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    How many times have you played (started) a Civilization game and which civ(s) have you never played as.

    I have Played Civ II about 67 times
    and never played as the Carthaginians, Celts, Indians, Sioux, Mongols, Persians or Chinese

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    I have started thousands (maybe more than 10,000) games. I've probably played as everybody by now.

    You're not going to kiss me on the lips now, are you?

    Explanation: Richard Dawson hosted a TV show called "Family Feud" back in the 70s. Participants tried to guess what the most common answers were to questions asked of the studio audience. For example:
    Richard Dawson: "What do you drink with pizza?"
    Contestant: "Mineral Water"
    Teammates: "Good answer! Good answer!"
    Richard Dawson: "The survey says", (tote board lights up), "3%"
    (Richard Dawson kisses female contestant on the mouth)
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      I met Richard Dawson when I was about 8 years old. He had a spiral staircase down to his dressing room, and little cubby holes everywhere with all the stuffed animals and crap that people had given him. He seemed like kind of a jerk.
      They wouldn't let kids sit anywhere where people could see them in the audience.
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        He was very cool in Hogan's Heroes!

        and not nearly as big as Louie Anderson.

        I have played something like 500 games but I don't think I have ever played as the Japanese or the Indians.

        I have played most games as the Romans - ding ding ding! That's number one on the survey with 43%!!

        or the Vikings - ehnnnnnn. Oh, sorry, that's not on the survey.
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          Maybe someone should put a poll on the site asking Civ 2ers what their favorite and least favorite tribe is?

          My Favorite is German/Greek/Spanish (In that order) and my least favorite is Celts/Carthaginians/Persians (Partly because they aren't/wern't in Civ 1.)

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            hmm... I have no idea how many civ games I have played since 93.... I do play about three times a week though so three times a week for 7 years... that is.. around 1,050 games
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              Good idea about that survey. Should I start a new thread or does somone want to beat me to it?

              What if the Hokey-Pokey is really what its all about?

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                Cornmaster and Jcarkey,

                Take a look in the old threads and I think you will find that has been done. If it isn't archived just bump it.



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                  I've probably started about 3 to 4 hundred games. The key word here is "started". I don't revert during a game but I'm not above restarting the entire thing soon after beginning if it's obvious I'm toast.

                  I've pretty much played as everybody. Oh, wait. I've never been the East Indians. And maybe not the Vikings.

                  Favorites are Americans (go figure), Aztecs, English, Sioux, and French.

                  Least favorite... I hate the Japanese, Celts, and Mongols. They kill me.

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                    I've played hundreds of games, mostly as Romans or Vikings (you're not alone, Sten).


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                      somebody should list all the civs.
                      ok I'll do it

                      Romans, Russians, Celts
                      Babylonians, Zulus, Japanese
                      Germans, French, Vikings
                      Egyptians, Aztecs, Spanish
                      Americans, Chinese, Persians
                      Greeks, English, Carthagians
                      Indians, Mongols, Sioux

                      hmm well I've never played Celts, Babylonians, Zulus, Spanish, Persians, Carthagians and that's it. Although I only played a few in FW and COS scenarios. Such as the English- I never played a complete full game with them.

                      How many times over 100 but less than 1000. probably less than 500 or 600- who knows.

                      favourites: chinese, americans, aztecs (sometimes I custom thems to the apache), and germans.

                      least fav: pretty much everything else but namely sioux, carthagians, celts, babylonians, persians, etc
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                        I never play as a standard tribe, but always create my own: Amazones, Valkyries, Amberites, Elves etc.

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                          I must have played 100's of games!!! an one time i playeed like a man possesed, a new game every 2 days?!?! but now it's far more as and when...

                          There are quite a few civs i've never played as, Americans, greeks, romans, russians, germans, french, chinese, persians, souix, indians!! It would have been easier to say that i generally play as the Celts, English, Vikings, or make somebody up like the Jamaicans, Moors etc!!!

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                            I've played lots and lots of games. In single player i usually played as the Romans, Babylonians, or Vikings. Sometimes the Egyptians and Aztecs.

                            Never played as any of the orange civs, rarely any of the purple or light blue civs.

                            In MP I am the Aztecs.
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                              I'm not entirely sure which I haven't played, since Civ I and Civ II have kind of blurred in my mind. I had a tendancy to rename tribes a lot in Civ I. One of my first games I played in Civ I, I played the white and called them the Carthagenians It still messes with me seeing them as orange I also took the Indians and renamed them the Persians... Curse Civ II and their civ color choices For whatever reason though, I've never really been confused by the spanish not being (german/french) blue, or the japanese not being (american/chinese) light blue... In short, I've played all the civs, just not sure if I've played them in Civ II or not

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