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    LOL @ steve.... baby is here buddy..... watching me type at this very moment

    what i meant by weak..... as in when the ai uses them..... i never have problems with any light blue civ..... unless i am going for AC which is always a mistake lol j/k to all you peacekeepers... and i "let the Chinese go for the spaceship too"
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      Congratulations friend. I see that with the new youngin', you got yourself promoted to King

      BTW, you had the newborn at the computer? Don't you think it's kinda early for the baby to start civing? At least hold off a bit on teaching him/her to clobber.


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        Havin' 4 sprouts of ma ain I kin sympathise wie War4ever although mine have all bin eager to learn fae an early age!. It's no held maself back frae using the CELTS to conker the world, thou back int' the olde days I hud tae mak du wid playing the Englis! Thank guid for Civ2
        help ma boab! and Irn bru a' roon.

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        Witches hats are fairly tall!?

        Amoebas are very small
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          Wow Blackbob.... is that southern english or what? or is your space bar broken like CTG
          Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!


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            You can tell he's not a real suthernor because it would be gawd instead of guid. Although he did do a good job of conker
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              Empress quit following me
              Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!


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                Well I thought blackbob's scottish accent was perfectly good.


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                I have discovered that China and Spain are really one and the same country, and it's only ignorance that leads people to believe they are two seperate nations. If you don't belive me try writing 'Spain' and you'll end up writing 'China'."
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                  ... and Scotland is to the (other) South of England.

                  I imagine that BlackBob will be sharpening his claymore when he reads that he is believed to be a Southerner.


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                    English (closest to Canadians) or Aztecs (gotta love those city names) for me.

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                      I tend to go for the greeks (for using all the mean ancient greek phrases I know) or germans (ditto

                      The Aztecs are fun to do, but I'm always tempted to play around with the city names...A-O-Incognito...Techno-Chick,ON!, etc...

                      Plus, my Multiplayer games thusfar were with the great Makeo (evil lord of the Aztec horde)

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                        I always used to play the Russians or Americans because the city names were easy to remember, but lately Iíve been playing with the Aztecs. Iím taking a class in anthropology and learned how to pronounce their city names and what they mean. Iíve finally learned something in school that can help me in the real (civ) world


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                          Hoss - well done! Now you have cracked how to pronounce the Aztec city list, will you share it with the rest of us?
                          SG (2)
                          "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                          "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                            Here are a few of the Aztec city names and their pronunciations.

                            Tenochtitlan (Te-noh-ak-teet-lahn)
                            Teotihuacan (Teo-te-oo-a-kan)
                            Texcoco (Tesh-co-co)
                            Tlaxcala (Tlash-cala)
                            Calixtlahuaca (Kal-ish-tlah-hoo-aka)
                            Ixtapaluca (Eee-sha-tay-pal-oo-ca)
                            Jilotzingo (Hee-loht-seen-goh)
                            Xochicalco (Shoh-hee-cal-co)
                            Zitlaltepec (Seet-lal-te-pec)

                            the vowel sounds are ah, eh, e, oh, oo,
                            x sounds like sh,
                            z sounds like s,
                            j sounds like h,
                            c is either s or k,
                            and h is usually not pronounced.


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                              Wow! I'm totally impressed, Hoss. Great detail in your explanation. Problem is, I still can't pronounce them at a pace that doesn't sound like I'm severely mentally challenged.

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                                Th-an-ky-ouv-ery much!
                                I'm impressed with your command of "Aztec Speak"
                                SG (2)
                                "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                                "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit