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The Medieval Pack II Beta: The Gathering (Part 2)

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  • Just a quick post tonight ( I have not been feeling well these last few days)...
    Mr. Fun, use the link to my webpage on the left to get the Medpack 4.13. It should not have the crashes you describe. And I do not know anything about emails you sent to me.

    A proposal:
    How about adding back the chances of getting an extra settler to start the game with? This goes to the AI more often than to the human, and it speeds up the game.

    I have added a line in the Elite units' GL which designates them as such. I know of no way to mark them in the advances' entries.

    The messages about AIs switching their PW percent, or gaining an Elite unit, should popup like the messages about starting wonders. This means you will be notified whenever they occur to anyone, not just the AIs you have contact with.

    I will think about adding in the Ctp1 Archer as a new ranged unit, but I still think you could use the Chariot or Horse Archer to the same effect.

    The terrace is a good idea, but the AI would not use it, so it would just be giving another advantage to the human.

    What advantage do you gain when a city is very happy? I think you can disable these messages, btw.

    I know I skipped a bunch of things. I will try and post a thorough answer tomorrow.


    • I added messagebox line to slics but I suppose /reloadslic have to be used after that and I forgot that. Sorry Locutus.

      But AI-AI again. I checked AI to AI relations often again and I still did not see other relations than and

      That is sad thing because I am starting to have feeling that I will never get two AI's to attack against me methodically(they do not have military agreement and both of them are attacking against me). I think I can play with that.

      BUT!!! Is it possible that if AI1 haves a war against AI2 they will go to peace sometimes. I mean will their war last forever? I hope not!!!


      • Originally posted by WesW
        I have added a line in the Elite units' GL which designates them as such. I know of no way to mark them in the advances' entries.
        How about adding a mark to the unit name for elite designation? For instance, change the "Longbowman" to "Longbowman*". The asterisk is relatively unobtrusive, and will help denote that the unit is elite. Also, when the name shows up in the advance entries, the asterisk will be there as well.

        Just a thought.


        • Thanks for changing the GL for the Elite units Wes. After I submitted my last reply I thought maybe I sounded too negative. Just want to say I am very impressed by the mod and there's too much cool new stuff to list it all.

          I was trying to actually finish a game whether I got bored with it or not but I ran into a lockup problem. I'm not sure if it is due to the mod, my PC or CTP2. It seemed to lock on the barbarian turn/when the end turn progress indicator near the date was all red. The indicator would stay red and the end turn button stayed dark, not allowing me to go further. It started occurring every other turn when I got into the 1400s. The autosaves were no good and I'd have to save the game myself and go back 2 saves to continue. Finally even that wouldn't work. I may have missed a solution to this on the board if so, just let me know. Maybe it's just my PC.

          I think I read something about granaries disappearing from the build list. I noticed that happening as well. It may have occurred when I got the geometry advance though I am not positive of that. I will try to check more often next game to see if I can provide better guidance.

          I have not seen any messages about AIs changing public works or war strategies.

          I thought I read that we didn't have to reload SLIC anymore to solve the militia problem, but some of mine were not being deleted when the city got to size 4. I had a lot of interruptions, I didn't play straight through and didn't try reloading SLIC to see if they would disappear.

          As far as I know I was playing with the latest updates...downloaded all files from Wes' site on Wednesday and Locutus' text file2 on Friday.

          Wes, if you'd prefer I just email you instead of posting here for bugs/possible problems I find just let me know.


          • Originally posted by Radical_Manuvr
            I thought I read that we didn't have to reload SLIC anymore to solve the militia problem, but some of mine were not being deleted when the city got to size 4. I had a lot of interruptions, I didn't play straight through and didn't try reloading SLIC to see if they would disappear.
            Hey I forgot to tell you about this too! I have some cities with size 6 and they have militias and other do not. At least one city wit militias in size 6 does have one slave so maybe that have bluffed your code someway?

            Wes, if you'd prefer I just email you instead of posting here for bugs/possible problems I find just let me know.
            I think this forum is better place to discuss because we can get more comments from many persons here.


            • Cool, we got new smilies!!! anyway, I was just wondering if anyone thinks the public release will be out soon? I have heaard from some people that it is already out, but I hadn't heard anything official in this thread.
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              • I'm not sure who will know this, but does anybody know if the CityMod2 is being used in the MedMod2? I think it is a cool idea to actually have the city expand to larger than one tile (not just city influence, but that actual city sprite expand) If it is not being used how hard would it be to implement this mod into the MedMod?
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                • I had some time again

                  Now I remembered to reload slic but after using end turn button I lost ability to build elite units. They are not in my list anymore. So sorry locutus I can not see your messageboxes in my current game.

                  So I can not recommend anyone to use reloadslic in the middle of the game. This time I lost elite units. I was lucky that I had saved game before using reloadslic so I just loaded the game.

                  About counter bombard. AI had units in his city. There were 3 catapults too. I moved next to that city with my units(I had 3 catapults too). AI decided to bombard me. First he bombarded with one catapult. My troops did counter bombard(I think all my catapults did this as a group) so AI's catapult got destroyed. Then AI did the same with next catapult. It got killed too. And then the third with the same result. And all this in one turns.

                  So my question is why didn't AI bombard me with all of those 3 catapult at once as a group? Why did he attaced 3 times? That was incredibly stupid because of course my troops will kill his troops in counter bombard because he was attacking with one unit at a time.

                  If AI is bombarding from cities or for example from forts in fields he should do that with all of his bombard units as a group. Not one in time. If he does it one in time he will surely lost all of his bombard troops too easily. This have to be solved somehow.


                  • Martin sent me an updated citymod2 today, which has the new Palace city style, as well as an improved look for some of the other styles. It does not add the city-expansion trigger from BlueO's mod- I am going to add that in the second public release of the modpack. The city styles are really neat now, with the Egyptians having their own style (I cannot think of anyone else who built like the Egyptians, though I am sure some other people walked like them.) Did I mention that this is National Bad Pun Day here in the US?

                    Anyway, Wouter sent in the new triggers to kill enslaving units on turn 500, and the trigger to make the Arquebusier and Bombard Elite militia units.
                    I will try and figure out the problem with the hosted site here, and make new uploads for everything sometime tomorrow.

                    I have added the Ctp1 Archer to the mod, calling it the Bowman. It has stats comparable to the Swordsman and the Archer, and it costs about the same as the Heavy Swordsman, with whom it becomes available with at Iron Working. (Btw, there will be no more units added to the game at this late of a stage.)

                    I have pretty much re-written the Terrain and Tileimp readme, including the latest changes to the map settings, terraforming costs, and adding some things I forgot to mention from weeks ago.
                    I enabled farms to be built on deserts, plus green and brown hills and mountains, though at half their normal effect.
                    Glaciers can have roads, but not railroads or maglevs. Tundra can have all of them.
                    Deserts can be terraformed with Conservation now, Hills with Nano-Machines, and Glaciers with Gaia Theory.

                    When you found a city now, a militia unit is created, and it is never disbanded. Wouter had it disbanding at size 4, but I changed that to size 99, since disbanding caused a number of problems.
                    What do you think about giving everyone 1 Arquebusier and 1 Bombard unit in each of their established cities when they discover Gunpowder, instead of having them Elite units as they are now? We could modify the disbanding code to get rid of all existing militia units first.
                    I have also not heard anyone's opinion on increasing the chances of a second settler unit to start the game with, at least bringing the chances back up to what they were originally.

                    Is scientific research still bogging down in the post-Renaissance ages? I lost the renaissance age game I had going a couple of weeks ago, and I have not made it back that far since then.
                    That is about the only thing that needs to be worked out before we can go public.

                    I still need a Rifleman pic on a black background to use as a militia pic. If one of you who knows how to use the screen-capture function on the game's GL could sent me the pic, even if it is still on the Ctp2 background, I could make it into what I need.

                    Radical, I do not know what would be causing your game to crash.

                    I tried adding something to the end of the Elite units, but I forgot that you would have to add that to the unit build lists, all the slic triggers, and who knows what else. Once people play the mod a couple of times, or more importantly become familiar with the GL or the Medcharts, they will learn which units are Elite.

                    I forgot: Thanks for the report about the Cavalry sounds. I corrected it. I also worked on the other sounds so that there should be no more problems. I will try and work out a system so that people can download and use the ctp1 sounds for those units when the public release is ready.

                    I don't know why the counter-bombard flag would allow units to counter more than once a turn. If this turns out to be a problem, I will have to remove that flag from land units.
                    Last edited by WesW; May 30, 2001, 06:35.


                    • Wes, if you add the * to the end of the unit names just in gl_str.txt, then the game will show the name with the *, but all the internal names stay the same. This saves a lot of time.#

                      Thanks for the bowman
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                      • Awesome Wes, just reading about all the changes sounds cool, and I haven't even played any of them yet! I'm glad that you are going to add the expansion trigger into the second public release. I think that will ad a whole new dimension into the game that was never there before. Having your cities take up more than one tile will add a whole new twist on things. I wish CIV3 would do this, but that is probably just going to have to be wishful thinking at this point.
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                        • From what i can read it sounds great, I might try to download everything and paly med mod ii this evening, to see if it is really too hard, and does AI go to war for real

                          Just a question, how long could it be until the first public release?
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                          • I forgot this:

                            I am now at war against AI that was the number one before war. I have taken 4 of his cities now and he has not tried to take any of them back

                            But maybe he tried once. I killed one of his army(6 units) near one city I captured from him so maybe he just had no time to walk next to my city(?)


                            • Well I made it through a game without crashing. Maybe the last game got corrupted somehow????????

                              I would like a better chance for a second settler at the start. It's very hard with just one (as the difficulty level indicates).

                              My opinion is keep the Bombard and Arque. as Elites but they need to be able to move.

                              The advances seemed to come at about the right time historically but I got a world peace victory in 1911 so I don't know how the rest would have been.

                              My biggest complaint is the settlers trying to go through my territory and once even settlling in my territory which squeezed my city influence once it grew. I had a treaty and no trespass agreement so I don't know how they settled there. I know the game (at least the regular game or maybe I'm thinking of Alien Crossfire) would not let me settle in another civ's territory under those circumstances (though I didn't try to test it). There's no way to get rid of them other than enslave or kill, so every turn or every other turn I was having to boot 'em back. That got very old.

                              I noticed a few times that defender's hit points get taken to zero but they don't die, in some cases winning a close battle but coming away with zero hit points. The only one I wrote down was a hoplite as a defender.

                              One civ declared war on me very early in the game for no reason at all. It was only a few turns after I met them and we had no diplomatic contact between meeting and the declaration of war. They paid the price but they could have done much better. They had a number of settlers standing around when I got to their territory (unlike my immediate neighbor). I rushed some slavers over there and had a field day, plus barbarians took some out.

                              Only one other civ declared war on me and that was after I used an abolitionist on them. Maybe I'll try provoking the other civs next time to see how they act at war.

                              On the disappearing granaries. I got it narrowed down a little. Sorry, I traded for 2 advances and had just got one when I noticed they disappeared. It isn't geometry that does it since I didn't have that yet. I think it was iron working or paper, but it could possibly be infantry tactics or currency. I'll try to narrow again in the next game. When I got the advance for food silos the granaries came back.

                              More wierdness... another civ (whom I had a embassy with) had a city revolt. A noble appeared out of nowhere just to establish an embassy with the new civ then disappeared. Later, I had signed a cease fire with a civ I previously had an embassy with and another noble appeared and established a new embassy within a few turns of the cease fire.

                              Man, the new city graphics are really cool. I like the Mayan, Mexican ones especially. I don't know how you did it but it even carries the theme into the later ages.

                              On to the next game. I should do better now that I know the mills disappear when you get oil refining.


                              • Wes,

                                Arqurbusiers and bombard units would be ok but at this time there is no need for them. The Ai's very seldom will attack a city. Only when I am playing on Very Hard. I would put your effert some where elles. In fact after barbs are out of the game I don't see any need for milita.

                                I don't think you need to give more then one settler. The more citys you get at the begining the less chanch the Ai has to win.

                                I haven't noticed any bogging down in the science in the Post-renaossamce age.

                                I know that starting with London Exchange it takes to long to build a wonder. I can build brokerages in all my citys faster and cheaper then building the exchange. We sure don't need the Ai's to waste all that time and production on it.

                                Thanks for the roads on the glaciers.
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