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    Lets see....

    Romans 10
    Everything else 0

    What do you think?

    What is your favorite civ to play as?

    I always play as Romans... unless someone takes white... then I curse them off and leave the game j/k

    I know War plays only mongols... anyone else like this?
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    I'll snatch up white and take the Russians(though sometime customize to Ukrainians), and also the Egyptians 'cause of their snazzy city names.


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      Apache: well that's my favourite custom

      Chinese for my favourite regular civ


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        I usually play as either the French or Viking because I have found that the darker blue is my lucky color. Although occasionally I play as The Indians b/c purple is my favorite color.
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          Empress don't you dare infiltrate my color scheme..... purple that is, with the pathetic Indians of either continent for that matter..... Purple is a MONGOL color only

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            Hey, War... I have nothing to do ALL week, up for a game??

            Sometimes I will customize the Franks or Holy Romans, out of French, German or Romans... but thats only if my color is taken...
            I'm 49% Apathetic, 23% Indifferent, 46% Redundant, 26% Repetative and 45% Mathetically Deficient.


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              there is a slight disadvantage for white in MP.Barbs appear right before white's turn leaving no time to rush a unit if necessary.
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                I always play with National pride.... the Brits!!!

                But I like Blues, so I always kill any blue civ I find, thinking its lucky.

                Not that I have anything against the French...

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                  Good point, Smash, I never thought of that. Perhaps that's why barbs kill me horribly so often.

                  Either way I always play Romans, usually headed by The Divine Caligula. Oh and I customise the city names also.


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                    GRAAG.... lol yes you do customize your names

                    Caesar.... it appears the time for the destruction of your holy roman empire is upon you..... its time to siege Rome
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                      I like to play as the Germans or English the most, although it seems I have better luck with the English. I's all in my head. Those two are my favorites even though I rotate playing each of the civs equally, except for the French. Can't stand to see them on the map at all.
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                        i too play other civs in SP..... especiallly the light blue color... as they are the weakest civ.... i wish i could play against the chinese when i was the Americans..... or vice versa.... just for some historical value here..... after all the russians just aren't the same anymore However, only the mongols in MP unless someone takes my color group *cough Rah cough* then i get even more bloodthirsty and to quote the "thing" and "Steve Clark", its clobberin time

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                        Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!


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                          I play as the Romans (with my Italian ancestry) or the Americans (my, er, "patriotic side" ). If I know I'm playing on a world with a lot of water and seperated landmasses, I'll go for a great naval power (English, Greeks, Japanese). If the opposite is true, I sometimes go French or German. But most of the time, it's Roman or American.

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                            You don't want to play me when someone took white... I get pissed!
                            I'm 49% Apathetic, 23% Indifferent, 46% Redundant, 26% Repetative and 45% Mathetically Deficient.


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                              Hey War, whatcha doing here? Isn't the baby due about now?

                              Playing one civ versus another makes very little difference (like the turn order). The choice comes down to color and nationality, I guess. When playing as a civ, it is only as weak as you are. War4 said that the light blues are the weakest civs? I always play the Americans and they are ALWAYS the strongest civ.