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    So we've all got something in common, We all have a thing for Civ 2!!! But, are there any other games you all love to play, or have in the past had a thing for?

    My personal favorites are probably (just keeping it to a couple)

    Dungeon Master (which got me hooked on rpg's in 1987, and i still love it!!)
    Tie Fighter (Definetly the best sci fi game ever, it would've been replace by frontier - elite 2 if it wasn't so bugged)
    Ultima 4 (easily the longest, most detailed, most engrossing rpg i've played!!)
    and of finally...Civ 2 (obviously)

    So what's had you guys hooked in the past?
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    In roughly chronological order:

    Populous - almost ruined my right hand from hours of mouse clicking. They had a very amusing add-on pack of special terrains.

    Railroad Tycoon - much closer to a turn-based than a real-time game. A lot easier on the old mouse hand.

    Civ I - back when my wife was working weekends, I spent entire days in front of the computer.

    Master of Orion - even more addictive than Civ! I set my personal record for staying up way too late (about 4AM). Unfortunately, the computer is clueless on how to fight a space battle, and I never had a really balanced game - either I got hammered by the outrageous AI production cheats, or I pulled ahead and won easily.

    Exile - a shareware RPG. Nicely plotted, and played well on my antique hardware.

    Civ II - still the best!
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      It's also worthwhile looking at the current related thread in Other Games/Civ Comparison:


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        Now, that is a weird coincidence!?!? whenever i think of a cool topic to start, somebody always beats me to it?!?! Hmm, i'm going to think of a brand spanking new one this weekend!!!!

        Another good game is Blood, it beats Doom and Quake hands down for originality!!!! i mean everybody loves firing flares at your friend, stabbing him with a pitch fork, watching him get blown up by his own mine on the way to put himself out, and then kicking his down the street, Happy days!!!!
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          By Jove! Ultima 4! I spent dozens of hours on that. Shouldn't this be in the Other Games Forum?

          But then again, I like good games in the fantasy genre whether they be RPGs or strategy games)
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            Did you know you can get Ultima 4 (legally) off of the net? Ultima Resource Site, and you can also get the rest of the series, if you don't mind emulating, or if you search hard enough, for pc (But, don't tell anyone i said so....)

            Edit: Damn url's!!!!
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            ...and we build an Academy for this guy... :confused:


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              Favorite Games:

              Baseball Mogul (Great Statistical Baseball Sim! Every fan should own this!)
              Hollywood Mogul (A great game based on a movie studio! Unlimited replayability)
              Civilization/Civilization II (The best)
              Age Of Empires (The best RTS)
              Rollercoaster Tycoon (It is better than Sim Theme Park)
              Alpha Centauri (Good)
              The Sims (Lots of neat add-ons on the net
              Detroit (Challenging Car-building Simulation)
              Pizza Tycoon (Pizza-Building Empire)
              Railroad Tycoon/Railroad Tycoon II (Best Duo of Railroad Games)
              Colonization (A great Sid Game)
              Monkey Island (Insult Fighting!!!)
              Sim City Series (Fairly Good)
              AND OTHERS!!!
              Do I play a lot of computer games or what!
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                I grew up with D&D, and later upgraded to AD&D never really got too far with it - we could never keep groups together long enough. Also played games like Risk, Shogun, Axis and Allies, Fortress America, Diplomacy, Chess, Stratego, and probably a few more I can't think of right now

                Computerwise, anyone remember Bard's Tale? Also, the AD&D spinoffs (Pool of Radience series as an example) and the Ultima series (personally loved U6), Populus, Warcraft, Warlords, Twilight 2000, Civ I, and one of my all time favorites, Moria

                Bound to think of a few more in time

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                  In (roughly) cronological order, some of my favourites:

                  -Utopia (for the Intellivision)
                  -M.U.L.E. (on the c64)
                  -Battlecruiser (on the c64)
                  -Command HQ
                  -Railroad Tycoon
                  -NHL 94

                  Gee, I guess there haven't been any real good ones in the past 6 years.

                  I'm feeling old...


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                    SCG, how do you beat Ultima 6? I was on the part with the "sacred quest", I visited all three gargoyle shrines and the Singularity Shrine still won't let me into the Isle of the Avatar.
                    SandMonkey, I like 1602 A.D. but I can't turn a profit. Suggestions?
                    Anyone else have the RCT scenario maker? Anyone made any good scenarios?
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                      Shadowstrike -

                      In 1602 AD, it's easy to turn a profit. Early in the game just make an over-abbundance of wood/cloth/bricks and sell that to the free traders. Also, try and keep your running costs low, while building up a ton of houses. I try and shoot to build an iron ore mine-ore smelter- tool maker so that I can stop buying tools. Also, getting an island with good supplies of tobacco and vines or sugarcane makes getting your people to citizen status easy, and that's where you make all your cash. A lot of better players go to this forum. You can ask virtually any question and get some awesome answers.


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                        Well, Civ2 was actually one of the first games I really got hooked on, since I was 13 when I got it....

                        But, in the time I have had Civ2, other games I have played:

                        Railroad Tycoon - what a great game, I play this when I feel like playing around with (semi)economics
                        SimCity - Who hasn't played this at least once??
                        Caesar II - I actually gave the cd to a friend to play, but I liked this game until I beat it. My first rts game.
                        Roller Coaster Tycoon - I still love playing this game. RTS game that is VERY addictive, if i can drag myself to start it up.
                        1602 AD - This game is rteally awesome. Another RTS, it combines aspects of SimCity and Caesar. I have a website on it, although most of it is just strategies and helps. MWHC plays it too, I see him on the Sunflower's boards.

                        And of course I have moved from Civ2 on to ToT, but I still love playing the scenario's for Civ2.


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                          I believe I was trying Ultima 6 when I reached the spot where you refered to the #*#*$& MAP! The *$*#( thing wouldn't accept any answer so I just withered and died from lack of food after 60 tries! I eventually game the #*#( game away.

                          The RCT Scenario Maker is not compatible with the add-on just for anyone's information. I have only seen about 5 games made with the Scenario Maker and they can be found at Senecas RCT Site and RCT Online America, however if you want the blank megapark map visit Rollercoaster Tycoon UK.
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                            Darn. I have the expansion and wanted to make a few scenarios for RCT after I make a few for Civ2. Well, thanx for the info DarkCloud.
                            *grumbles about work*


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                              Its been a while since I played (can i really be 8 years ago?)- I assume you freed all 8 virtue shrines. Took me a while to find all the caves off the beaten trails. Also did you find the friendly gargoyle who gave you the quest to build the air balloon? If you can't fly, you can't reach one place (I think anyway that it was that Isle). Anyway, much more than that I'd probably have to try and find the game in my archives and either try re-installing it on my 286, or see how well that DOS-based program will function on my Win95 pentium
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