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    Ming, is your intent to also document AI cheats? If not, let me know and just delete this post.

    Some of the more obvious and annoying AI cheats:

    1) AI Triremes never sink.
    2) AI can switch gov'ts with no period of Anarchy.
    3) AI Democracies cannot be made to collapse.
    4) AI can bribe units with any unit. This is especially annoying in scenarios where diplomacy units are purposefully not included.
    5) AI has an unlimited supply of Cruise Missiles when your Battleship or Carrier comes close by.
    6) AI knows which cities have SDI without needing to investigate first.
    7) AI Bombers don't crash if they don't return to a city at the end of their second turn out.

    The below are lesser AI cheats and may legitimately be considered part of the handicap that the AI gets at certain difficulty levels:

    1) AI seems to know where all my cities are without exploring first.
    2) AI can partially buy shields to speed up production.
    3) AI can instantly build units in the same turn when it discovers the tech.
    4) AI can instantly move its capital.
    5) AI has fewer columns in the shield box at higher difficulty levels.
    6) AI can sue for peace in the middle of my turn.
    7) AI can overlap a city with mine and demand that I remove my units in the overlapped region.
    8) AI can declare war and refuse peace when in Democracry.
    9) AI barbarians can stuff 4 or more units on a Frigate that should only be able to hold 2 units.


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      Sieve Too... That wasn't my intent with the original thread. Since this was originally meant to let the designers know how we were abusing the game, I assumed they already knew how bad the AI cheated

      But since that job is really done, this now is meant to provide a list for those that play. So thanks for adding your AI cheat list for those that aren't aware of how they can be cheated by the AI during a game...

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        Just one last AI annoying handicap.
        I've seen the AI units violate ZOC rules to grab a hut.

        It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
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          Not exactly a cheat, but a weird bug that could hurt you early on...

          If you build a city on a single square out in the middle of the ocean as a future airbase/supply center, you could conceivably have a problem. This square would have to have no borders except the ocean. If you put a trireme inside the city, it can be ***lost at sea***. I guess there is ***coast*** around your city, even if your trireme is safely stuck in dock!

          I didn't have units in the trireme at the time, so I don't know whether the units were also ***lost at sea*** or whether they just became the garrison.

          Needless to say, I was suppressed.


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            Someone mentioned that one before... I think you need to fortify or put the ship to sleep to keep it from sinking... It's been a while, so I really don't remember
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              OK I haven't passed through the whole list but there is one thing I've noticed :

              no one does seem to know the Airfield cheat .

              I dunno , maybe I am using an old version or something or maybe it's common knowledge but:

              if you build Airfields over mined hills it gives you both the advantage of the mining and it also gives you farmland (well you dont see it but try to work that tile with a city ; look at the output : 4 shield 3 food.)

              am I the naive guy who's just discovered this ?

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                Check section 8.1 in the first post to this thread
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                  species8474... I tried to check this one out again... and still no luck. Do you remember the circumstances of when it worked? And again, were you the host?

                  Any information would help... Thanks!
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                    Ming: he mentioned that he could not host.

                    Here's what I feel to be a possible reason: The map must be round and of a certain size that near the edge (0 column) of the map two huts occupy the same position (just like two cities share one square). When your unit enters the square one of the huts is opened but another is still there. As far as you don't move the unit out, next time when another unit enters the square the first hut get opened again so you have unlimited huts.

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                      Well done Ming !!!

                      I don't think this is a cheat, simply a design program flaw -

                      if you build 2 cities on either side of the 0 meridian, they will both benifit from overlapping city radius squares at the same time. Most randomly generated maps have only open ocean on the 0 meridian.
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                        I knew that one worked in Civ II (and I should have added it to the original list a long time ago)
                        But I'm not sure it works in MP. I'll have to try that.
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                          <center><table width=80%><tr><td><font color=000080 face="Verdana" size=2><font size="1">quote:
                          <img src="/images/blue1.gif" width=100% height=1>
                          </font><font size=1>Originally posted by Sten Sture on 11-30-1999 03:57 PM</font>
                          Makeo's Capital - Just in case he doesn't post it here, I'll go ahead and type it up.

                          In a recent MP game a player moved his capital to a size one city with just one defender close to his rivals border after launching a spaceship to AC. The capital city was thus easily destroyed but not CAPTURED, so the spaceship continued on its merry way to AC, and the opponent was left with no ability to arrest its flight. This seems counterintuitive and sounds like design oversight.
                          <img src="/images/blue1.gif" width=100% height=1></font></td></tr></table></center>

                          Yes. It would be even more easy to destroy the city yourself, that means, to buy an engineer from it.