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    You can also open these files in Paintshop Pro. But when I did that I noticed that the background layer was all white. Is that the way it's supposed to be or am I doing something wrong or does PSP just not read Photoshop files correctly?


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      I'm pleasantly surprised that one can open them in PSP. The white background is intentional- I saved them just before adding the backgrounds, so they're background independent as .psd files. What are you going to do with them, Paul?


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        I would be interested by the pds files. I can ask a friend to lend me photoshop for a while. I'm not a photoshop expert, but I thought it could only export gif89a, and save .psd file. How do you make .tga files with photoshop?


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          top-ed until we get our modification pages done....


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            Originally posted by Harlan on 01-08-2001 03:55 PM
            By the way Steph, do you want these cos you have quibbles on which ages a few of the techs belong to, or do you want a different number of ages entirely? Just curious.

            I don't know yet. I want to change the ages for a few techs, and I may add one. I need to know a few things about ages before :

            how do the ages work?
            What is the effect of associating a tech with an age? What files should be modified to add an age?
            What is the mechanism between a change from one age to an other, and what are the effects of this change?

            I alos need to know if there's a known limit to the number of techs one can add to the game