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  • Military conquer with Democracy

    I know that fundamentalism is the best choice if you choose to conquer the world militarily, but I would like to do it with democracy. It seems very difficult considering the restraints that democracy poses on military units...such as having to keep all military units either in a city or in a soon as you leave to attack, you get unhappiness up the wazoo..

    I was just wondering if anyone has actually militarily conquered the world with democracy. Or is fundamentalism the only way to go??

    My hat goes off to anyone with the skill or PATIENCE to micromanage whatever is necessary to militarily take over the map under democracy!!

    Please share your strategies...


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    Forming alliances is really important to using a democratic war machine. Having Woman's Suffrage and Statue of Liberty are very helpful. I think you'll find a lot of advocates of military democracys at Apolyton.


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      build Shakes in a potentionally high sheild site.Re-support your Democratic army from this city.Real easy after Railroad.No unhappies from units in the feild.SOL is used for declaring war and commiting espionage.
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        Give the people enough wealth & you can easily fight a war as Demo. - Just like the real world !
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          as stated above Democracy war isn;t difficult at all with the proper things in place....

          1 Shakes theatre and then re home your units, is a great but sometimes painstakingly slow way to do it.

          Womens Sufferage allows more units in the field and combined with Shakes makes a lethal combination. Also saves cost of the police station.

          UN.... makes wars easier to fight plus you get the benefit of other countries always offering peace.... plus the embassy thing.

          SOL for demanding tribute and switching from one form of govt to the other and bribing cities and demanding tribute while doing so.... as you can go back into Democracy the same turn with this wonder.

          If all else fails, and your not worried abut your reputation , then just break treeaties...

          Most of this stuff has been posted somewhere before i just don't remember where..... have fun

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            In SP, war in democ is easy. If you have all the happiness wonders, (and when don't you), stock exchanges, and some good trade routes, and luxuries set at 10 or 20 percent, you'd be amazed at how many units a city can support away from it without a problem. I used to use shakes for my naval city or build military bases (Neutral food growth and only two pop on heavy shield production with CfC). But after playing for awhile, I've come to realize that it really isn't necessary. The Key is SOL so you can drop out to declare war/demand tribute with minimal lose of science. The UN helps but not predicatable enough.

            MP is another story altogether. Not having every wonder makes it harder. Shakes and Military bases are the way to go. (military bases with neutral food production is really tough with 2x prod.) Small maps doesn't help either.


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              I tried it once when playing with Ming, Rah, MWHC and two other players in a 2x production game. Ming and I were allies, Rah and MWHC were allies. In that game when I launched attack I had 20+ super iconclads. I had about 10 cities, all of size 20+ except for the Shakespear city, which was of size 5 (couldn't celebrate WLTKD due to supporting other units). I don't have any other happiness wonder. My experience is, in democracy, with large cities and marketplace/bank/trade routes, if you put at least 20% luxury and hire some entertainers, a city can support 3 unit without any problem (with the police station, 6). So I think first do trading and grow the citis till size 20+ (it makes sanitation a very important tech) then you can support a small to mid scaled war. Don't occupy your enemy's cities one by one, just kill his units to drain his resources (he must rush build more to protect his cities). Against AI this will delay the peace request, and against a human player this will prevent him to steal techs from you.


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                Actually happiness is absolutely no problem, and if you built the super science city before, you will be that much ahead in technology, that you will be able to take the world with one or two dozens of helicopters (just for example)

                you won´t enjoy it though, because each time you conquered an AI-city you get that pop-up diplo-window. diplomacy is the least thing you need at this moment, but certainly you have to subscribe cease fire or peace (btw IMO subscribing peace is better choice)

                but when you have enough patience, you finally will succeed


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                  The biggest problem is the Senate. The stages of democratic warfare usually go as follows:

                  Enemy X sneak attacks. You reply by taking one of their cities. Then one of their emissaries will ask for an audience – you say no – but the Senate usually signs a cease-fire behind your back. They will either sneak attack again or you will receive a notice that the cease-fire agreement has expired. (I think after about 8 turns) If at this at this stage you try to start hostilities – the Senate will usually enforce another cease-fire. This pattern can repeat itself several times. Eventually, the Senate will tire of the continual sneak attacks and will pass a resolution for continued action against the bad guys. Make the most of this when it happens.

                  However, there are things you can do. The AI is not very subtle when working up to a sneak raid. They tend to park catapults in your back yard. (In a cease-fire situation you have no option to “insist they withdraw their troops”) You can usually guess what will happen, so you have some chance to reinforce and withdraw vulnerable units like engineers. When you think an attack is due, have a diplo ready. Sometimes an AI city will go into riot because they have shuffled their troops around, and moved too many out. At his point, you buy the place! If they have actually attacked, you buy at a bargain price. If they have not yet broken the cease-fire you will have to pay double to prevent an incident. (This works out to the normal price, because of civil disorder.)

                  Another point to watch out for are the AI alliances. Very often you will hear that X and Y have made a pact, named after some godforsaken unpronounceable town – to contain your aggression. (This is a sure sign you are winning!) Make a note of these, especially if you have no embassies. The play goes like this: Enemy X can attack, but when you retaliate Enemy Y is brought into the war. Knowing this will happen is blue-chip intelligence. Have a tidy little task force ready to attack Enemy Y. I usually do this by sea if possible. Lurk just beyond their horizon, then pounce.

                  All the above is without the United Nations. (This wonder must be built for war in a democracy.) Then things become slightly easier. You will have a complete embassy system, with the intelligence this offers, and will gain more leeway with your Senate. In addition, the advent of Communism opens up espionage. This must be your next target for research. Spies are much better than diplomats.

                  The most difficult thing to handle are the cease-fires. It would be far better if the Senate imposed a permanent peace treaty. Under cease-fires, enemy troops wander around your patch making communications impossible. You will probably be able to guess when the cease-fire is coming, so prepare to use the choke points in your territory to keep the little ******* out!

                  The restrictions the Senate place upon you in a democracy are realistic. Just imagine how powerful you could be without them. That is politics! As Winston Churchill once remarked to new Member of Parliament:
                  “The opposition are in front of you, but the enemy is behind you”


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                    You don't always get a cease-fire request when you occupy a city. Make sure none of your units are next to your enemy's units. Make a no man zone before you take several cities at a time, then you can sign a cease fire because you need time to regroup your troops!


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                      Naval- and air-units next to an AI don´t matter.

                      But I´m not sure about helis.


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                        I can appreciate wanting to try something different by conquering under Democracy, but nothing is more fun than moving 15-20 units next a large AI city and then breaking treaties and alliances under Fund. Use Democracy to quickly get the necessary techs and then switch govt. to clobber the other civs.

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                          I also have no MP experience, but here goes: To carry on a democratic war, trade is key. This helps later on because you can divert 20 or even 30 percent trade to luxuries. No more unhappiness problem! Also, the UN is very helpful. Many times, I actually prefer to fight wars in a democracy because of the non-bribing factor.


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                            An old trick if you are in democ and have the un (or in republic) is to test the water with a civ you're already at peace with, if the hawks are in charge, communicate with the civ that you're at war with, and the senate will usually support continued agression. If you have just contacted them, you can then attack their cities right away without worrying about that nasty popup window. Works like a charm almost all the time.
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                              Not sure if this was mentioned above, but a neat trick in attacking with a democracy is first building a one turn fortress next to the city you intend on conquering that turn. Then after taking the city, all the stopped units are garrisoned and within three tiles of the conquested city-happy happy happy.

                              So many democracies at war...

                              AU--Democratic conquest by land-not sea.
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