,” said Turambar surprised at this announcement “but is there not some other already here more suited to the job?”

            “No doubt I could find one such to do the job, but you are the most experienced soldier here and from what I’ve heard also the best. I want H Town in safe hands while I’m gone and I believe those hands to be yours. Do you accept my offer?”

            “I do.” Said Turambar feeling a sort of pride at gaining his new position and the ability to have a real influence on the events to come.

            “Then you’d best be off speaking to the other Captains here. No doubt there is much for you all to discuss. As for me I leave within the hour. Farewell, Turambar, Galmar let us hope I succeed in Pedrunnia!”
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              Minister of Defense Pedrunn
              by Pedrunn

              "Aaaaaargh" said the new Minister of Defense Pedrunn to the dozens of wise men in the table "I can handle this bla bla bla! Strategies, strategis and strategies! Wont we never atack the hateful Austrians ever". One of them, Locutus, replied "Calm down! We need to go over this one more time! We cant just attack we need to discuss our plan to attack."

              "We did not had all this work before!" sighted the son of the wise Pedrunn. "We have just destroyed that stupid barbarian threat next to mapfipolis. They really thought we wouldnt do nothing about that catapult of them. But we did finished it!" said the miniter of defense with his disturbing smile in his face removed to say "And we didnt had to discuss much about it".

              Other wise men also replied "Yes! But this time is the attack to Graz we are talking. We do need to discuss about it very well" while other wise men, Gilgamesh, replied "Remember. One of the reasons the people accepted was because you said you would make all attack planning publics and make discussing here in the meeting stones more often. And thats what we are doing!"

              The Minister of Defense smile disappeared in the same moment and with low voice he said "Ok! Lets go over the plan again… We have already send the formation the biggest our armies ever made part here in the city of H Town, right? Shouldn’t this army be ready by now? When will it be ready?" the others in the table replied “Very soon! The warrior, Turambar, already sent he message. But the units sent from Pedrunn met some barbarians in the way and they had to go back. We have send the other part of the army that was in H Town to chase them. The battle is happening now!” The Minister of Defense sighted “I wish I was there instead of being in such a long meeting…” Mr. Baggins, who managed replied “You are more valuable here in this table and guarding your forces for the Graz attack. I will be a slaughter anyway. We have sent a really bigger stack”. “I like slaughters” said Pedrunn again with low voice.

              "And the wounded warrior we sent to spy Graz?" Locutues respodend "Still driving the direction of theat big stack that were in our direction. It is going to the north and away form our cities, trying to scape." Other continued with relief "They sure our doing a wonderful work keeping the mind of the Austrians about our cities. They are from the Turambar stack." Pedrunn also said some things "No wonder. The stack is in the Turambar lead. So it sure is doing a good job."
              "Indeed" said another. "Lets hope that stack totaly forget about our cities so that we can attack Graz withot further problem"

              The meeting discussion had a new direction eith these words: “Will we send a unit of warriors to have an idea about the size of the Graz defense. I know it will be a suicide attack and I also don’t like to loose so many good warriors in such a mission.” The room was silent before Pedrunn continued to talk “Although most of the citizen voted not to send I think we all agree the need of this… They will understand” Locutus, MrBaggins, Iskallin and Martin Guehman who were on the meeting shaked the head in a positive sign.

              "Lets discuss their path to Graz and how are they going to die” The room was more silent then ever. The wind could be heard entering in the meeting stone room door.

              A few minute later one said “That wont be a easy discussion. I don’t think no one want to decide how to kill Lemurians” the silence continued from these words. The room seemed darker and you could notice the disturbed face of the men in that room. The silence was broken with the deep voice of Locutus “We need to get this meeting going…” But once noticed the silence was going to continue the son of Pedrunn said
              “Many have already died for this mission and by the Austrian hands” Pedrunn hold the breath for a minute and release to say

              "Their death wont be in vain! I will avenge one by one in the battle of Graz"
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              "Kill a man and you are a murder.
              Kill thousands and you are a conquer.
              Kill all and you are a God!"
              -Jean Rostand


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                DEADMANS DREAM.

                All is smoke now, coiling like that never ending snake called time, back towards that farthest point which mankind can concieve of as the begining.
                Smoke and maybe ashes.....................all mixed with blood from father to son and mother to daughter. As it has always been from the begining.
                So now I, Child of Thor, find myself in the smoke coil of time, made of maybe less than ash and blood.
                And I can percieve the land of my fathers, the people that now live in it, people i recognise well.
                This perception is a double edged blade, have no doubt of that! For it brings me joy on the one hand, as i see my people prosper and grow on lifes journey.
                And then the crushing sadness that I am removed from this earthly realm, nothing but a passive viewer to their trials and triumph's.
                And then the smoke snake pulls me back along it's endless coils and i forget all these things for a while.
                But never fear good people of Lemuria, we are all here, all the ones that went before you; and we all wish you well.
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