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  • Mars Now!/TOT Mars

    Does TOT contain a mars scenario? And is it the one with improvements such as Algae Farm and Capital? If so can someone mail or PM the rules.txt and describe.txt for my conversion to Civ 3


    PS: Does TOT contain any animated Mars sprites?

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    I don't know any Mars scenario for ToT, but I know that there's one in the "Conflicts of Civlizations" or "Fantastic Worlds" scenario CDs (don't remember wich, but I'll check if you want me to).

    But the Mars scenario was one of my favorite of all! I really loved it! Lots to explore, lots of new unit concepts with new strengths/weaknesses, and, if you played with the French, you would kick ass with your productivity on the permafrost!
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      Kestrel has produced a first rate 4-map ToT Mars scenario, here:
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        Re: Mars Now!/TOT Mars

        Originally posted by heardie
        ... And is it the one with improvements such as Algae Farm and Capital? ...
        The Sci-Fi game includes those improvements, but it's no Mars scenario. ToT only contained the Midgard (= fantasy) scenario.
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          ahhh, so confused. I downloaded a mars scenario which had some buildings but in description.txt it had some other old sci-fi buildings such as algae-farm, etc.

          Anyway, where evr it is from can someone send it to me?


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            I remember a mars scenario by Kestrel. But I don't have it.
            I think Kestrel has his own site.

            Otherwise, look at the Cradle of civilization, Apolyton or Civfanatics.
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              The complete set of files (including sprites recycled from the "ExtendedOriginal" and the "Sci-Fi" games) is on the Cradle of Civ site, but the actual Scenario file itself appeared to be missing last time I looked, as was the file with the Units info.

              Here is the actual Scenario file (and I have included the rules.txt for your edification - but this is available from CoC anyway).


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                Here is the information file on the units in the Mars scenario.

                Note that you still need to download all the relevant files (terrain, images, sprites etc. etc.) from the "Cradle of Civ" at :


                to make it work properly.

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                  Thanks alot.


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                    Does anyone know of way to find Kestrel's Mars scenario now days?

                    I really love the classic 'Mars Now!' scenario that came with Civilization 2 Fantastic Worlds and started wondering if there was an expanded/updated version for Civ2 Test of Time. Sure enough it wasn't log before I found Kestrel's one on his old long gone site here:

                    Sadly he didn't host the file himself and the Cradle of Civ Apolyton site is gone. The web archive backup sadly did not backup the download files:

                    I've searched through the web archive backup of the standard Apolyton Civ2 scenarios section. I've searched through the Civ Fanatics Civ2 scenarios section and I've done a forum search here for anything containing Mars or Kestrel and have come up with nothing other than this thread and a few "oh I loved that scenario" conversations. Kestrel hasn't logged into here since 2003 so he's long gone too.

                    I fear this great old Scenario may be lost forever. Does anyone here have a copy or know where I found still find a copy (keep in mind dead sites can be loaded into web archive so even long lost sites are worthwhile recommendations).


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                      Good news! A copy has been found and posted here!!

                      Although I'm hitting a couple of bugs so now I'm wondering if Kestrel has a superior more intact copy (have PM'd him). Eg there's no CITY.TXT names file resulting in the AI making blank cities. And the field scientists are supposed to treat all squares like roads but they appear to be treating them like railroads and have unlimited moves lol!!!