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Early Landing Games Strategy Guide

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    Originally posted by SCG

    perhaps we could call it a Sololiquy on Early landings?

    Sharp......I like it. If Solo agrees that is what the entry for the Great Library should be called.


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      Very good. Very, VERY good.

      Originally posted by solo
      2.4 Governments used in ELG

      2.4.1 Anarchy

      Anarchy is actually lack of government, and for a long time players had to endure unpredictable durations of it when changing government types. Then Oedo discovered that the length of Anarchy was governed by a simple 4 year cycle. Ever since, the year of 3250 BC, and every fourth year that followed during any game became known as “Oedo years”, and players were able to minimize Anarchy by starting revolutions on the turns preceding these years.
      I think you meant 3850BC?


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        I think I did, too! I've included your correction. Thanks for spotting that error. There are sure to be others.


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          This will take a while to digest, not to mention master...

          Great work! Thanks!



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            Outstanding! Amazing amounts of information, clearly organized and explained.

            Now I just have to figure out which 10% of it I want to try to truly understand and attempt to incorporate into my games since I can't imagine being able to handle all of it!
            Death awaits you all...with nasty, big, pointy teeth


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              What a marvelous treatise you have crafted!! Very well done. All of us will benifit from this.

              I wish I had noticed this new thread sooner and hope that you do not feel slighted by this untimely acknowledgment. Unfortunately, I have been incapacitated most of the last ten days and only just now finished reading your "guide." I use quotes there because it is so much more than a guide. You have given us a powerful, clear, and comprehensive study of the main elements of this very special game.

              I hope many other folk will catch the Early Landing bug from reading your "guide."

              so long and thanks for all the fish


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                Bump back to first page.

                It might be nice to top this thread whilst the EL games are still continuing.


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                  "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                  "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                    Well at least wait till it drops a bit before bumping it again.


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                      I have PMed Ming requesting that this thread be 'topped'.
                      Rather belatedly a big thank you to solo for all his work.

                      "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                      "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                        I also have been reading this wonderful piece of work.

                        Very thoughtful, clearly written, and a must read for Civ 2 enthusiats who want to perfect their game.

                        Thanks for the terrific effort


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                          I´m impressed. this strategy guide contains a lot of stuff I didn´t even know yet. I think the next rainy day I will give civ2 another chance.

                          great work solo.
                          justice is might


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                            Thanks to many for the kind comments.

                            I haven't seen you around for quite awhile, Oedo!

                            Most of the "great work" was actually that by Samson and yourself, so take another bow!

                            At the moment, I have become throughly distracted by Brian Reynolds' new game Rise of Nations. Although I prefer turn based games, this RTS presents more depth than usual and offers some more puzzles to solve.


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                              Solo: Really enjoyed this guide!
                              I have been trying some of your great suggestions for early landing games. I was trying to defend my cities from the barbs with diplomats but once they jumped off the ship right by my second city a leader with a unit or two on the same hex (no bribe). They emptied the city and could have walked right in, but instead a message came from the barb leader that they would go away for x amount of gold which I was glad to pay. I think the leader even had a name! Can this option be counted on or was it just a fluke?


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                                Be aware that when gold reserves are low they'll just sack the city.

                                Watch for the lone barb you can bribe and use for defence/attack the other barb...........and early on before you get into republic you can use a warrior on good terrain as bait for the barbs, which can expose the leader.