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    I have just started a 'comparison test game' in honour of 'CivManagerGold'.
    (have a look at the strategy forum)
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      It does not support the so called 'upgraded' version from either civilization 2.4.2, 2.7.8 or test of time. A separate program will be released soon which will only support the upgraded version, after I find all the necessary memory addresses from that version.
      Upgraded version? Is there an upgraded version of 2.7.8 (CiC)? If so where can I download it? And when will Civmanager for the upgraded 2.7.8 be available?


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        Please be patient. I'm working on it, it's just that I'm really busy recently. The upgraded version was a program to patch your other versions of civ2 to let you play as MPE. It has a different memory allocation so I have to search all memory addresses again for this version. I think this site has the program, but if you cannot find it in, you can ask some people in the PBEM forum for how to get it, a lot of them have this version.


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          Found a bug. If multiple cities are doing rush-buying then the money is only reduced by one city's amount. So in order to get the correct money deduction rush-buying needs to be accepted for each city individually.


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            pretty freakin impressive...
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              Thanks Kaak. Happy to know that you liked it. Could you comment on what can be done to improve the product (apart from giving per turn net production and per turn food surplus info since they take too long to be obtained)? I'm thinking about setting up waypoints on cities so that units can travel along specific routes.


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                My version is 2.62, not 2.7.8 as I wrote earlier...

                I guess there will be no patch for 2.62 (CiC)?

                I need to buy MGE..


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                  Since 2.62 needs the original Civ2...

                  You can backup the scenario folder, and all of your changed files, savegames and what have you, uninstall Civ2, re-install classic Civ2 (i.e. without CiC), apply the 2.42 patch, convert to MGE (see and restore the CiC changes backup.

                  Or easier, install another copy of (classic) Civ2 in another location. Apply the MGE patch to that, and you have both CiC and MGE. Voila!

                  Still, I suggest you BUY MGE, unless you're into ripping off gaming companies. (OK granted, it will be very hard to find a copy, if at all...)
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                    I now have 1.02, 2.42, 2.7.8, and MGE.

                    Will Ming ban ppl who say they paid a visit to and downloaded civ2 versions?

                    Backup savegames from 2.62? I guess I forgot Oh well, I don't need those savs.


                    Just understood that classic civ2 is version 2.42, not 1.02 as I thought.

                    I understand that the MGE version at is v.1.3. Cedric writes that he has v.1.7. I wonder if I'll be able to play MP
                    with MGE 1.3.

                    Since I am asking all of this.. Do you know what the following is:
                    Civ2-Democracy Game (I have a clue)
                    Civ2-Multisite Democracy Game


                    I suppose Civ2-Multiplaying is MP.

                    Next step download Xin Yu's Civmanager.
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                      It does not support MGE does it... I guess I have to wait. Anyways... I had problems unzipping. Can't get the files.


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                        Classic Civ2 straight from your CD is probably 1.x, but this can be patched to 2.42...

                        PBEM is Play By E-Mail... But as to what exactly it is, I don't know. I don't multiplay myself... So I guess you'd better start a new thread here or in the multiplayer forums to get a little more attention (and end this little threadjack over here ).
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                          I just discovered this cool utility!

                          I m playing Red Front 1.4 scenario, so the number of cities is pretty big, as is time per turn. This will help me greatly to reduce turn time, especially rush buying


                          1. Can you sort cities alphabeticaly? It would speed up searching for a particular city

                          2. Could you also display the shields-per-turn city produces? It would make looking into each city before rush buying unnecessary

                          Great application!


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                            Is this the most recent thread about Civmanager? I added it to the Great Library.
                            Civ2 "Great Library Index": direct download, Apolyton attachment


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                              Ur, let me check. I think it is, but if not I'll let you know.


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                                Has it been testing in an MP game yet Xin?
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