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    Last night I left a mention on one of these threads that my new building, wonder and tech graphics are up, and at a new website no less. But I don't know if people saw that, so I'll mention it again.

    Go to (kindly set up for me by Scorpion) and download some 95 wonders, 130 techs, and 60 buildings. If anyone has any problems let me know, this website is brand new.
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    My computer said the web site could not be found.


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      Yes, Harlan accidentally left a comma in the URL, manually copy the URL (withouth the comma ) to your browser and you'll find it.
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        The link mention is fixed now.


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          Oh, this is so SWEET!!!!

          Great job Harlan. I now got about 90% of the graphics that I need.

          Some additional ones possibly...
          Siege Weapons
          Ceremonial Burial
          Work Camp

          ...though I may go ahead and see what I can get/create myself.

          Do we have to use the UPIP,UPAP text format for the names, or can we just leave the names as is. I know you need the .tga suffix.
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            Thanks for the pics. I am wondering if you would have any plan on making modern unit pics? I trying to make them myself but I think you'ld make a better job.

            By the way, I understand that with CTP2 we don't have to resrict to 256 color anymore right?


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              Monastery is a building I'd like to have, if I get a good picture for it to work from. There are lots of buildings that fall into that category.

              There should be a Seige Warfare tech there.

              Ceremonial Burial I advocate against using, for the simple reason that there have been ceremonial burials found going back 100,000 or more years. Similarly, Wes has made some name changes in his mod to get rid of extremely ancient stuff like Toolmaking (now Metal Working), Agriculture (now the Plough), Ballistics (now Composite Bow) and so on.

              Work Camp, sorry, no dice.

              I doubt you'd need that naming format, but I don't know.

              Magma, no I'm not going to make any modern unit pics. I find 3D graphics too time consuming, when I could be working on scenarios instead. That color restriction is gone, yes.

              By the way, did people download the .exe or .zip tech pics? I got a report that the .exe wasn't working so I put them in zip format too.


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                What is the problem with the exe's? I tested those 10 times a piece and never had any problems. Of course, you have to have the associated .r0? files in the same dir, as the readme shows.
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                  I was told by someone that they got somekind of message that the tankwarfare.tga file was corrupted, and the process stopped at that point. I also tried downloading them myself, and my program Gozilla took the files of the first part and dumped it in its usual directories, but didn't take the other parts so they got put in other directories.
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                    If you're looking for monasteries, have you looked at the Medieval Art and Architecture page at They've got pictures and floorplans of a bunch of medieval buildings in Britain and France, including some monasteries and priories. Most of them are ruins, but a few are either in good enough condition, or have drawings such that they might be usable.


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                      For a corruption error, the standard is to D/L it again. As for bad locations, there is no set location for your graphic files. Very easy. Put all files in the same directory. Execute the executable, give it the directory to unzip into and you are done. Your graphics all uncompress into one directory.

                      I don't know anything about Gozilla but it seems to me a D/L pgm should put the files all in the same D/L directory unless you specify something different.

                      If it is to complicated for everybody, perhaps you should just delete them.
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                        Hi Harlan

                        Your graphics are quite nice, but I would have a request. Could it be possible for your to provide your graphics with a transparent of black background?
                        This way it would be easier to use the blank background you provide us with to change the age of a tech.


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                          If you have Photoshop, I can do one better. For 90% or so of the graphics, I saved them as .psd files, which means the icon is on a different layer than the background. This allows one to change the background with ease. The reason it isn't 100% is that for the first few ones, I thought saving a background free version with white in the background instead, would be good enough. Turns out it wasn't. When I tried cutting and pasting the icon and putting it in a different background, I couldn't help but grab some of the white around it, so there is a white haze around the object one has to clean up. The same would happen with black.

                          Let me know if you want me to send these .psd files to you, or put them up on the website. They're about 2 to 3 times as big, in terms of filesize. You can only open them with Photoshop.


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                            Okay, Steph,
                            I'll post the .psd files on the website today. The .psd format is the only one in Photoshop that saves layer information, but the program can use and save as dozens of different formats, including .tga. When you "save as" .tga though, make sure to flatten all layers first (control E for each layer) and save as 16 bit when you're prompted how many bits.

                            I'd recommend opening up one of the blanks, then copying the top layer from a .psd file into the blank, then flattening layers, then saving with a new name. Should only take a minute or two per image.


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                              The .psd files are now up. They're in a subfolder called "other", so people who don't want them don't download them by mistake.

                              By the way Steph, do you want these cos you have quibbles on which ages a few of the techs belong to, or do you want a different number of ages entirely? Just curious.