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Apolyton University Mod (Thread II)

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  • I went the opposite way, calling units available with Military Tradition "Light". Since they are "lighter" than their originals, this seems to be more correct this way.


    • I was boring and stuck "II" after the Nationalism units.

      I like Sir Ralph's idea.
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      • Originally posted by Dominae
        Now, what about naming? We need some adjective that gets the idea across that the Nationalism Cavalry are just slightly better. 'Advanced'


        If the only change is to add back one attack, then I think Superior is logical.


        • I just wanted to toss out my problem with the GOTM mod. It required you to do too many things to use it. The great thing about the AU is it is passive, I do not need to do any loading of units, copy of files or renaming folders or the like.
          The list of changes in the AU is not so bad, because it is not all effective in the ancient age. This means I can forgot about some of them, until I get to them. If I had to try to remember all of them and their impact on day one , it would be daunting.


          • vmxa1, I read somewhere that one of the changes in conquests to make modding easier was to not have the restrictions in where the graphics files had to be. I think they even mentioned that the folder needn't have the same name as the unit anymore.

            If they've done something like that then this could be a lot simpler. We might not even need files at all for units with duplicate graphics.

            On the naming issue, the shorter the better. 'Superior' is just too long. 'Light' is sensible and I wouldn't discount 'II'.


            • That would be a good impovement, it should be as easy as possible to use things like new units or terrain graphics.


              • Scoring with AU mod

                If you play the AU mod, is it correct that the Hall of Fame will not record your game score?


                • Yes, that's true with any mod in PTW.


                  • Now is your chance to help create the new AU mod for Conquests!

                    Check out the list of potential changes, and participate in the discussion threads. All input is welcome.