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Which civs have you NEVER played as?

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    I've played all the Industrious civs once each + the Babs on Monarch level.

    I've won all but one of those games since 1.21f. (The one I didn't win I started as China and found myself on an island by myself with no river tiles and half the island with no access to fresh water due to hills / mountains cuting it off, with the section that had access to fresh water mostly covered up by jungle. )

    Now I'm picking Random civs on the Emperor level.

    There's really no civ I wouldn't play, but there are certain horrid starting map positions where I'll now hit the restart button.

    It is highly important to adapt tactics to what civ your playing.

    The English are probably the closet thing to a civ that should be played as close to pure builder as possible.

    The Zulu may be the closet thing to civ that should played as close to a pure warmongler as possible.
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      Never played as the Americans or Greeks.
      I'll probably play as the Greeks some day though.


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        1) Civs I never ever started a game as:
        English, Greek, Zulu, Indian, Japanese

        2) Civs I played a few turns, then stopped
        American, Aztec, Russian, Babylonian

        3) Civs I played beyond Ancient Age:
        Roman, Persian, Chinese

        4) Civs I played until I ... lost

        5) Civs I played until I won
        Iroquois(once), French(2-3 times), Egyptian(My fav.)
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          As I take Random nearly every time, I've tried them all.
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            I've played all.

            Tomorrow I will play some new ones


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              I haven't played with:

              Why? I've had the game only for a short time. I haven't had the time.
              I'm not a complete idiot: some parts are still missing.


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                i played as

                Greeks - the most
                Egyptians - Second most
                French - only once
                Japanese - a few times
                Carthage - once or twice wanna play them more
                Spanish - once
                Celts - once or twice love them lots


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                  I've never played as the French - they're pink!

                  I've changed their color to medium-blue in teh editor now, though, so I might well play them in my next game.

                  -- Roland


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                    Let's see, I've tried them all out but I've never played an entire game as the English, Aztecs,Zulu,French,Iroquis,Germans


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                      USA, India, France, English- crap UU imho. Aztecs crap UU + too early GA.
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                        Hmmmh... let me see. I also have tried them all, but never play again as the Americans. Cause I don't like em very much and the UU is really bad (and comes to late for triggering GA).
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                          The thing is there can be many reasons for not playing Certain Civs

                          1)Dont like the Civ. You racists!

                          2)Dont like the UU

                          3)Dont like their strengths

                          4)Dont like their starting positons on World Map

                          That pritty much it.
                          Well, you could use the map Editor and to change your UU, Strengths and Starting positiong, so there is no excuse, but then again, that is bending the rules a bit.

                          Zulu and Aztecs suck!
                          How can you defeat an enemy which will never accept defeat?