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Did they mess up the science wonders?

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    Smash, I think it was more an oversight then a programming problem on the same continent issue based on the fact that each hex square reference coordinate includes the continent number which is used in other features. (i.e the goto command window will only list cities on the same continent as unit.) To program the wonder powers using the same concept, couldn't have been much harder. Probably real easy.
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      I'll second the motion that we need Civ3. Either that or a new Civ2 patch with some of these questions and problems confronted. dream.
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        Tell me about it. I am trying to write my own civ3 using the rules.txt - talk about futility!!

        btw - someone must have stolen my password and posted that I didn't realize Cope's was +100%. Of course I knew that... (The car has been in the garage being worked on so long I am forgetting how to drive!)

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          Originally posted by Smash on 09-14-2000 10:59 PM
          Well,that may be a mistake of sorts also.Is it not possible that, in the concept stage,game designers wanted them to be SAME continent wonders?

          Hoover Dam does not supply power to Hawaii.Or Alaska for instance.

          Then,during actual programing,it was found impossible or too difficult to do?Keep in mind this was made eons ago in computer terms.

          Nope: in civ1 Hoover's & JSB only worked on the continental level. If they could do it then, they could probably do it 5 years later.

          More likely either 1) a case of manual being written before game finished, whereas writer had to rely on civ 1 for information, or 2) irritated players not likeing wonder that only worked on one continent. Especially when a dumb AI built it on a 1 city island. Of all the games of civ1 I played, I particularly remember a game where the Mongols built Hoover's on a 1 city island in the middle of nowhere. grrrrrrrrrrr........
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            Well, obviously SOMEONE made a booboo. I suspect the programmers, since in my opinion the later Wonders do tend to be more powerful. But I've also noticed that, in my games, there tends to be a period roughly corresponding to the dark and medieval ages when tech development seems to slow down just as it did in real-world Europe. Maybe Copernicus is actually intended to help us through that slow time.

            Some good points have been made, but not connected up. As HsFB noted, libraries and universities and research labs only ADD 50% of BASE science (just as markets and banks and stocks and factories and power plants and mfg plants only ADD 50% of BASE). But Copernicus and Newton MULTIPLY the combined total. That's much more powerful. Since libraries and universities only add, kcbob's calculations based on 12 beakers would actually produce only 72 beakers, not 81:

            (12 + 6 (library) + 6 (university)) * 2 (CO) * 1.5 (IN)

            Also, everyone seems to have forgotten that the two Wonders are often found in different cities! If YOU don't build them together, the AI certainly won't. And in that case, it DOES matter which one is 2x and which is only 1x.


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              Microprose had chosen to say that they've messed up the Civilopedia Entries.
              For evidence, please check the archived thread.

              Look for the end of the thread.
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                Originally posted by debeest on 09-22-2000 12:56 AM Since libraries and universities only add, kcbob's calculations based on 12 beakers would actually produce only 72 beakers, not 81:

                (12 + 6 (library) + 6 (university)) * 2 (CO) * 1.5 (IN)

                Dang Pentium III.

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