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    “I am only reporting the one sighting, sir” the leading seaman barked.

    “One, that is a turn up for the books” replied Destroyer Captain John O’Malley, “Lets get the rest of the squadron into ‘set 17’ positions, it may well be only one squib, but it is also a great time for more training. Mr Johannson, lets us bring the group to Battle Stations.”

    At this the young officer of the deck stood straight and pround, flicked a switch at shoulder level and set the klaxons blaring three fast tones, then “battle stations, battle stations, this is not a drill”

    Next a short prepared message was laser lighted directly throughout the squadron of 9 destroyers, bringing them instantly to Battle Stations and letting them know their Commodores wishs of position ‘Set 17’.

    Captain John O’Malley, farm boy, who did not even see water wider than a river until he was 20, had come along way in the past seven years. Some would say that promotion is always easy to secure in the time of war, which would be an easy statement if we were actually losing ships and crew.

    The 5th destroyer squadron had orders to patrol along the Chinese coast looking for any German activity. The goal would be the pocket battleship ‘Hiedelburg’ or the Heavey Cruiser ‘Munich’, either of which are rumoured in these waters at this time. These German raiders had been nothing but a thorn in the side of our Chinese Allies.

    So far we had taken out three German submarines, a long distant patrol boat and four destroyers along with three auxillary ships – tenders of various sorts. Today we had another single destroyer in our sights.

    The 5th Destroyer squadron expertly formed into position, quickly taking their respective positions. Various messages were sent advising the German unit that surrender was still an Honourable option in the face of such odds. This was answered as expected, the German destroyer increased speed and headed straight at its nearest enemy, and with a puff of smoke from it’s deck the first volley was fired.

    “O’Malley to all ships, hold your fire. McNaow (Captain of the ‘Background’) fire a full set.”

    With this the ‘Background’ opened up its guns in introduction.

    The German destroyer continued in, and continued to fire.

    “O’Malley to all ships, ‘Set 17 Delta, I repeat Delta’ all fire.”

    With this order seven of the squadrons destroyers opened fire, while the remaining two dropped back to conduct a clockwise circle of the group.

    Within moments the German Destroyer was listing badly, taking water from several holes, then fires and think smoke started to raise themselves.

    “O’Malley here, cease fire, all ships cease fire.”

    “Mr Johannson, get word to the ‘IrishBanga’ that she is to secure for survivors. Then word to ‘Call Centre Command’ on this matter.”

    “Mr Johannson, lets us bring the group down from Battle Stations now, and we will resume our course as soon as the ‘IrishBanga’ has completed collecting the survivors. I will be in my ready room if you need me.”
    Gurka 17, People of the Valley
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    Looks interesting, has the potential... most certainly.

    Keep it up.
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      The dirt hung in the air like leaves on a tree, seemingly just swaying in place. Your head rolls to the left, then to the right, your lips start to part. Your neck twitches, causing your face to hit into the rubble. Your eye lid opens, you scan around and realise you are lying down and nothing looks right. As you suck in some air you are racked with a fit of coughing, pain, lungs, pain, throat, even more pain in your eyes. As the coughing subsides, you start to stand up, you double over and slam into the ground. Several minutes later you make another attempt to at standing, this time taking care in your movements.

      In the distance your eyes are attracted to movement, and in the space of minute’s men in very black suits surround you. They are talking to you, but you can hear nothing. They are reaching out and touching you for reasons that feel strange. Looking around, you notice a bluish carpet amongst the rubble, seeming to be important to you. Then you spot the first limb, then a torso, more covered in dirt and stone than in blood, but it is a decimated body. Looking around you soon realise that there are more body parts than are needed for one body, actually that dress over there looks vaguely familiar. You start to sit again, but strong arms reach out and support you. One of the men again looks you in the eye and you see his mouth going up and down, but nothing makes any sense. Who are these guys, where are you and are they gun in their hands are the only thoughts flooding your brain now.

      Then suddenly you are lifted by three of the team; they carry you expertly through the rubble, past destruction that is so hard to describe. It does not take these determined men long to bring you to a secure doorway that is in the floor. As the group approaches the door bursts open and another 5 dark suited men emerge and take up positions around the doorway. As they carried you down the long wide stairs you realised that there are uniformed men along the walls, several looking away from the entrance and silently nodding at you and smiling. Where are you? Where are they taking you? At least the air is clean here.

      Soon the men come to a halt, doors open and you are taken in to a medical room and sat upon a bed. At this the men stand back to be replaced by several people in white coats. They spend a few short minutes trying to get through to you and looking you over. Then one of them flips the screen on his pad and writes, ‘Mr Vice President, can you understand these words?’ Placing this in front of you to read.

      Your eyes widen, your heart thumps, you sit back and try to speak, but only a groan escapes. The doctor steps closer, advising you with his hand to not talk. He then writes some more on the pad ‘Please lie down and allow my team to examine you thoroughly. You have several injuries and we need to determine how many.’ For the next ten to fifteen minutes you are thoroughly examined. You lay there through this process, trying hard to put it all together.
      Gurka 17, People of the Valley
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        Good stuff Paddy most intrigueing Just one thing you seem to have jumped to a different scene in the second post and I have no idea where this part of the story is taking place!

        I would hazard a guess that its at the nations palace or government HQ but which Nation and which city/palace ?

        Only minor details but it would be better if you could clear these things up
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          Ahhh Chris, you are onto me here, glad you like the intrigue, that was my main intention in starting this story.

          Thanks for the feedback. As to not giving much information on locations etc in the 2nd post, well I was trying to show it from the individuals perspective, and 'he' had no idea where he was, or what had taken place.

          One of my goals of this story is to give a few points of view of one period. It is my hope that this will be intriguing and coherent enough to lead readers to coming back for posts 5, 7 & 10 etc.

          A passion of mine is reading the daily newspaper, and through them I am constantly aware of all of the different things that are happening at the same time. Usually they happen in different places, but not always. So I am trying to show this story from a few perceptions, and my goal is to lead / tie them all together in a common framework ie: The 5th Destroyer Squadron

          Should be some more on this in the coming days. I have no hurdles in front of me at the moment to hinder any writing. Enjoy
          Gurka 17, People of the Valley
          I am of the Horde.


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            As long as you know where your going thats good enough for me Cant wait to see how this unfolds so bring it on Paddy
            A proud member of the "Apolyton Story Writers Guild".There are many great stories at the Civ 3 stories forum, do yourself a favour and visit the forum. Lose yourself in one of many epic tales and be inspired to write yourself, as I was.


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              hahaha, yeah, my girl made me do out a 'roadmap' of my story... should be interesting
              I even have permission to throw the story into 4x4 every now and then if I feel like it.

              I understand that the 'roadmap' is just so I can keep to some sort of track and fill in the gaps as the game progresses.
              Gurka 17, People of the Valley
              I am of the Horde.


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                Looks good Paddy, I reckon once you're finished all the "articles" tie them all together and give it one last edit to ensure the framework works.


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                  oh so the pom writes as well as plays badly

                  story makes no sense yet
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                    I like this kind of format. If done properly, it gives you a "wow!" feeling when it all comes together. So far this appears to be a very intriguing and interesting start. Can't wait to see more Paddy!
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                      Okay we're waiting to see how these connect and if that naval situation will be resolved. Be careful about Chrisius, he'll predict your story because he's a real fart smeller.... oops... I mean smart feller.

                      Paddy the Scot, have another beer.
                      Here is an interesting scenario to check out. The Vietnam war is cool.


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                        ****Captains Personal Log****

                        The report of nuclear actions throughout the homeland has hit the squadron hard. We are to come along side Admiral Aileffe’s Third Fleet in the next 16 hours. It is my understanding from the flash traffic that Third fleet is going into Harms way, we are sailing for Exacting Bay. As I have studied my maps on Exacting Bay, I can see how much of an issue we are about to be to the Germans.

                        With the combined forces that I expect will be undersail Admiral Aileffe’s Third Fleet we will really be placing the Germanic Horde in a bind. The placement of Exacting Bay allows us to be within missile range of 16 major cities, including “das capital.” Yet I do not believe that we will let the nukes fly. If Missile Command were letting the Nukes out, we would be heading in the other direction is the best I can surmise.

                        Third fleets main asset is the 15 Long-Ready Transports, that hold several battle hardened Armies and assorted units. I should also add that I believe the 19th Carrier Group will be also in attendance. The powers that be are going to put on quite a show. I wonder if we will be an occupying force or a force of destruction.

                        It is my understanding that the squadron will remain intact when we merge with Third Fleet. Although for how long this will remain to be seen. Administration Major-General Mary Sosu Ewing will have model out her standards and be more than will to chop and change the fleet configuration to meet Admiral Aileffe’s requirements. It has been my pleasure to guide the Squadron through the last years, and the many engagements that we have fought.

                        Drills have been running well; the crews have a renewed vigor, which I solely place at the feet of the explosions. At our last Captains meeting, the air was quite thick with a grim sort of determination that except for the level of professionalism could have bubbled into a very vicious anger.

                        We are little sad that we did not get a chance at the Munich, but we are honest enough to understand that our squadron would have been severly mauled if we had of been the group that did take the Munich Battle Group on. As it was, several of our ships were damaged beyond repair and were scuttled after the battle. The only justifing factor is that the German Battle Group were also put to the bottom of the ocean.

                        On a lighter note, CPO Belinda Green has delivered a beautiful baby girl, Samantha Rose. Our second birth in 6 months, we now have 11 children in the Squadron. It is hard being in a combat situation, knowing that we have civilians on board, adding to this that 11 of them are under the age of 13 does not really help me. Yet I must say, that crew moral definitely lifts around the time of each birth and child’s birthday. I know that on board here I have 27 hearty souls who were born into the fleet on the high seas and have stayed on, I must look over the files of the Squadron for how many we have in total.

                        I am quite looking forward to seeing my nephew Harrison. He is a Jump Sargent in 335th Tank Regiment that is a part of the Third Fleet. I get a good laugh with him as to he being a Wetface (Navy) while having signed up and deployed with the Ants (Army). The 335th has spent more time at sea than on land in the last 20 years.

                        ****End Captains Personal Log****
                        Gurka 17, People of the Valley
                        I am of the Horde.


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                          The training had been intense; the situations had been always so in-depth. The planners liked to go further than required. So much detail, just so much detail. Then you also had to get your official functions preformed, sometimes wondering if you were wasting time on all of these role-plays. And then it happens for real, no acting this time, no people just sitting around acting dead because the Marshall’s say that they are. Real bodies, real limbs, real lives. And that really is a decimated capital city that you were evacuated from last week. So much destruction, so much lose, so much hatred in our people. The face of war is getting uglier by the year.

                          Looking around you are facing a small group of advisors and 6 massive wall monitors, some showing maps, one a Fleet cutting through an ocean, another a satellite image of a gigantic bay. A bay that you are being briefed on at this very moment. Yes there he is, some unknown General, oh yeah what is his name, droning on about the size of the Fleet.

                          “… and we expect less than 27% casualties in the first landing. This landing will be followed up by a further 2 landings at the same location as now highlight on screen Echo. As you can clearly see the 19 Carrier Group has joined in with the Third Fleet…”

                          Yes he really is droning on. Looking around you notice that the Battle Command Room is really well proportioned, and the colours really are conducive with making decisons. You then get an Airman’s attention and request a refill of coffee, reaching for a sandwich you signal the General to continue.

                          “Well Mr. President, It should be noted that we will have quite a sizeable force on German soil. We have sketchy intelligence as to their full battle composition in the Hordelands, but we do expect quite a bit of opposition. To this end we would like your final approval to immediately remove all of the transports from Exacting Bay to the Chinese Peninsula. As discussed with you earlier, we would then embark the many units that we have rushing to that location at this time. These would then be transported from China to the Germanic Hordeland. If you could look to screen Beta. We have prepared the following diagram of the events. Please note that the newly commissioned Eighty Fifth Fleet will be able to rendezvous with the transports shortly after there arrival at the peninsula, this allows us to be able to dispatch only a small covering force for the transports journey from Germany to China. Thus leaving the Third Fleet to range havoc and supporting operations with our ground forces.”

                          “General Marc’s,” the Minister for Power and Water, Gerald Robertson started up again “will we really be able to get enough forces to the peninsula in time for them to arrive in Hordeland and be effective, or have we bitten off more than we can chew?”

                          Ah, now there goes Robertson again, he is keeping this tinshoe Ants in line, lots of questions, always probing. You sit back and observe this group interacting for the next while. It is good to let experienced professionals cover off the options.

                          Robertson starts to really get under the skin of the General, he has quite a few notes in front of him, calling statistics for food, ammunition, even some special engine oil for the tanks of the 335th Regiment, that will be deployed at Exacting Bay.

                          Air Marshall Nicola Hanworth then wades fully into the briefing. Having sat quietly and allowed General Marc’s to get through so much she is right back at Robertson with her own well prepared notes. She is even relaxed enough to quote Admiral Naggahama’s own report on the Naval Departments current status, much to the good grace of Admiral Naggahama.

                          With a gentle nod of your head you speak up. “I see that we have many details that will need to be fine tuned, but the current point on this meetings agenda is,” looking down you read off point 7 of today’s ‘Battle Command Agenda’

                          “The resupply and support of the Landing at Exacting Bay. Unless there are any serious objections, I would like to see the transports dispatched with appropriate cover for the Chinese Peninsula as soon as possible, thus meeting up with the Eighty Fifth Battle Group, Taking on board all who are able to make there way to this location.”

                          Looking around the room, all eyes are on you. Reaching for your pen, you tick the item off. “OK moving onto item 8 – We have a request for further food and medical aid from the Zulu people. How are we going to assist them at this time….”
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                            Exacting Bay

                            Water, more water, water overthere, outthere water, even water in here, that is all I can see at this level. Occasionally the landing craft is thrown by a wave and I see the black clouds in the sky. They are bumper clouds up there, as if the heavens know our purpose this day, and are preparing there own bombardment on both sides of the engagement.

                            As an Operations Major of the 359th Tank Regiment you could possibly hope that I would be up in the tower readying details of some sort or another. No, not today, we are locked and loaded, every tank and carrier is ready for the doors of this landing craft to crash open and for us to disembark. I am sitting at one of the forward gun slits in this mighty metal monster, the pride of our nation, the Bleacher 2Z Battle Tank. I am in the first tank on the 9th lander of the second wave. The Jump Sargent has been on the radio notifying all crews that we have 65 mins to go before we hit beach 77359AASD, or Hordeland. We are going in, this is real retribution for so many injuries of this war, of them exploding such devices in the land of our children.

                            I am not sure of the casualties of the first wave, but is understood that a beachhead has been secured. We have our operational orders, basically we are to get onshore asap, then group at the Gamma site, then moving in Full Combat mode to the northern line of the landing site. Then we are to dig in and await further orders, to rush to someone’s assistance, defend at all costs, or move out it the surrounding countryside.

                            If / when we do get orders to move out, our group will be heading over to Hiedleburg, and sizable city on the Northern edges of the bay. Some intel of what we are going to be facing would be good, but in this situation that would be very hard to come by.

                            I know that we will mate up with the 299th Mech and the 355th Tank as we have in many previous engagements. My report stats that we will also be joined by 3 extra tank groups and 2 artillery groups from the third landing wave.

                            It is understood that the third wave will disembark directly from their Long-Ready transports. But no timetable has been scheduled for them joining up with us, basically because we have never landed in Hordeland before. I hope that we are not waiting on them too long.

                            Above I can here the high powered whirl of our Airmachines, they are heading back out to the fleet, they have the life… ok so I would not trade them a moment of time, hahahaha

                            The Bleacher is a great machine, hard tracks that have conquered many a terrain, able to put serious shells into enemy position and provide us with plenty of thick armoured cover. I bet those flyboys would like some of this under their seats.

                            Ah now all I need is patience, just a little patience. Turning I reach for a headphone and crank up the music a bit more…
                            Gurka 17, People of the Valley
                            I am of the Horde.


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                              For six days now we have pushed these tincans through the water, ever changing our patterns, ever trying to cover the thirteen remaining Long-Ready Transports as we transit from Exacting Bay in Germany to the Jang Peninsula in China.

                              The convoy started out with fifteen Long-Ready Transports and my nine Destroyers of the 5th Destroyer Squadron. It was nearing dawn on the 2nd day when the German subs pounced, swiftly sinking one Transport, and mortally wounding another. Oh how the Captain and crew of the second Long-Ready Transport fought to save their vessel, but eventually I had to declare it gone, remove the crew and scuttle it.

                              All the while searching the waters for the terrors of the deep.

                              We have hit a speed run with good water, I have a screen running before us, actively bombarding the water with sonar. I am not running quietly for sure, but my mission is to get these luggers to the Jang Peninsula ASAP.

                              We have good comms with the on coming EightyFifth Fleet. They have sent forth several of their available vessels, into our cruise path, hunting any prey that may be trying to hide from us. Also the Chinese have let lose a pack of their submarines into the area hunting any Germanic vessel they can find. It is hoped that there will not be any incidents between our two allied nations at this time, but we are all running very tense at this time.
                              Gurka 17, People of the Valley
                              I am of the Horde.