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  • Pre-release gameplay

    Quill18 does some preview of CIV6 gameplay.

    First 60 turns of the game

    EDIT: well, not exactly 60 turns of the game in there but a lot of first hand information...

    PART 1

    PART 2

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    Preview from Marbozir. Same material but other information and insights from commenter.

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      Those are the first real game play clips released, I think.
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          Well worth watching just to learn more about game play.
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            Originally posted by OneFootInTheGrave View Post

            Pic doesn't show.
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              Marbozir confirmed that the game will be 64 bit so that's good.
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                Yep, good news indeed...
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                  as soon as i get my new PC set up, i shall certainly take a look at these.
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                    Originally posted by Sir Og View Post
                    Marbozir confirmed that the game will be 64 bit so that's good.
                    As long as they remember that it is and take advantage of it.
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                      It will be interesting to see what kind of video card will be needed.
                      While I think my desktop shouldn't have a problem with it...
                      I'm sure my laptop won't be able to play it
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                        I'm goIng to need to buy a new computer in the next year or so. Might as well make game playing (Stellaris and Civ6) be the driving factor.
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                          So far the most notable changes seem to be that there will be a culture advancement tree with social policies alongside the science one that would have concrete bonuses (like being able to build certain world wonders) and that the cities will have no expansion limit? (if that's correct, that's the most notable difference imo)
                          Also that you'll sometimes need a city tile to build a wonder and it will be tied to a specific resource being present nearby
                          Also that autocracy etc will give specific bonuses to army units. (more slots for advancement maybe) that's a variation of the strength augmentation in civ 5
                          (never played autocracy always democracy and foreign legions bam)

                          (Hopefully they'll tackle the be the most advanced and peacefull then get artillery and pown everyone)