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Ultimate Power: a more pragmatic approach

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  • Originally posted by Cort Haus
    Poor old Mountain Sage. Is this the thread-jack of the year?
    Ah well (or should I say 'haha'?), this is the price of glory
    BTW, I am also interesting in fanes7 explanations, which for the time now are = O.
    Maybe he should play with us at AU209 on Deity and win by domination (building all the GW with his leaders, of course...).

    Ah well, a nice whatever to you all.
    The Mountain Sage of the Swiss Alps


    • Originally posted by vmxa1

      Nah, we are still trying to get to the UP. It is just a very esoteric portion of how to do it, that is being debated.
      Sure, get 1 GL/turn and you have achieved instant UP
      The Mountain Sage of the Swiss Alps


      • I am very pleasure to talk with you here all along, thanks very much, you make me know many aspects of this game .

        Just a advice , pls open a new thread like this : we all talk about how to build all Great Wonders ( in one city ?),

        In the beginning of the thread , would someone be warmhearted to upload a savefile like this : a huge map, 16 civs(more science civ more good), rage-barbarian, no-island, player is China civ.

        The beginning place is nearby coast and river , and it will be better if have some cattles and wheats . The luxury is not important.

        It will try to start a new game some times to happen a good map like that.

        Thank you, Mountain Sage , You can play the savefile I uploaded , the Athans has almost all ancient wonder. I spent a weekend to complete it , Maybe it can be a little gift I give you, wish you like it.


        • Here you go: