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UTILITY: Civ3MultiTool v1.12.5 (C3MT) - Unofficial Civ 3 editor (fourth thread)

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  • UTILITY: Civ3MultiTool v1.12.5 (C3MT) - Unofficial Civ 3 editor (fourth thread)

    Latest version: 1.12.8

    To the bottom of this post for attachment download list

    since all my previous threads has reached the 500 posts limit I have to start a fourth one.
    first thread second thread
    third thread

    This thread starts with version 1.04 on the day exactly two years after what would turn into this tool was released.

    You will need VB runtime to use this utility. You can get the files needed from the linked setup file or the files listed in the readme and in the post.

    Note that any upgrade zip will require at least version 1.00 to be upgraded. If you have any 0.x version you will have to use the full installer.

    Version history
    The history is cut down to follow message length limit. Starts with version 1.00. Full history in readme or earlier threads

    - SGE: Default loading directory now is the latest played game Civ3/PTW save directory
    - SGE: Great Wonders are now handled correctly when assiging them to cities
    - SGE: Bug where the buildinglist would show more than one copy of each building corrected.
    - SGE: Bug where all last buildings in the rules would get unbuilt when a save was loaded and resaved corrected.
    - SGE: Building count is now updated correctly when editing saves
    - SGE: Unit count is now updated correctly when editing saves
    - SGE: Small Wonders are now handled correctly when assiging them to cities
    - SGE: Changing the Unit coordinates from odd-odd to even-even and vice verse now works as for cities
    - SGE: Bug where the tool crashed when changing tab with invalid coordinates entered corrected.
    - SGE: Typo in invalid coordinates popup message corrected
    - Map converter: The welcome message now names the tool correctly
    - SGE: Bug that made citizens unmoveable corrected.
    - SGE: AI strastegies counts are now updated correctly in saves.
    - SGE: Army count is now updated correctly in saves
    - SGE: Saves with Victory Points are now loadable
    - SGE: Victory Points added to the SGE histograph
    - StartLocation data is no longer lost when editing a BIC/BIX
    - Corrected some translations problems
    - Language module extended to support inclution of other language files than the current. (It can be used to fill up with default strings if a translation is missing some)
    - SGE: PTW Turn limit is now correctly handled.
    - SGE: PTW Victory Pint limit added among with estimation of when it will be reached by the current Victory Location holders.
    - SGE: The citycounters are now updated correctly.
    - SGE: Optimized saving a little.
    - Enabled minimize for map converter and unit wizard
    - Added option to get back to the main menu when closing a tool
    - Mainmenu change to center screen
    - Bug with scenarios without spaceships corrected
    - UCW: Added support for scenario search folders and #ANIMNAME civilopediicon entries
    - Compatibility issues with early versions of PTW corrected
    - Optimized maploading in saves.
    - Added all icons to c3mt.dll to make all icons useable by shortcuts (VB doesn't give you more than the default icon to choose from)
    - Added versioninfo to c3mt.dll
    - Icons are now loaded at runtime from c3mt.dll => dialogicons are in correct size
    - All icons except the mainicon removed from the exe.
    - Added icon to Mapconverter
    - SGE: Added Diplomacy Tab
    - New Tool member: Civilization Diplomacy Data editor. Allows you to edit CDD files used by CDT to set up initial diplomacy in a first turn save
    - Renamed the UNUSED flag to Flag Unit as that's what it's used for now
    - UCW: Added AI strategy Flag Unit (how could I miss that one before?)
    - SGE: Added Ctrl+L shorcut for Load and Ctrl+S shorcut for save.
    - Unit Organizer: Flag Unit, Captured pop Unit and units place in a scenario will now be updated correctly if the IDs change.
    - Bug with loading of BIX version 11.10 with maps corrected.
    - SGE: "File Not found" error on SGE load where Civilization3.ini is missing while ptw is installed (i.e never run Civ3 but have run PTW) corrected.

    - SGE: Added option to update unit sight on save (defaults to on).
    - SGE: Added command button to Map tab for update of unit sight if the auto-update is disabled.
    - SGE: Now recalculates the number of cities for each continent and writes the correct data for that into the save.
    - SGE: Optimized recount functions for units and buildings.
    - SGE: Subscript out of range error on save with versions of Civ3 before the BIC was embeded in the save corrected.
    - SGE: Added map summary similar to the one in the Civ2 Map Converter to the map tab
    - Map Converter: Changed summary to use tabs at terrain specifications.
    - SGE: Bug where games with more than one colony corrupted on some operating systems corrected.
    - SGE: Bug where games with more than one victory location corrupted on some operating systems corrected.
    - CT: Changed the Unit Organizer into a rules organizer for units, builings and resources.
    - Timeout of ten seconds added to the version check.

    - SGE: Corrected bug where the tool would think that you tried to move a wonder by having it selected and making any update operation (save/change selected city)
    - Adds support for PTW 1.27f (BIX 11.19)
    - SGE: Bug where the tool would freeze on save load in some rare cases corrected.
    - SGE: Corrected bug from v1.01 where various generic settings of the games (as science progress and wonder allocation) were corrupted on saving.
    - SGE: Citycounting bug where the number of cities reported would be X times to big where X is the number of players in the game plus barbarians.
    - SGE: Added option to not remove resources not replaced by other resources during mapimport.
    - SGE: Corrected bug where the game would ask you to move the Barbarian Capital to the selected city on map import if the selected city is the first city in the game.
    - SGE: Corrected a subscript out of range bug when the game fails to select a citizen in the city list when the cities tab is selected.
    - Added some more errorhandling and logging. (There is still mush to be done on this point)

    - Splashscreen fixed to not resize if the fontsize setting in Windows is changed.
    - CDDEDT: Corrected file not found error on load when either civilization3.ini or ptw.ini isn't present while PTW is installed.
    - CDDEDT: CDD version changed to 2
    - CDDEDT: Added contact info to CDD files
    - CDDEDT: Added refuse contact for X turns to CDD files
    - CDDEDT: Added war weariness to CDD files
    - SGE: Added war weariness to diplomacy tab
    - SGE: Added refuse contact time to diplomacy tab
    - UCW: Adjusted to work correctly with other than Small Fonts in Windows
    - MPCNV: Adjusted to work correctly with other than Small Fonts in Windows
    - Added some more errorhandling and logging. (still more to do)

    - Added a new logging system to make it easier to track down errors. The logger is correnlty mostly built in SGE and the startup functions, but if it turns out goot I'll add it to other tools as well, and maybe make it even more detailed.
    - Fixed the SGE to not enable the editing if the save load failed on critical points (This corrects varius number of Subscript out of range errors).
    - Corrected bugs with key-file handling in non NT based OSes. (Nothing a normal user should notice)
    - Improved the language module to avoid subscript out of range on some missing strings. (By changing some parts based on v1 to v2) (Should be moste noteabable for translators and users of translated versions)
    - When changing language a large part of the selected language will now be used without restart.
    - Language files are now version 3. (Version 1 and 2 are still supported, but it will change in near future)
    - SGE: Bug corrected which could potencially cause errors on Map export with rules corrected.
    - SGE: Bug with save loding/saving of PTW saves containing some special unknown data corrected.
    - SGE: Added advanced exporting system for exporting units cities and more. (There is currently one known problem regarding playerdata export in some combinations)
    - Corrected bug where the Civilopedia categories wouldn't show.
    - Improved PTW support: City culture and some other values are now handled in the same way for PTW games as for Vanilla games. (forgot about this )
    - Improved the versioncheker
    - Civilopedia editor: Currected bug where the Multitool would hung if the option to return to the menu were set while exiting the editor.
    - SGE: Fixed some problems related to the reloadcounter.
    - Updated the FAQ in the readme

    - Added BIQ files to all filters for scenraiofiles, and added BIX files to some too.
    - Corrected problem with override strings on Rulesorganizer tabs.
    - Logsystem improved to flush the logfile buffers to files more often
    - Added support for Conquest BIQ files (v12.06)
    - Fixed bug where the tool would load civ3mod.bic instead of civ3x.bix or conquests.biq
    - Added support for C3C map creation with the Civ2 mapconverter
    - Rules organizer updated to work with Conquests

    - Corrected problem with BIQ scenarios with other than 31 playable civs
    - Updated some parts of save and BIC handling to clean up the code and make safer use of some values
    - Support for BIQ version 12.07 added
    - Civilization III: Conquests install path is now meshured correctly from the registry
    - Made C3C saves loadable in SGE (by ignoring most changes in the format) (Untested features must be enabled)
    - Updated SGE Mapstats to handle C3C terrains correctly
    - Fixed problem with normal shutdown causing C3MT to think it was a crash
    - Initial loading directory of SGE will now be conquests\saves if conquests were palyed most recently
    - Updated mapimport and export to work with C3C saves and BIQ files. (Note that importing a non BIQ to a C3C save probably won't work yey)
    - Made C3C saves saveable in to the same level as they are loadable

    - Fixed bug where the settigns dialog title in rare occations could be replaced by the Compare Rules title
    - Fixed bug where the SGE command on the main menu were untranslateable
    - Fixed bug where the name of CDD in the aboutbox sometimes would be Civ3CopyTool
    - No longer supports version 1 or version 2 of the language file format
    - SGE: Corrected long living bug regarding multiple unit deletion
    - SGE: Fixed problem with adding and deleting units in a C3C save to result in DATAIO ERROR: IDLS
    - SGE: Added ability to edit movment points, attack, defense and bombard strenth in saves with embeded rules.

    - All language overrides are now fully powered by version 3 language functionality
    - UWIZOVERRIDE section renamed to UCWOVERRIDE, UWIZOVERRIDE remains an alias as of now.
    - All hardcoded sectiontypes since version one except PEDIAMENU which uses a very special format removed making the integration to version 3 complete.
    - UCW: Filetype selection will now correctly identify BIQ files as BIQ files and not BIX files
    - UCW: Fixed problem with adding units to BIX and BIQ files since BIQ support was added in the overall tool
    - Added support for BIQ-files with telepads
    - UCW: Added C3C special actions and unitabilities
    - UCW: Internal code changes to support displaying/hiding controls based on target
    - SGE: Lowered the chances that a save would be reported as interesting
    - SGE: C3C savesupport is no longer set as untested
    - All strings, flags and keys are now powered by language version 3 functionallity
    - SGE: Fixed one problem loading origianl Civ3 saves

    - Player data loading changed to no longer search for the upcoming datablock (shall be safer now)
    - SGE: Resource deals can now be CANCELED
    - PCX handling moved to c3mt.dll for faster operations
    - Bug with backup sometimes making saveroutines to fail when there is no file to backup corrected
    - NEW TOOL: Tech Tree Builder
    - Updated aboutbox link to the Apolyton thread, to link to the latest thread
    - Added extra step to UCW to fit more options related to C3C support
    - Fixed missing stealth attack special unit action (and flag offste errors on higher flags)
    - UCW: Updated to correctly change UNITIDs for stealth targets, enslave results and telepads while inserting units in the list
    - Updated BIC organizer to handle units with telepads correctly
    - Corrected bug with Telepad support for units that caused BIC corruption.
    - UCW: Added requirement of Capture special action for PTW and C3C units to have Offensive or Defensive strategies
    - Updated c3mt.dll to version 1.1
    - Compressed c3mt.dll
    - SGE: Chances that a save will be reported as interesting has been lowered even more
    - SGE: A save will no longer be reported interesting more than once
    - Bug with loading and saving of BIQs (and embedded C3C rules) with unset playable civs. (This caused a number of synthoms, as the 1AD bug in any epic C3C save edited)
    - SGE: Map export now sets the filetype header correctly
    - SGE: Bug that made the tool try to set the selected city to the barbarians when updating fields (for example after a mapimport) corrected
    - TechTree Builder: Fixed problem with Small Fonts settings in Windows
    - TechTree Builder: Added 50% scalemodel prototype. Currently assigned to double click.

    - Fixed bug in PCX drawing where the last column and row wouldn't be drawn.
    - Added support for BIQ version 12.08
    - Tracked down some old bugs in all areas of the tool, and optimized some stringhandling.

    - Fixed bug in PCX saving not following all PCX conventions. (Making some programs displaying PCX-images saved by C3MT in a strange way)
    - Icons restored in c3mt.dll
    - TechTree Builder: Added Simple Graphic mode for the tech tree boxes.
    - Fixed bug with trying to load incorrect default rules for C3C
    - Civ2MapConverter now correctly handles FloodPlains, Coasts and Seas as conversion targets
    - New Tool: Image2Map - Convert PCX images to Civ3 maps
    - Fixed bug with direct startup of the Civ2Map converter
    - Fixed bug with label overrides for the CopyTool
    - Fixed bug with the Unit comparer not reporting changes only in required technology.
    - Import/Export units now handles multiple startegies for units
    - Updated MOD version to version 2. Old mods are no longer useable. (but I doubt any one uses them anyway)
    - Fixed bug with unitprototype reorder in scenarios with units on the map
    - Fixed bug with reordering buildings related to telepads. Could corrupt data or generate subscript errors.
    - Fixed bug in Civilopedia editor where the icons would list small, large and one more, that made the tool crash if selected.
    - Fixed some backward compability issues
    - Updated the internal system of handling scenario files.
    - Updated internal system for handling saves
    - Optimized unit selection routine in savehandler slightly
    - SGE: FOW calculation updated to work with C3C terrain
    - Full C3C v22 support (hopefully)
    - Improved backcompability with older Civ3 versions.
    - TechTree Builder: Added ability to chnage to a standard background instead of the one found in the searchpath.
    - Fixed bug in saveload
    - Fixed bug with BI[]-creation when having maps in the new file.
    - Fixed access violation bug with saving scenario files containing unit prototypes [PRTO] or using the copy tool to copy prototypes.
    - Corrected save problem with PTW 1.21 saves.
    - Improved support for loading PBEM saves (if you have the admin password)
    - Fixed bug with C3MT not saving saves with outposts correctly
    - Corrected a popup string mixup
    - Added override support to Image2Map
    - Updated full english language file
    - Corrected error in saving of prototypes
    - The unit icons displayed in the copytool are now loaded from the scenario search path
    - Corrected update bug with "Refuse contact for X turns"
    - Fixed bug with dates not updating correctly after edit.
    - Race/Player lists in the sge now mark dead players in the list
    - Beaker estimation now takes dead players into account into.
    - Added protection for infinite loops on diplomacy view. (There may still be infinite loops if trying to view specific broken deals, but the mainwindow will show correctly nevertheless)
    - Corrected bug with adding and removing parts of diplomatic deals.
    - Race/Player lists in the sge now mark AI-controled civs
    - C3MT can now detect the civilization 3 directories running as non-privileged user on Windows XP.
    - Logs more info to the session log
    - Corrected access violation error in c3mt.dll
    - Fixed the rules organizer to update fields in other objecttypes than the swaped (broke with v1.11)
    - c3mt.dll is now, if possible, kept only in the application directory, and not installed systewide. This should definately work on Windows XP SP1 and later OSes, but are likley to work on other systems as well.
    - Fixed adding multiple units with the UCW
    - Fixed Import/Export functionality for units in the CT
    - Errorlogging improved in varius areas of the code.
    - The tool should now identify Civilization III Complete installations
    - Added description to Image<->Map converter entry on main menu
    - Added code to eliminate (hopefully) runtime errors due to fail in save load.
    - Improved error logging in more areas of the code (still not all)
    - Corrected a subscriptout of range error whan using filter with non-embeded rules.
    - Removed section searching from GAME datasection in saveload. (This should eliminate some rare cases of files not loading properly due to garbage strings lookingas section tags)
    - Corrected adivision by zero error that could occur if a save was loaded on turn 1.
    - Corrected some backward compabilities with old BI*-versions. (Some values got initiated to invalid values, which could cause the tool to crash with division by zero error)
    - Corrected bug in serialization of zerolength areas that sometimes would cause DataIO save corruptions.
    - Corrected bug in backwardbompability saving of save headers.
    - Updated Map import to work with the new save handling code.
    - Corrected handling of wraparounds in sight calculation. (Fixing some (ignorable) errors)
    - Fixed error in map exporting for non-C3C saves.
    - Corrected error in saving Vanilla Civ3 saves.
    - Errors in IO will now be directed to the IO issuer resulting in more useful error messages.
    - Civ2 Map Converter again works with starting locations
    - Fixed bug in Civ2 Map conversion of maps with rivers close to the south pole.

    - Updated Unit order part of the Rules organizer to allow movement directly to a spot.
    - Updated unit list in the rules organizer to show unit icons.
    - Fixed an ignorable "Invalid property value" error on saveload.
    - Fixed a non-error error report to not appear on saveload.
    - Fixed unit addition in C3C to not result in three ! appended to the XP, and unit listed in red on right-click.
    - Fixed bug with some references not updating correctly when using the rules organizer.
    - C3MT now honors a second registrykey for finding the PTW install directory, if the first fails to be identified.
    - Eliminated last use of old internal BIC-section tracking
    - Corrected serialization order of flavors in save-embeded rules.
    - Changed several error-report-functions related to save loading to use a better error report system.
    - Added several userdefined errors for improved error reporting on load errors.
    - C3MT now trule honors the grouping of scenarios into rules and map required by Civ3. (Earlier it was sometimes possible to get scenarios missing a required section due to it being empty)
    - Fixed two non-error errors on apply filter
    - Fixed non-error error on going back to diplomacy overview from a deal view.
    - Fixed non-error error on batch delete
    - Fixed non-error error on city delete
    - Fixed non-error error on citizen addition
    - Updated all error-handling in the SGE to follow the new system, which gives a lot more useful error messages.
    - The main menu can now be navigated with the keyboard. (Up/Down-arrows and enter)
    - The multitool now remembers the last used tool and have it marked in the main menu on startup
    - Main menu can be terminated with Alt+F4
    - About window can be closed with Return in addition to clicking in the window
    - Updated revision version enumeration system
    - Added option to not list dead civilizations
    - Added more log output to save loading, including savefile version and information on the rules used to read the save.
    - Added Rules Organizer to the main menu
    - Added ability to load rules from within the rules organizer, when not started via the CopyTool.
    - Rules organizer follows new error handling and reporting scheme
    - Fixed bug with dead player filter making SGE unuseable.
    - Fixed saving bug of vanilla saves.
    - Fixed overflow when converting wide Civ2 maps.
    - Added safe path detectection. If vanilla Civ3 can't be found but C3C or PTW can be their paths will be used to derive a vanilla path.
    - Fixed PTW save loading.
    - Fixed corruptions when saving vanilla saves.
    - Fixed incorrect length calculation while loading floats from memory. (Caused Air Defence of units not to be copied by the CopyTool)
    - Fixed a problem where the unit organizer scrolling would be to short after copying units.
    - Fix error in rules organizer when trying to move a unit down at the end of the list.
    - Fix errors with moving a unit with the "To Gap" function in the unit organizer.
    - Rules Organizer can now be used to organize technologies.
    - The CopyTool no longer resets selections after a copy
    - Improved error handling when Civ3 is not installed.
    - Fixed an issue where selected tab in the save game editor could not be changed after having a validation error reported for some value.
    - Fixed a type mismatch error when selecting a civilization in the save game editor.
    - The version check system has been rebuilt to not depend on (Sorry I din't do this before the old version check system stopped working.)
    - Fixed a crash when exporting scenario with cities that had zero culture
    - Added the possibility to view and edit governor settings for all cities. (I've not tested if the AI resets the preferences every turn, or if it actually is possible to change how the AI works in its cities.)
    - Fixed a crash when recalculation the FOW and units were seeing over the edge of the map.
    - Made it default to list dead players in the save game editor to reduce the risk of automatic reassignments of units to other nationalities.
    - Changed so that units of a nationality not in a list don't get the nationality of the previously selecteted unit
    - Fixed a few problems with filter functionality
    - Fixed some problems with loading vanilla Civ3 files without embedded rules from before 1.21f, after installing 1.21f or later
    - Improved handing of errors during version check
    - The is now a sort functionalit in the Rules organizer which can be used to sort Units, Resources, Buildings and Technologies on properties.
    - Fixed saving of Conquests saves. (1.12.7 and 1.12.6 caused an DATA IO error WRLD during save)

    Download a full version (1.12.6) 2.3 MB

    Download the latest small version: c3mt-1.12.8.rar (requires that you have at least 1.00 working)

    Language packs
    There are currenlty no extra language packs for version 1.12

    If you feel that you want to make your own translation send an email to gramphos[at]apolyton[dot]net and tell me what language you want to translate the tool to.

    For the copytool to be able to copy buildings correctly you will also need a fixed "buildings-small.pcx". The original had an offset error. It can be downloaded here (Vanilla Civ3 only)

    For all that have problem with unexpected errors or missing OCX:
    These are the OCX-file used right now. Extract the cab and right click on the inf and select install. (Or use the FULL install)

    I've now hit the attachment size limit. Attached is currently the readme file, more as a place holder than anything to download.
    Later versions I'll make in two versions, as long as I don't make changesto the dll. One with and one without the dll. (Then I'll be able to keep the smaller here)

    c3mt-1.12.8.rar (Small File)

    version 1.04 was downloaded > 1400 times
    version 1.08 was downloaded 323 times
    Attached Files
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    Not a single comment yet?
    Creator of the Civ3MultiTool


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      hi ,

      , nice job Gramphos

      what would apolyton do without such a datamanager , ....

      and thanks again for that tool , thousand of hours of playing can be credited to it

      , as for the BIC format on C3C , well maybe a chat has to be held again ( remember that one ) , .......

      have a nice day
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      • #4
        I intend to takk part in the release party, and hopefully be able to pick up some info on the new file formats, and maybe even some files to play with.

        (And as a file mannager I really need to make a newfiles update... I'll look into that this weekend )
        Creator of the Civ3MultiTool


        • #5
          Hey there
          I have been able to use the editor on most of my saves, but on a couple, when I save the file, it crashes, and sends an error report to Windows (I am running XP). I can send you the log file if you like that the utility created. Thanks.



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            The snumber.log file would be mush wanted.
            Creator of the Civ3MultiTool


            • #7
              It has been sent - if you need more information let me know.



              • #8
                Can you send the save also?
                Creator of the Civ3MultiTool


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                  Hello Gramphos, thanks for the editor.

                  I have not been able to use it lately because every time I save file, it crashes. I was ok the other day, and now all the sudden, nada.
                  I don't know if this will help, but here is the crash report:

                  C3MT caused an invalid page fault in
                  module C3MT.EXE at 017f:00484f1f.
                  EAX=00000002 CS=017f EIP=00484f1f EFLGS=00010246
                  EBX=00000000 SS=0187 ESP=007df44c EBP=007df520
                  ECX=8198bdb4 DS=0187 ESI=024cffa4 FS=11cf
                  EDX=8198bdbc ES=0187 EDI=0064a320 GS=0000
                  Bytes at CS:EIP:
                  09 46 24 8b 4f 14 51 e8 d5 f1 ff ff 8b 4e 20 8d
                  Stack dump:
                  005752fc 0000009a 00000001 00000090 000000b0 000000b0 00000000 00000000 41300000 41300000 00000003 c1709970 007df4a0 bff7a10e bff7b326 005b0000




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                    Any session (sNUMBER.log) logfile would be good.
                    Creator of the Civ3MultiTool


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                      I mailed the save game to you. Thanks for your time - I appreciate it.


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                        batch edit

                        Hi everybody.

                        My first post here so please, be nice with me.

                        I'm playing PTW version 1.27f with the double you pleasure mod.

                        Since i have updated to 1.04, i noticed that if i use Batch edit in save game editor, the modified savegame file loads well but with some minor and unwanted changes :
                        i'm earning more then 6 million credit / turn
                        Also, when i go to the domestic advisor and try to sort my cities by revenue, the game crashes.
                        It also happends whether i try to "browse" through all my cities using the arrows in the city management screen.

                        If i perform the changes without using batch edit an it takes ages) everything goes fine afterwards.

                        All this does not happen when i switch back to version 1.03 and redo the same changes using batch edit.

                        Tell me whether you need me to send you any file.


                        • #13
                          I'll look into it. I's most likely due to the extra PTW info loaded and saved back not being compatible with the batchedit code (I've not changed that code for ages so it can't be something I've done with it (but I should probably have sone something))
                          Creator of the Civ3MultiTool


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                            huh... polish translation file for 1.04:
                            Attached Files
                            Don't pack with zips, use Compressia or WinUHA!!!

                            "F***'em and their law!"


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                              @ gramphos...
                              I just love ur utility and got my hands on a copy of Conquests.... I must say it looks very good
                              But does the 1.04 version support Conquest savegames ?

                              Cheers and keep up the great work !

                              Thanks !