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    Hi Kody, here is the cleared contribution to the Pholus Network.
    I hope you can squeeze it in somewhere in one of the future editions...

    009 received a private summons from 001, something so rare as not to be ignored.
    009 had to move from censored (hereby referred to as base ) to censored (hereby referred to as base ) since her Network Tag was situated there.
    The cloaked foil 009 used in order to get faster in was one of the Unity's pré-dropped foils, converted for use in shallow waters and have less visibility for a dangerous and newly discovered native lifeform, tagged xxx for now.
    After a swift journey 009 arrived at the Outward Quay of and received a one-time coded tracker by the QuayJack, which would lead him to 001's booth. Two years had passed since 009 was last in , and quite some changes had happened in that time. The construction site of a DataNet Connector could be spotted on the inland side of the base. Further more the Stealth Antenna from the recently organized CO agency was visible for one who knew what to look for. Bad cloaking on that matter. 009 hoped that in the next decade as new technologies were discovered, the agency wouldn't stick out so easily. Unsurprisingly, the tracker led him to the CO. The size of was still not large enough to have many unsuspicious spots, so 001 must simply not have bothered with misleading sofar. 009 thought that it was unlikely that Chairman Yang's probe teams would be close enough already to easily infiltrate the DataNet, but something must be done about the invisibility anyway in his opinion.
    After a short walk, 009 arrived at the frontdoor of the CO, used his tracker for access permission (the DataJack after the monitordesk behind the door could be seen looking aside shortly, and then looked up at the frontdoor before granting access) and entered the building. 009 was waved through by the monitor DataJack and that was it. He took the lift down two levels, stepped out into a dimly illuminated hallway and passed several doors before spotting one with the tag CO-001 next to it. His tracker beeped shortly to let him know he was on the right spot. The door hissed open, 009 stepped through and heard a voice saying: "Welcome DataJack 009, I expected you. Please sit down and I'll tell what I summoned you for..."
    looking for:
    proud and strong female specimens to make a new breed of survivalists to conquer the know world call 555-sparta to get your pass to become a real person, a spartan!

    for the lunar newpaper thingy:

    The Spartan Federation and Spartan automobiles is proud to present the NEW and IMPROVED spartan family car! the spartan 2000. it is all you and you spouse need to have a good road trip over the chiron landscapes.

    ORDER NOW and get 5000 rounds of AP rounds over free!

    for your newspaper:


    the Spartan Federation and Spartan motors is proud to present the spartan family car of tomorrow and the follow up to the prize winning SPARTAN 1999. citizens of chiron here is the SPARTAN 2000

    [insert picture from this path][insert picture from this path]

    ORDER NOW AT 555-spartanmotors and get 5000 rounds of AP rounds for free!!!!

    tnx in advance

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