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    Well since I'm very bored...I went and created a poll where you can pick your 5 favorite Tribes that you play in Civ 2.

    I've already voted. You just vote then hit back and re-vote 4 more times. Then click reload to see the results. And you can vote once a week.

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      I voted... good work with the design.
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        Good survey CornMaster

        Note: I have played Civ II about 70 different games but a total of
        400 or something loaded games for about an hour each. Whew! where did the hours go?
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          I've had to of played hundreds of games. After a while my CIV2 folder became so huge because of the autosave. Then we re-installed to put on WIN98.

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            from the regular list: (with estimate)
            Vikings (?x10), Russians(30-40), Celts(~10), Romans(~10), Sioux(~6) and a single game as the Greeks

            I've custom made these:
            Belgians (once or twice)
            Ancient Belgians (few douzen times)
            Beggars (16th century guerilla fighters; few douzen times)
            Vlamingen (=Flemings; >100 games)

            I usually handpick the enemy civs
            Romans (fought the ancient belgians)
            Japanese (WW2)
            French (battle of the golden spurs, 1302)
            Spanish (Beggar wars of 16th and 17th century)
            English (closest to Belgium ... since none of the orange civs were ever an enemy of Belgium/Flanders)
            Mongols (13th century invasion of europe)


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              thousands of games. And I've played all the civs...

              Probably Zulu's and/or English I play the most, followed by either Russians or Romans or Germans...

              Playing as the Germans always gets me a good game...
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