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  • Domination of Barbarians [Diplo Game] [Organization Thread]

    This is the Organization Thread for the Diplo Game "Domination of Barbarians" (DoB)

    - Thanks to Robert Plomp for letting me use his "Do" Series theme, as well as all his additional help.

    For the story thread click
    The Game is up. The IP is:

    EVERYONE must PM me the password for your Anonymous ID, and the password you will use for your Civ. Once I get the PM from you, I will PM the password for the game to your Anonymous ID. EDIT: I no longer need your Anonymous password unless you need to leave the game.

    Turn Trackers:
    Civstats (Cs) Link:
    Play Your Turn (PYT) Link:
    Civstats password: DoB

    CFC Backup Thread
    Here is a thread on Civfanatics forums to check on game status if Apolyton is ever having technical difficulties:

    Remember if Apolyton is down you will not be able to access this page so bookmark this link for future reference.

    Shorthand List for ALL Players!
    (Especially New Diplogame Players)
    READ READ READ this if you dont read anything else!!!

    There are a few very important things to know about the game, even if you dont feel like reading all the rules etc, right away. Note that these are not... I repeat ARE NOT the official rules of the game. This is just a quick shorthand to give you a little familiarity of what to expect.

    1. This is a Diplogame - You win the game with Diploscore. All the players vote every month on who gets the most Diploscore points. Points are based on how entertaining your Story posts are, how well you roleplay, and overall, how good of a Diplogame player you are. Conquering everyone is probably not the best way to increase your Diploscore.

    2. There is No Wartime Turnorder, and therefore no pauses for turnorder, or reloads for doublemoves. Plan and play accordingly.

    3. This is a Diplogame - You cant elimminate other players, and the rules are designed to make it hard to conquer people, so read the official rules before going to war

    4. You can't take people's Capitals in the beginning

    5. This is a Diplogame - Lies and Propaganda are part of the game. Get used to people telling lies and bending the truth about you... and don't take it personal.

    6. THE BARBARIANS ARE STRONG AND WILL DESTROY YOU. Do not neglect your Military. You need at least 3 or 4 Archers per city to fend off the Barbarians. This is not a joke or exageration. You will die. The Barbs are coming for you. This is "Domination of Barbarians." Be ready. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    7. The Map of the Game is available for Download so you can view it. (Post #4 of this Thread)Download it, View it. Plan ahead.

    8. You can capture cities on the first turn of War, but then you have to wait for the other guy to login to capture more. If he never logs in you can't take anymore cities.

    General Info

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss all organizational aspects of this game. For in-character story or diplomacy posts please use the Story Threads.

    This is our "UN" thread or "OOC" thread. Here there is no need for roleplaying and no points are awarded for posts here. We discuss all administrative matters related to the game, as well as personal matters. "The game crashed" "Its my birthday tommorow," "I think the Ottomans broke rule 2.6" "I wish pauses were allowed," "This game has dumb rules," "France made a great story post", "Im maxing out my points for that player" etc.

    Domination of Barbarians is a diplomacy game played in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (v3.19) (including a special Mod complilation by Sommerswerd, which includes the "Next War" mod, the "No Score" mod and the "Double ship Movement in Ocean" Mod - by OzzyKP, among other things.

    The players try to rule their empires like they are real. Role playing and story telling is an important way to achieve this.

    For more information visit the Diplogame FAQ by OzzyKP

    In the following posts (because I don't know how to do that cool framing thing Robet Plomp does) you find several sections containing most information regarding this game. (This is a work in progress, keep checking back)

    Winning the Game
    At the beginning of Each Month, we will vote on the Diploscore winner for the prior month. There is a cool program that we can use to do this, but I don't have it up and running yet, so in the meantime, you can just PM your votes to me from your anonymous IDs, and I will announce the results.

    Each Civ has five (5) points to award anyway he sees fit. You can't vote for yourself.

    Whoever has the most points when any other victory condition occurs or the Host ends the game wins!

    That's it! Easy huh? Wait, you know I have to make it more complicated than that right?

    Things to Consider:

    1. Making the game fun for everyone, especially you:
    This is THE MOST IMPORTANT. Does this Civ make you love this game and look forward to playing it? Are they your Knight in shining Armor, or the Villain you love to Hate? Your most trusted Brother-in Arms or the Boogeyman who haunts your dreams but you couldn't imagine the game without? If this Civ just overall is really making the game for you, then give him some points for Pete's sake

    2. Great Story-Posts: Also VERY Important. Whether its about the Military exploits, the Barbarian Wars, the Royal family intrigues, The Imperial Family Tree, the latest gossip, the Propaganda, hillarious banter, witty debates, Newspaper Articles, Telegrams, Theatrical Performances, Stirring musical scores, Soaring speeches, etc... The point is, do you look forward to it? When you see a post by this Civ do you say, "Yes! These are always great! I'm interested in what this guy wrote"?

    Note that Quantity does not always equal Quality. Don't give points JUST because someone posts alot. If you never read what they post because its too long or too boring or too irrelevant to what is going on in the game, then you might not give points. If their posts put you to sleep and make you eyes glaze over (like this one is starting to) then give your points to someone who posts less but posts exciting stuff.

    3. Role Playing: This is an important part of Diplogaming. Does the person stay in character and really sell the role he is playing? Does he stay in character, even when he is sending a PM? Does he keep the OOC stuff out of the Story Thread like he is supposed to and leave the IC stuff out of the Organization/UN Thread? Do his IG civics and Religion reflect the IC role he is portraying? Does he do things that sometimes don't make sense from a pure MP perspective, but are great for the storyline of the game? Betryal, backstabbing, lying, trickery, rescuing a Civ in danger just for the hell of it... Doing unpredictable and exciting things should receive high marks. Does he treat the "people" of his Civ like they are real persons and not just 'zeros and ones' in a computer? In short, does he really make you believe he is the one true King of France, or Czarina of Russia, or Sultan of Arabia?

    4. Diplogame Spirit: Does the player seem to capture the spirit of what Diplogaming is about, or is he just trying to win the game in a pure MP way? Pure MP style play, to just defeat, dominate and elimminate or marginalize everyone... Constantly arguing over the rules and always trying to find some loophole or weakness in the rules... Breaking rules or constantly testing the limits in order to take advantage of is not deserving of points. Reward the players who play with a Diplogame Spirit, not players who grasp for every advantage regardless of cost or the effect on the morale of the game.

    5. Reliable Presence: Finally, an often overlooked element of play is the players reliability. This is kind of like the "No Tardies" award in grammar school, but it is still very important to the functioning of a game like this. Does the player play their turns in a timely manner? Do they make themselves available to sub for others, and find subs when they are away? Do they accept the administrator's rulings and allow the game to progress smoothly (this could also be part of category #4)? Does the player answer PMs and respond to messages directed his way on the Story Thread? Does he read and respond to the UN thread? In General is he always around? Is he posting, communicating, participating, rather than just playing his turn every once in a while and logging out? Players who are playing, reliably and consistently make the game so much better for everyone else, even if they are not superstar storytellers. These players are the foundation of the game and they deserve points.
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    Dictionary of Terms (Adapted from "Destiny of Empires" - By Robert Plomp):

    - Diplomacy Game
    A Diplomacy Game is a game in which all players lead their civilization as if they're leading a real nation. It's not a game but reality. Leaders can be tyrants, democrats, noble kings, fascists, etc, and the civs are being played according to the role they take. During the game, civs can get new leaders, change directions and style. Alliances can be formed and broken.

    Some leaders care for their people, others don't. The key is that the players try to stick their civ to a certain role. A role which can change throughout the game b/c of revolutions, marriages, coups, evil sons, plagues, etc. Players are free to develop this concept to their own ideas.

    Diplomacy does not mean that war is prohibited. War is very welcome, but stick to your role. Have a valid reason why a modern democratic nation would invade another modern democratic nation. (There's always a reason! Just make it up if needed.)

    Another purpose of the game is to keep it interesting for everybody. The rules are designed so that Nations won't be annihilated or broken in such a way that the fun is gone for a player. Additionally, players should keep this goal in mind when playing, regardless of what the rules allow or don't allow. Bitter rivalries and enmity between players (all in-character of course) enhances the game, but trying to force your enemy out of the game does not. Try to strike a balanace.

    On the other hand, players must be willing to compromise when losing a war and be willing to accept terms of their enemy and take advantage of the defenses available in the rules to preserve their nation. Do not allow your civ to be obliterated out of frustration with losing a war. Remember, small nations can still be important to the game! Make things interesting, develop stories and roles.

    One of the trends which will inevitably develop in a game like this, is some nations will emerge as more powerful than others. As this happens, alliances and blocs will start to form around the powerful nations, eventually making them global Superpowers. This is normal. Be prepared to deal with this eventuality in your own way, joining a bloc, resisting the blocs, forming your own bloc, etc. Remember that resisting the blocs will tend to make them hostile towards you. Do not become frustrated if it seems that everyone is 'ganging up.' This is normal. Staying independent will be extremely challenging, but independent nations can still play an important role in the game!

    - Diplo Victory
    There is no in-game score, and the in-game statistics do not determine the winner of the game, the "Diplo Score" does. The Diplo Score is calculated in a still to be determined manner for this game. The key is that votes by the players will be used to determine the winner. The basic idea is that the there are players who, through entertaining and relevant stories, along with thoughtful, considerate, and challenging play, and finaly interesting, intelligent and engaging diplomacy with other nations, makes the game more fun for everyone else. These players are deserving of Diploscore points. The player who does this the best is the winner of the game.

    - Pitboss
    A pitboss game is being hosted by a pitboss server.
    The pitboss server is available 24/7, players can login to this server everytime they want to play their turn. The pitboss server will automaticly advance to the next turn when a certain ammount of time has passed.

    - In Character (IC)
    Posts / messages a player posts / spreads in which he's acting as the game character(s) and sticks to his role. These types of posts should not be made in the Organization thread.

    - In Game (IG)
    Actions that are taken in the actual game while logged in, moving units, declaring war, proposing trades in the diplo window, etc. This also refers to messages sent between players while logged in the game via the ingame chat functions and/or diplo windows

    - Out of Character (OOC)
    Posts / messages a player posts / spreads in which he's not acting as a game character but discuss organisation or technical game related issues. Player A may be enemies with Player B In-Character and acts like that In-Character, but ie. supports a suggestion of Player B Out of Character. These types of posts should not be made in the Story Thread

    - Game Administrator
    The person who organises the game. He calls for the votes, starts the game threads, etc.
    He's by default also the confict handler.

    - Game Host
    The person who hosts the Pitboss Server.

    - Story Thread
    A dedicated thread created by the Game Host for story telling and diplomacy purposes. Only IC posts can be made here.

    - Organization Thread (UN Thread)
    A dedicated thread created by the Game Host for game organization purposes. Only OOC posts can be made here.

    - Pause
    Sometimes the game must be temporarely stopped because of OOC reasons. The hosts then saves the game and ends it while the organizational (OOC) issues are being dealt with. Players should not pause the game without permission from the Host.

    - Double Move (DM)
    Civilization is a turn-based game, like chess. Players play their turn in a certain order. First Player A, then Player B, etc. Because of the nature of a multiplayer-pitboss game, set to allow simultaneous turns, all players are able to login and play whenever they want. This means that the turn order will constantly be broken during the game.

    When a player plays twice in a row without another player playing his turn in between, it's called a double move. Example: During Turn 80 Player A plays first, Player B logs in to the game 3 hours later and plays his turn. Then the game proceeds to turn 81, PLayer B logs in first and plays his turn. Now Player B has played 2 turns in a row without Player A playing in between. This is called a "Double Move"

    Double moves (Doublemoves, DMs) are not bad or evil or wrong, unless they are done in a way that is against the rules. Again, Doublemoves will happen constantly in this game, and only a very specific kind of Doublemove is against the rules in most Pitboss games.

    Note: In "Domination of Barbarians" there is no Host/Administrator enforced Wartime turn order. That means that double moves are technically allowed in War and no one will be given reloads if a war opponent uses a doublemove against them. Players are encouraged to make turnorder treaties or agreements if they want to want to follow strict turn order with war opponents.

    For example: A group of Civs might agree that they will follow the Turnorder/Doublemove rules from DoE, none of them will invoke Measured War or the No-Login Defense, and they will all refuse to trade with anyone who refuses to join their agreement. This is perfectly fine, but their agreement will not be enforced by the administrator. If someone violates their agreement, they must punish the violator, or not, on their own.

    - Sub (Substitute Player)
    When John is the player of the Americans and Bill takes over from him, then Bill is a sub

    - Temporary Sub (tmp sub, temp sub)
    When someone only temporarily subs for a player this is called a tmp sub. A tmp sub may be needed when a player is leaving on vacation, is sick, etc. The idea is that the tmp-sub will only play a certain civ for a limmited ammount of time. A tmp sub will always play the game like the official player would play it. (or at least try to)

    - permanent sub (perm sub, permasub)
    When a player quits the game a perm sub is being looked for to take the game over permanently. Factually a perm sub is being called the new player when he's found and took over.

    - Reload
    When there's a reason (ie. rule being broken, technical problem, etc.) the game can be reloaded to restore it to a point before the problem occurred.
    Every turn the pitboss server will automaticly save the game.

    - Judge
    A judge is someone who makes a (ooc) decision once the involved parties in a (ooc) conflict can't agree upon a solution.

    - Fight
    Games that last as long as diplomacy games often cause 'fights' among players.
    A fight errupts when an ooc conflict arises about rules or unballanced/unfair gaming by others.
    Fights are no good for the game but are unfortunately reality in games like this.
    Usually a fight can be avoided if both parties are willing to be cooperative or want to compromise, and if players admit their mistakes. Clear rules and sometimes the involvement of judges must help to avoid/end fights.

    - Beyond the Pit (BtP)
    The first (Experimental) Pitboss Diplomacy Game that was played from may 2008 till July 2009.
    The game was won by Rome, played by Heraclitus and The Priest.
    The game was experimental to find out what rules would work best. Despite many arguments and troubles the game lasted till the end.

    - Dance of Civilizations (DoC)
    The 2nd Pitboss Diplomacy Game that was played from August 2009 till April 2010.
    The game was won by Persia, played by Robert Plomp.
    This was the first stable Pitboss diplo game with minimal ooc conflicts. It was an important game because it setted a default for rules and game policies after the many problems in BtP.
    Only 1 original players dropped from the game (and was replaced). During the last 8 days 2 more civs stopped playing which had minimal impact on the game.

    - Destiny of Empires (DoE)
    The 4th Pitboss Diplomacy Game that ended around November of 2011 (IIRC).
    No official winner was announced, but France, played by Beta was leading in Diploscore when the game ended. This game had numerous ooc conflicts, and ultimately collapsed over numerous pauses and reloads that were occuring due to the conflicts, mostly related to Wartime turnorder disputes. Most of the rules in Domination of Barbarians are based on DoE, however, the rules that led to the disputes in DoE have been replaced.

    - Cold Turkey Time
    Everytime a civ loses much terrain, is being invaded, is being backstabbed, faces ig troubles, the player of that civ needs some time to accept these new facts. For some this time is short, for others 1 or 2 days.

    In a Diplogame, even more time and effort is put into developing your Civ. As you create the characters and personas you will become even more attached to your nation than usual. Consequently, when your nation is damaged in War, you may feel almost as if it is a real nation that is being damaged and you will feel that much worse. The rules in DoB have been adapted to allow helpless players to minimize drastic losses, however, it is inevitable that someone will still lose terrain in Wars, and some hard feelings will result.

    During this time the player will develop conspiracy theories that are both entertaining to others but very disturbing for the player itself. The player will believe rules have been broken, it's all unfair and unbalanced, and may accuse other players from foul play or cheating.

    The Cold Turkey Time is sometimes needed to give a player some time to get himself together and accept the new facts. This happens to everybody, we just have to learn to live with that. If such a cold turkey time becomes necessary, the Host will stop the game briefly and the involved player will read this Cold Turkey Time explanation once again to understand that he's not the first who feels this way. Hopefully that will help him to understand that there are most probably no balance issues, unfairness or ooc conspiracies. He'll then move on and play the ig conflict in an ig manner.

    - Measured war
    A Civ Diplo Game has to balance two factors in war.
    1. This is Civ - Warmongering, conquest and domination is a perfectly acceptable and honourable way to play. There is no intention that Diplogames need to be 'builder oriented' (though that is just as acceptable a strategy too).

    2. This is Diplo - No civilisation should be crippled with the result that the game stops being fun for the player involved. This means that there is a balance to be struck. War is costly for the aggressor, building up forces while other nations race ahead, so the victor should be able to make real gains from the war. But if they gain too much, the loser may be crippled. Its impossible to make a hard and fast rule out of this, because that can just be exploited (e.g. a loser refusing to make a reasonable peace because 'the rule' will then kick in and save them).

    In past games, as a guide, a 25% loss was considered an appropriate threshhold . However, this was unsuccessful in DoE. So in DoB, we will be using a more concrete set of Measured War rules that help the players stick to the concept above. Players can choose to take advantage of the Measured War rules to save their Civ, or they can choose not to use them. Rules are never perfect, but the rules are there to help the players keep the game fun and interesting, even when they are losing a War.

    In DoB, this concept of measured war is enforced in the official rules, in the section entitled "Measured War." Players intending to go to War and players who find themselves attacked should read the rules so that they are aware of their rights and obligations.

    -"No Login-Defense"
    In prior games, sometimes players who were active and willing Diplogame players were steamrolled by War, despite their earnest efforts to avoid Wars at all cost. In this game we will use a rule called the "No Login Defense" to protect innocent players who just have no stomach (or RL time) for fighting prolonged Wars. This rule will allow the Conquerors to extract some intitial gains from them (lands, Gold, etc) and to damage their lands with pillaging, but prevent the attacker from taking additional cities after the first turn. This measure is intended to preserve alive the innocent pacifist players who wish to participate, and are willing to take losses in War to a stronger opponent, but just don't want to be obliterated. This defense will not be available for the willing participants in Wars or the Civs who have the virtual blood on their hands.
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      Official Game Rules (As of March 29, 2012):

      Section 1.0 - Anonymous Play
      All players will receive an anonymous apolyton account (like "Greece (DoB)"), which they will use for diplomacy (post and PM) and story telling (posts). The players behind the civs won't be revealed during the game. When players login to the game they must use an anonymous name to keep their true identity hidden.

      1.2. It is not allowed to reveal anybody’s anonymous identity or to speak about these identities in private or public. During the game people may get more and more clues, but still keep their mouth shut about it. If you finally figure out, or think you have figured out someone’s true identity, please try to keep it to yourself. There will be no penalties for violating this rule. You are on your honor.

      1.3. Both in IC threads/posts and OOC threads/posts players will only use their Anonymous ID.
      The only exception to the rule is when there's a vote on a game-rule or game-mechanism. Then players will use their normal Apolyton ID to vote.

      1.4. The game administrator will use his normal ID for game administration purposes.

      Section 2.0 - Rule Breaking
      . When rules are broken the game will continue unless the violation can not be remedied without a reload. The administrator will decide whether to immediately reload or continue the game and try to resolve the situation without a reload. Usually play will continue while the parties work out the violation.

      2.2. The harm from many rule violations can be quantified and expressed in an amount of Gold. If this is possible the Violator may be ordered to pay Gold to the Victim, in lieu of a reload. Payments of Gold will always come in a lump sum, or through Mandatory payment of 100% GNP until the Penalty is paid. Once Civs have currency, most rule violations will be addressed through payment of Gold rather than reloads.

      2.2.1. 100% GNP means setting all builds to Wealth and setting all sliders to 0%. You may set your tiles and specialists however you like when paying 100% GNP for a penalty. You may not Run Caste system while paying 100% GNP. If in Caste System when ordered to pay 100% GNP, you must switch to a different Civic.

      2.3. Some violations carry a specific penalty in the rules that allows the game to continue. If there is such a penalty provision the penalty will be enforced and the game will continue. Penalties of Gold will always come in a lump sum, or through Mandatory payment of 100% GNP until the Penalty is paid.

      2.4. If there is no express penalty in the rules, the administrator can appoint another party or player or group of players to act as judges and decide an appropriate amount of Gold for the Violator to pay the Victim. The administrator can also unilaterally determine a suggested amount of Gold for the Violator to pay the Victims. The administrator will specify whether this amount is mandatory or suggested.

      2.5. If the Victim does not agree to the suggested amount, the game may be reloaded, or the Administrator may step in to suggest a different amount of Gold. If neither party has Currency and therefore can not run Wealth or pay Gold, the game may be reloaded.

      2.6. If, in the judgment of the administrator, neither party is being reasonable, or the disruption and damage the reload will cause outweighs the harm the reload will fix, the administrator may refuse to reload and continue the game as-is, or order the Violator to pay an appropriate amount of Gold. The administrator’s decision is final.

      2.7. Only if it is necessary in the judgment of the administrator, the game will be paused for conflict resolution. This can happen before or after a reload and also if there will not be a reload.

      2.8. Conflict resolution is always available as an alternative, so that players not involved with the conflict can continue to enjoy the game while the conflict parties try to resolve the situation.

      2.9. Reloads affect everyone. No player is ever unilaterally entitled to a reload regardless of circumstances. Reloading is always a last resort.

      Section 3.0 - Wartime Double Moves
      There is no wartime Turn-order. Generally, Civs may move, and attack whenever they wish regardless of who attacked who, or when they attacked (with the exceptions listed below). Attacker is the Civ who declares War. Defender is the one who war was declared on.

      3.2. Players are encouraged to enter into separate treaties or other agreements with other Civs to obey some form of turn order rules, but this WILL NOT be enforced by the administrator or entitle anyone to reloads. Feel free to malign a Civ with negative publicity for breaking their word, or impose some other in-game penalty that you and other Civs agree upon (diplomatic sanctions, Declare War, etc.) against Civs that refuse to follow any turn order.

      3.3. On the turn when War is declared, the attacker is free to capture cities. On the next turn, the attacker must wait for the defender to log in at least once, prior to capturing any additional cities. Once the defender has logged in at least once, the attacker may resume capturing cities, in all following turns.

      3.3.1. If the Defender never logs in by the end of the 2nd Turn of War, and Defender is entitled to use the No Login Defense, his failure to login by the end of the 2nd Turn of War counts as invoking the Defense, regardless of whether he actually says he wishes to invoke it. If the defender is not entitled to invoke the defense, then the Attacker may resume taking cities after the end of the 2nd turn of War.

      3.3.2. For example, if the Defender is already at War when Attacked, and the Defender has captured a city from someone else in their current War, then the Attacker only has to wait 1 turn for them to log in before Attacker can capture additional cities.

      3.3.2.a. This means Attacker can still take cities in the first turn of War, but the following turn (Turn 2 of War) they must wait for the Defender to login before taking cities. After turn 2 ends, attacker may resume taking cities, regardless of whether Defender logged in or not., because Defender is ineligible to invoke the No-Login defense.

      3.4. No-Login Defense - The turn after the defender announces (in game threads, by PM to opponents and in-game message to opponents) that they are using the No-Login Defense, no one may capture any cities from the defender. If the defender logs in on any turn after the turn they invoke the no-login defense, then they lose the right to the defense for the rest of the continuous War. Once you invoke the No-Login Defense, you lose the right to get cities returned via Measured War rules.

      3.5. Defenders can not invoke the no-login defense if they captured any cities during the war, including recapturing cities they previously held.

      3.5.1. Also, Defenders can not invoke the defense if they themselves are currently the attacker in any War.

      3.6. Penalties- If an attacker takes cities, after the defender legitimately announces they are using the defense, then the defender is entitled to immediate 10 turn peace, from the violator, and any wrongfully captured cities must be immediately returned, regardless of who currently owns the city. If the city was razed, the defender is entitled to either (a)choose between one of the attackers non-Capital cities to recieve as compensation, or (b) recieve 100% of attackers GNP for 10 turns. The defender is entitled to know what the GNP is before choosing. 100% GNP means Gold Per Turn with all sliders set to zero, and all builds set to Wealth. (It is OK to reduce GNP with tiles worked, specialists etc.)

      3.7. Defenders may log-in to collect the penalty without losing their right to the defense. Defenders may not fraudulently induce city capture and then invoke this rule. If you are protecting your cities using the “No Login Defense, your attacker is not allowed to induce you to log in with a fraudulent offer of peace.

      3.8. Rule Section 3 does not apply to situations where allies or friends are cooperatively declaring War and capturing each other's cities for convenience purposes (like to destroy a city in a poor location).

      4.0. City/Unit Trading & Gifting
      . City and Unit trading & gifting is encouraged, and fully allowed at all times. Players are encouraged to give cities and units colorful names integrating them into their storylines and even indicating their origins. Players are cautioned that many innovative tactics involve crafty city and/or unit exchanges. Think outside the box and expect the unexpected as some tactics may never be used by the AI and thus take you by surprise.

      5.0. Subbing / Substitutions
      You may ask anyone to substitute (sub) for you if you are going to be unable to play for whatever reason.

      5.2. Your sub should preferably be someone who is not playing the game, but if you can not find a sub outside of the players in the game, then look for a sub in the game that you trust, according to these rules.

      5.3. Subbing should be done quietly. Do not post on the threads that you are looking for a sub, or that you have found a sub. Conduct you business privately over email or PM etc, so that other players are unaware that a Civ is being subbed.

      5.4. If the sub wants to introduce themselves as a new person/leader/ruler, that is OK, but it should be done in-character (IC), so that it is unclear whether this a new person or just a new persona. Try to maintain anonymity as much as possible. Do not say or do anything to give away the fact that your civ has a new player, regardless of whether they are a temporary or permanent sub.

      5.5. Always look for a sub from outside of the players in the game first, but then go with a sub in the game as an alternative to resigning. Never resign unless there are no willing subs already playing. Always check with the host for available subs if you can’t find one.

      6.0. Measured War
      No player-controlled Civ can be eliminated. No exceptions.

      6.1.1. "Continuous War" or a "Period of War" or "War" for a particular Civ is defined as beginning on the first turn that Civ is at War with anyone, and ending when that Civ is at Peace with everyone.

      6.2. The only way a Civ can be eliminated is by resigning to AI. No matter what a person says or posts in the threads, about not having fun, losing interest etc., their civ can’t be eliminated unless they resign in-game.

      6.3. No player-controlled Civ’s capital can be taken unless they have at least 6 cities total.

      6.4. Once a Civ has 10 cities total, they are considered a Major Nation, and can ask for Major Measured-War (MMW). Any Civ can ask for Standard Measured War (SMW), regardless of size. Only Defenders can ask for Defender’s Measured War (DMW) regardless of size.

      6.5. Major Measured War (for Defender Major Nations only)- Any turn after a Major Nation is attacked, they can ask for the attacker’s terms for immediate peace. This should be done in-character. The attacker can’t attack any of the defender’s cities, including units inside Defender’s cities, until he responds in-character. Respond means attacker has to ask for something that the defender can actually give and it has to be possible to give it either before a peace treaty is accepted or during the 10 turn peace treaty. If the defender accepts and does what the attacker asked for, peace must be accepted. If the defender refuses, war may go on 5 more turns, then, 10 turns peace must be accepted.

      6.6. Standard Measured War (for all Nations) -Any Civ that loses 5 or more different cities in a continuous period of war is entitled to invoke an immediate 10 turn peace with any Civ who he is a war with. An attacker who invokes this rule must return all cities he captured in the war to the Civs he captured the cities from, unless they refuse to take them.

      6.7. Defenders Measured War (for all defender Nations) - Any turn after a Nation is attacked, they can call for Defender's Measured War- War may continue for 10 turns. After 10 turns, a 10 Turn peace treaty must be accepted, and the attacker must give 3 (if available) of defender’s captured cities back to the defender. The attacker chooses which cities to give. However, if the attacker took the Defender’s Capital in that war, he must return it.

      6.7.1. If the cities are available, but no longer in the attackers possesion, the Civ who currently has them must return them.

      6.7.2. If the attacker lacks 3 cities to return because of razing them, the attacker must give 500 gold per razed city over the course of the 10 turns peace. If he is unable to do this, he must give up to 3 of his own non-Capital cities of the defenders choosing.

      6.7.3. If the Defender has captured any cities in the War, he can not invoke Defender's Measured War, until the cities are either returned to the parties the cities were captured from, or refused by those Civs.

      6.7.4. If the Defender invokes the No-Login Defense at any time during the War, even if he later gives up his No-Login Defense, he loses the right to have cities returned by DMW, for the duration of the War. He can still call for Measured War, but he will not have cities returned.

      6.8. Only 1 Measured War rule may be applied at a time by any one Civ.

      7.0. IC actions should not be discussed OOC
      Positive one-line comments are allowed. (ie.: "Good story Korea" or "Well played war Spain!")

      8.0. Contacting the Game Administrator
      Players will always inform the host, either by PM, or e-mail about 'real life' (RL) events that may affect the game.

      8.2. Players should contact the administrator for an interpretation on any rules they do not fully understand.

      8.3. All players must give the administrator the password for their anonymous ID as well as for their Civ. If they change the password, they must immediately notify the administrator and provide the new password. This is vital in case a player is stranded on a Yak in the Himalayas, contracts amnesia, gets abducted by aliens etc, a substitute can take over without disruption.

      9.0 Reload Rules
      . Reloads may be used as needed, to remedy crashes, Diplo-window lockouts, rage-quits

      9.2. Reloads may be given for Violation of Measured War rules or City Capture rules

      9.3. Reloads will generally not be given for missed turns or to enforce player agreements

      9.4. Host reserves the right to do a reload if needed to resolve some unanticipated problem

      10.0 Pauses
      Generally, pausing the Game is not allowed. The administrator reserves the right to suspend or expel players for intentionally violating this rule.

      10.2. The administrator is the only one who can order a pause of the game. Pauses will generally be done through a server-side pause.

      11.0 General Rules
      11.1. The administrator reserves the right to expel or otherwise penalize anyone caught doing things to intentionally hack the game, intentionally crash the game, intentionally lock other players in diploscreens, or intentionally commit other unanticipated abuses. Using the free-tech-bug or other unknown/ unanticipated bugs is prohibited.

      11.2. The administrator reserves the right to adopt emergency rules/measures to preserve the life/playability of the game due to unforeseen circumstances.

      11.3. A player that misses 20 consecutive turns without either logging into the game or posting on the game threads, can be replaced, subbed, or kicked to AI without notice.

      12.0 Resigning
      There may be a point where you feel that you have done all you can, but the game has become hopeless for you and you are no longer having fun. If this happens, first we will try some "Cold Turkey Time" to see if it helps. If not, you are expected to put forth a good faith effort to find a sub. First look for a player outside the game, then ask people playing the game to take over your Civ for you.

      12.2. If after all that, you still can not find a sub, then you should SILENTLY signify that you concede defeat and resign from the game by logging in to your civ and selecting “Resign” from the menu.

      12.3. You should not make any posts in the UN thread about your resignation, including but not limited to, blaming other players, accusing others of cheating, manipulation of the game, lack of sportsmanship, declaring the game to be unbalanced or unfair in some way, etc.

      12.4. Once you decide to resign, you should send a note via PM to the game host/administrator/moderator if you like. This note can be as long as you like, listing any grievances or complaints that you have. If you like, you may also post an IC story post, commemorating your exit. Other than that, your resignation from the game should be done silently.

      13.0. Be Reasonable and have Fun - No ruleset is perfect. If we need to change a rule mid-game and it should be voted on we can do that. Be reasonable about it. We can always work things out. Be respectful and considerate of each other and we will all have a great game.
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        Rule Clarifications/Amendments (last edited September 11, 2013)
        Some players have asked for clarifications/interpretations of Rules (Rule 8.2). Rather than make any edits to the original rules, I will be putting the explanations, clarifications and/or amendments (if needed) in this post so they can always be compared to the original rules.

        Clarifications - last edited June 28, 2012

        Rule 4.1 - Cities can be freely gifted, anywhere on the Map. The original tier of a Civilization has no impact on their ability to give or receive cities. - June 10, 2012

        Rule 6.1 - The barbarians/AI can elimminate any Civ. The rules are directed at human players, not the AI. - June 10, 2012

        Rule 6.3 - Using Capital as a "Safe House" - If a Civ has less than 6 cities, The last living combat unit (Warrior, Scout, Longbow etc) in their Capital can not be killed by a unit moving into the Capital, because that would result in the Capital being captured. Also, workers, settlers, Naval, Air, Missiles units that are in a player's Capital are immune to capture/destruction by capturing units, because the Capital itself is immune to capture. Once the player has 6 cities, this immunity is lost until he once again has less than 6 cities. - June 23, 2012

        Rule 6.5 - "something that the defender can actually give" means IG. That means money, units, cities, changed civics, religion etc, things that the Defender (not somebody else) has himself, and can give in-game, and not pure roleplaying things like "publicly renounce the evil Turks" etc. So if a Defender only has 200 gold, a response demanding 2000 gold is invalid. Unless it takes the form of "X gold per turn" and the Defender actually has X Gold per turn to give. Another example is demanding that units be given to the Attacker, is invalid, because the Defender can not actually give you the units IG. You would have to agree to peace before the units could be given to you, and once peace is accepted, there is no way to force the Defender to fufill their promise. You could demand that units be given to a different Civ who the Defender is not at War with and this would be valid. Of course, you can always demand anything you want as Peace terms, but the only terms a Defender has to meet to satisfy MMW are the terms that are 'valid.' - June 10, 2012

        Rule 6.5 - "or during the 10 turn peace treaty" means as-part-of the 10 turn peace treaty, like cities surrendered in the diplo-screen as part of the Peace Treaty, and/or a certain amount of gold per turn as part of the Peace Treaty. Units can not be given via the diplo-screen, and so they can not be made part of the Peace Treaty. Thus demands for units are not valid responses to Major Measured War, unless you demand the units go to other civs who are not at war with the Defender. Similarly demands that would take longer than the 10 turn mandatory Peace to satisfy are invalid. For example a demand for 10 gpt for 50 turns is invalid. A demand that someone do something permanently or forever is invalid. You can always demand anything you want as Peace terms, but the only terms a Defender has to meet to satisfy MMW are the terms that are 'valid.' - June 10, 2012

        Rule 6.5 - If none of the Attackers peace terms are valid then he has not given a valid 'respose' to MMW and can not attack Defenders cities. The 5 turns War period does not begin until a valid 'response' has been given by the Attacker and refused by the Defender. - June 10, 2012

        Rule 6.5 - "for Defender Major Nations only" means that only Major Nations may invoke MMW and they may invoke MMW if they are only a Defender. If they are also an Attacker, they can not invoke MMW. - June 10, 2012

        Rule 6.7 - "Tag teaming" as a response to Defenders Measured War (DMW) - It is perfectly within the rules for two teams to cooperate to keep a Defender constantly in a state of War by alternating Declarations of War to coincide with one "tag team" partner being forced into mandatory peace by DMW. After one partner accepts 10 turns peace, their partner can immediately Declare War. - June 10, 2012

        Rule 6.7 - When you invoke DMW it applies to all Civs you are at War with when you invoke it, as well as any Civs you become at War with between the time you invoke DMW and the time that DMW Peace begins. When the time for DMW peace comes, all Civs you are at War with must accept Peace (except as specified in Rule 6.7(a). - June 11, 2012

        Rule 6.7 & 6.7.1 - The DMW requirement to return cities applies to each Attacker of the Civ protected by the DMW, meaning each Attacker is liable to return up to 3 cities apiece. It also applies to each Defender as to the Civ invoking DMW (where he is also an Attacker as to other Civs), meaning he is liable to return up to 3 cities to each Defender (as to him) as part of the DMW. Defenders as to the Civ calling for DMW have no obligation to return cities. So Attackers killing units while Defenders capture cities is a legitimate tactic to avoid returning cities. Attackers gifting cities away after they capture them to avoid having to return them is not legitimate and still results in the cities being liable to be returned. - June 28, 2012

        Rule 6.7 & 6.7.3 - Making War before or after invoking DMW - If a Civ who has not captured a city in the War declares War before or after invoking DMW, this makes them an Attacker to the Civ they declared war on. So if they capture a city(s) from that Civ, up to 3 of the city(s) must be returned as part of any DMW Mandatory peace, (just as an Attacker normally returns cities under DMW). Note that if you Declare War after invoking DMW your Defenders would need to invoke their own DMW to get cities back. (This is because declaring War during the War period invalidates the DMW and declaring during the peace period places it outside/after the Mandatory peace turn.) If a Civ who has not captured a city in the War invokes DMW, and then captures a city(s) from their Attacker, all the city(s) must be returned as part of the DMW Mandatory peace. If a Civ has already captured a city in the War, they can not invoke DMW to end the War, until they return the city, or offer Peace + return of the city(s). If after offering to return the city(s) and being refused, or returning the cities (and thus making peace) they are still a Defender in the War (as in there are still Attackers who the have not made peace with), they can then call for DMW. - June 28, 2012

        Amendments - (last edited - December 12, 2012)

        1. Rule 6.7(a) - If DMW Peace is not accepted on the turn it was supposed to start, a 2nd Attacker can declare War the turn after the DMW peace was supposed to start, and not be affected by the DMW. So if the DMW Peace was supposed to start on turn 100 but it doesent get accepted until turn 101 or too late in turn 100 for the 2nd attaker to Declare War before the turn ends, the 2nd Attacker can declare War in turn 101 and this is considered a New War period, since all Wars with the Defender were supposed to end on turn 100. - June 10, 2012

        2. Rule 6.8(a) Forfeit of Measured War - If a Civ invokes Measured War and then declares War during the War-period, that Measured War is forfeit, meaning they are no longer entitled to Mandatory Peace for that Measured War. Also, they lose the right to call for Measured War for the duration of the War. If a Civ invokes Measured War and then declares War during a Mandatory Peace period, their prior Measured War is still valid, meaning any pre-existing Mandatory Peace stays in place, however, they lose the right to call for Measured War for the duration of the War. - June 23, 2012

        3. Rule 6.8(b) - A player may not invoke Measured War against a civ that he is playing or subbing. A player may invoke Measured War against a Civ he is not playing or subbing that forces a Civ he is playing or subbing into Mandatory Peace. - June 23, 2012

        4. Rule 3.3.1(a) - When No-Login defense is automatically invoked through a failure to login by the end of the 2nd turn of War, the losses of rights described in rule 3.4 do not apply. A player is allowed to login to verify or discover that war has been declared on him and then ask for Measured War and/or invoke No-login defense, even though the No-login defense was already applied automatically. - December 12, 2012

        5. Rule 12.5 - This is how we will handle a player resigning. There are 3 possibilities. -

        Rule 12.5(a) - The player contacts the host in advance by PM to say they are resigning (or disappears with no explanation) and under the circumstances Cold Turkey Time (CTT) is not wanted/needed/helpful. We will get a sub for their Civ and play will continue uninterrupted. Measured War etc is unaffected.

        Rule 12.5(b) - The player resigns in-game but a sub is available. We will stop play with a short CTT to resolve the situation. If there is an available willing sub, we will reload to the closest available and convenient point before they resigned in-game, the sub takes over, and play will continue as if they never left. Measured War is unaffected.

        Rule 12.5(c) - The player resigns in-game and NO sub is available. We will stop play with a short CTT to try and resolve the situation. But, if there is no available sub, the host will announce that the Civ is being made a permanent AI, and play will continue with the Civ remaining AI. From that point on, nothing that happened previously can be used as a basis for that Civ to invoke Measured War later. If a player emerges after that to take over the Civ, they can not invoke Measured War against Civs they are already at War with, nor can they get back cities (or penalties for cities) that were taken before they took the Civ over. They can invoke Measured War against Civs that declare War AFTER they take over (which means they get peace with Civs that declared War before they took over) and they can get cities back that are taken AFTER they take over, including cities taken by Civs they were already at war with when they took over. - January 22, 2013

        Rule 12.5(d) - If a player disappears for 20 turns and no sub is available then their Civ will be made AI. Measured War becomes innapplicable to that Civ (see rule 12.5(c)). From now on, subs are presumed to be unavailable. - September 11, 2013
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          The Full Mod:

          Domination of Barbarians.rar

          You need to download the Mod to be able to play. The Game Map is included in the Mod under "Public Maps"


          1. Click on the attachment above "Domination of Barbarians"
          2. Save the file to your desktop
          3. Right click and select "Extract to Here" - A "Domination of Barbarians" folder appears
          4. This is your Mod folder, cut/paste or click-drag it to your BTS Mods folder located in:
          Computer--> Local Disk C:--> Program files(x86)-->Firaxis Games-->Sid Meier's Civilization 4--> Beyond the Sword-->Mods
          4.a. NOTE: Some computers prefer that you click "Extract to" and then browse to find your Progam Files...-->BTS Mods Folder and extract it directly to there. If you have any problems running or loading the Mod, try doing it this way.

          You will still need to Start BTS, then click "Advanced" then "Load a Mod." When the choices come up, click "Domination of Barbarians." The Game will restart with the Mod loaded.

          You can also create a shortcut that starts the game with the Mod already loaded. To make a shortcut that will allow you to load right into the Mod without the additional step follow these instructions (Thanks to Robert Plomp for these):

          1: right mouse-click on an empty place somewhere on your desktop.2. select 'new'
          3. select 'shortcut'
          4. Use the browse-button to locate your "Civ4BeyondSword.exe" file (most probably located in: c:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe)5. Make sure that the 'path' mentioned above is quoted with quotation marks! ("c:\program files......")
          6. Place a [space] after the location typed above, and after that type: mod=Domination of Barbarians
          6.a. Some computers require a [space] after the ' = ' sign so it would be: mod= Domination of Barbarians (this works on My computer)
          6.b. Some computers also require you to use the path slashes after the [space] so it would be: mod= mods\Domination of Barbarians (this worked for China (DoB))
          6.c. Some computers require you put quote marks around "Domination of Barbarians" soit would be: mod= "Domination of Barbarians" (this worked for Holy Roma (DoB))

          7. Click "Next" 8. Type any name to label your shortcut, ie. "BtS - Domination of Barbarians"
          9. click "ok"

          Now you have created a shortcut! Once this is done, the Mod should start automatically when the game loads. All you do is doubleclick the shortcut, and when the game loads, the Mod will already be loaded.

          The Civs & Leaders
          France - Louis (IND, CRE)
          Spain - Isabella (EXP, SPI)
          Portugal - (IMP, EXP)
          Netherlands - Willem (FIN, CRE)
          Rome - Augustus (IND, IMP)
          Greece - Pericles (PHI, CRE)
          Germany - Bismarck (IND, EXP)
          Ottomans - Suleiman (PHI, IMP)
          Holy Rome - (IMP, PRO)
          Russia - Catherine (CRE, IMP)
          Persia - Darius (FIN, ORG)
          Byzantines - Justinian (IMP, SPI)
          China - Qin Shi Huang (IND, PRO)
          Arabia - Saladin (SPI, PRO)
          Viking - Ragnar (FIN, AGG)
          Japan - Tokugawa (AGG, PRO)
          England - Elizabeth (FIN, PHI)
          Celts - Brennus (SPI, CHA)

          --Map Goals
          1. Colonization – One of the primary goals of this map is to encourage players to Colonize other parts of the map and compete for colonization opportunities, rather than just focusing on the land around their capitals. Note: Keep this in mind when making suggestions. “Portugal needs more space” is not helpful, because giving them more space defeats the goal of encouraging them to Colonize other areas.
          2. Dynamic Capitals and Core locations – A related goal of the Map is to encourage players to move their capitals at some point, so that they can re-emerge as the “Vietnamese” or the “Brazilians” or “Canadians” or “South Africans” etc. Civs are encouraged to trade cities with each other to consolidate control of regions.
          3. Corporate Dominance – A major goal of this game is to really pump the Volume up on the value of Corporations. In this game, the arrival of Corporations will be a Game changer. Getting the Corporations in your cities (even if you don’t control them) will potentially swing the game in your favor.
          4. Strong!! Barbarians to limit Rapid Expansion- Since some civs are boxed in, there is a check on REX in the form of Deity level, Raging Barbarians. This setting is vital for this Map to work properly. (It's called "Domination of Barbarians" afterall)


          There will be some themes with the resources on this map:
          1. Huge amounts of resources, particularly the Corporation resources– To make Corporations extremely important, indispensable, even potentially unbalancing, there will be large amounts of Stone, Seafood, Rice, Corn, Wheat, Sugar, Gold, Silver, Gems, Iron and Copper
          2. An abundance of Seafood – To make navies more important, and to facilitate larger cities, especially to make the starting locations more viable for slaving and commerce.
          3. Heavy resource concentration in particular areas – to facilitate resource Monopolies and to encourage Colonization and trade. Certain resources will be heavily concentrated in some areas, while completely absent from others. Spread out your cities or you will be missing out on a lot of the resources.
          4. Heavily resourced Europe, to help balance the limited space and make each capital viable for the maximum amount of time.
          5. Plentiful early-game strategic resources – To make sure all the Europeans can defend themselves from each other while they try to found colonies abroad.
          6. Extremely limited late-game strategic resources – To encourage competiveness over resources and Corporations. For example, there is almost no Aluminum on the Map, so to build Aluminum units, like Jet fighters, you will need the Aluminum Corporation and Coal, or you will have to acquire them from a Civ who has Aluminum. Also, to encourage arms trading and trade alliances / agreements / profiteering

          1. Next War - to extend the importance of late game teching,
          2. No Score – To discourage score-based animosity, and MP style jockeying for high score, to encouraging storytelling and roleplay
          3. Fast (double) Ship Movement in Ocean– swift exploration and swift Colonization and enhance the importance of Navies
          4. Privateers can Carry Explorers (2 cargo), upgrades to Transport
          5. ‘Pirate’ Explorer Unit- Upgrades to Rifleman
            1. Hides Nationality (like Privateer)
            2. Can attack/capture units and cities, but not pillage.
              1. This unit will be very effective as a worker stealer (like a Triangle-Trade era slaver). Of course the stolen Workers will give away the identity of the Nation who owns the Explorer, but it allows a Civ to steal workers or kill weak/wounded units without declaring War. The unit can also be useful to stall a Civ from improving certain tiles. This unit will be a great threat against unguarded workers on the coast.

          6. Submarine Holds Spies (1 cargo), Attack Sub carries Missiles, Nukes etc. (3 cargo) – This is to enhance Early Modern era Espionage as that is when most of the Espionage buildings become available.
          7. ICBM requires Uranium & Aluminum and Hammer cost increased to 750 from 500 – To distinguish them more from Tactical Nukes
          8. Gunships can cross Mountains
          9. Assault Mech cost increased to 1000 from 450, removed restriction on number you can build
          10. Dreadnought can cross Mountains, cost increased to 2000 from 500, removed restriction on the number you can build

          Game Settings

          Raging Barbarians –
          This is very important to note, especially for those who have not played this setting before. Raging Barbs can be VERY tough if you are not careful, and they will occasionally capture your cities. Civs on the interior of Europe that are surrounded have nothing to fear from Barbs, but they are also boxed in. By contrast, those on the outsides have plenty of room to expand, but will be under CONSTANT attack, from wave after relentless wave of Barbarians. In some ways, it will be harder for you to expand than for the civs that are seemingly boxed in. Please be sure to have a good garrison to defend your frontier cities or they will be razed by the barbs. You must prioritize the military techs that you would if you were expecting a rush, because you WILL be rushed by the barbs… Count on it.

          Deity AI(Aggressive AI, Random Personalities) – This will make the Barbs especially tough, which is needed as a check on the civs that start on the frontier to prevent them from expanding too rapidly. This is also so that just in case a Civ is temporarily resigned to AI, they remain a formidable opponent.

          Marathon speed
          – This will enhance the balancing effect of the Raging Barbarians, as well as facilitate Arms trading and upgrading.

          No Huts
          No Random Events
          No Tech Trading / No Brokering
          No Vassal States (to reduce colony maintenance)
          City Flipping After Conquest
          Choose Religion

          - Sommerswerd
          - Black Knight 427
          - 2metraninja
          - MNGoldenEagle
          - WarningU2
          - Dick76
          - Skirnir
          - Beta
          - Elkad
          - OzzyKP
          - damnrunner
          - Toni
          - Donovan Zoi
          - Calanthian
          - Exploit
          - nabaxo
          - Kenshin2
          - Caledorn
          - Halvgud
          - lordwonderz
          - DNK
          - Canuckistan
          - Arkipeller

          Starting locations

          Most Civs begin densely packed in Europe and the Middle East, with the Americas, Caribbean, Africa, Australia, India, Indo-China, Polynesia, and most of Asia left open for colonization. England and Celts also start with their own islands in Europe. China starts off alone in East Asia, and Japan, starts on the Japanese island.

          Since space will be so tight in mainland Europe, settling in place is recommended, but not required. There will probably be very little room to move your starting location, and moving your start might result in missing your opportunity to settle, and having to walk to a totally different area of the Map, possibly being forced to declare war to cross territory. Also, moving away from the Coast to settle your first city inland will destroy your ability to set sail to found colonies, and possibly cripple you for the rest of the game. Accordingly, Spain, Portugal and France are STRONGLY encouraged to settle in place.

          Once you have settled, you should resist any attempt by your neighbors to cross your land or your waters. Try to keep them boxed in to limit their expansion. On the flip side, you should not allow your neighbors to box you in. If necessary, be ready to declare war and cross their land without an Open Border agreement, because if you don’t found colonies you will fall hopelessly behind.

          Turn Timer
          We will probably us an expedited Turn Timer for the initial turns then eventually move to a 30-48 hour timer depending on the needs of the players. Please comment on what turn timer length you wold prefer for the first turns. Many players have expressed they need a minimum of 12 hours for turns.

          Turn 0 - 20 (12 hours), Turn 20 - 40 (12 hours), Turn 40-60 (12 hours), Turn 80+ (24-48 hours)
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            ready, the Ottoman Empire was on the line.


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                Celtia left a message after the beep to signal their readiness.


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                  The Game is up. The IP is:


                  We need to do troubleshooting for everyone's connections so please try to log in as quickly as possible.

                  EVERYONE must PM me the password for your Anonymous ID, and the password you will use for your Civ. PM me from your Anonymous Account. Do NOT disclose your true identity. If you need more posts to be able to PM then go Spam, then send the PM.

                  Once I get the PM from you, I will PM you the password to get into the game to your Anonymous ID. Players who have already sent their passwords, Thanks. I have sent you the game password via PM. Please verify that you are able to log into the game and claim your civ, play your first turn etc.

                  I encourage everyone to make a first Storypost in our Story Thread to introduce your vision to the World Community!

                  Game On
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                    Connected just fine.

                    Ottomans are set to go.


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                      PM sent and awaiting reply.


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                        Game password?

                        Er NVM.. reading comprehension failure


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                          Originally posted by Sommerswerd;6096060
                          1: right mouse-click on an empty place somewhere on your desktop.[/COLOR]2. select 'new'
                          3. select 'shortcut'
                          4. Use the browse-button to locate your "Civ4BeyondSword.exe" file (most probably located in: c:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe)5. Make sure that the 'path' mentioned above is quoted with quotation marks! ("c:\program files......")
                          6. Place a [space] after the location typed above, and after that type: mod=Domination of Barbarians
                          7. Click "Next" 8. Type any name to label your shortcut, ie. "BtS - Domination of Barbarians"
                          9. click "ok"

                          Now you have created a shortcut!
                          I've tried this and I get mods\omination of barbarian is an invalid mod directory ignoring.


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                            Ah ...after some more research over at civfanatics I found it. Went there because I keep getting database error here ... did we break apolyton ?

                            Anyways here is the fix ... note the addition of a SPACE after mod="SPACE" and adding the mods directory.

                            "C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe" mod= mods\Domination of Barbarians



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                              I'm going to try to set up my game soon, hopefully I don't have any problems. I already behind on getting the game up. Sorry every one....