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Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 9 - June 2011]

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  • Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 9 - June 2011]

    This is the Story and Diplomacy Thread for the Diplo Game "Destiny of Empires" (DoE)

    The purpose of this thread is to post in-character story posts and diplomacy for this game. Please discuss all organizational aspects of this game the Organization Thread.
    Use your Anonymous Apolyton Game Account to put posts in this thread.

    Destiny of Empires is a diplomacy game.
    The players try to rule their empires like they are real. Role playing and story telling is an important way to achieve this.
    Fore more information visit the Diplogame FAQ by OzzyKP

    For more information visit the Organization Thread.
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    John D. Rockefeller, a wealthy jew who lived in Neandor territory, sent in a bid of 140 gold to the Royal Tezlan Auctioneers.
    Under condition that the Azecs have to deliver the painting to Bethlehem.


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      Rabin raised his voice: "People of Bethlehem, we have no choice! We must surrender to their terms!"
      The general of the army remaining in Bethlehem, Ariel Shaon said: "Nonsense!" he walked to Rabin and pointed at his chest: "Do you want to give up the cities of Hebron, Ai, Nain and Sidon? Do you want to give up Jerusalem as our most holy city?"
      Benjamin Netanyahu, a local politician supported Sharon: "Do you want to turn our back to G'd JHWH? Do you want to tear the soul of Israel in pieces, rip it out of our chest and feed it to the goiim?"

      Many people applauded the words of Sharon and Netanyahu.
      Rabin scraped his troath and tried again: "Let us say that all terms are acceptable, except those terms that seperate Israel from G'd, terms D3, D4, D5 and D6?"
      "And what about Hebron and Ai and Sidon and Nain?" Sharon insisted.
      "We have to be prepared to trade land for peace!" Rabin said with a great voice.
      People yelled, screamed, but nobody dared to speak against the words of Rabin anymore.

      Then Rabin started to prepare himself to travel to Tel Aviv to offer the total capitulation of Israel to Turkey and Russia under all terms as provided by the Turks and the Russians, except for D3-6.
      Rabin knew that many people hated him. But he wrote the statement and started to travel to Tel Aviv. He had not yet arived by he insisted on bringing peace to the Jews once again.


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        Ariel Sharon called his officiers.

        "Before Rabin has signed peace we will march to the traitors to hit them before the peace has been settled.
        We will strike at Sabra and Shatila and make these terrible betrayers pay for what they have done to us.
        They will pay for their deepest betrayal"


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          Princess Catherine clapped her hands in applauds.

          "Those girls are reeeaaally good, Boris! I've never saw such movements. If it was not appropriate, I would ask those girls to teach me some movements!

          "Yes, My Lady, they are" the young officer confirmed, his face without a single sign of emotion"

          "What about our earlier talks with the Turks, My Lady - should we humbly ask them to remove the religious clauses from the agreement? Those Israeli look too religious and fanatical to just throw their beliefs?"

          "Sure, arrange meeting with the Sultan, I will ask him and I think will manage to make him dump these religious clauses. Also, Boris - arrange these same girls to dance at the meeting - I think it will greatly ease the negotiating process with the young Sultan" Catherine smiled to herself in the dark.
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            ras Imru watched the movements of the Malian army when it came to the chief of military intelligence and said: Sir Imru received reports that Israeli generals wanted to take back the city of Sidon with force. ras Imru thought and said, "If this is true Israeli military will be surprised by the strength of Mali", adding sadly, "when God wants to destroy someone takes his mind, poor Israeli people, how many have to suffer under the management of such madmen"


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              Public Notice to Israel

              In the interest of the Tel Aviv peace accords, there are three issues to address...

              First, Turkey reluctantly accepts the edits proposed by Russia to the treaty with Israel. However one point of clarification, the numbering system being used would make the removed sections E3-E6, not D3-D6 as has been stated before. This is because Russians terms had 3 sections, A through C, and Turkey had 2 sections, D and E. These terms were included to reduce the religious fanaticism that has plagued Israeli-Turk relations, however term E7 will have to be sufficient to ensure peace. Accordingly, and in the interest of achieving peace, we accept the removal of terms E3-E6.

              Second, we have recieved word from Mali, that Israeli armies have left Bethlehem, in direct violation of Turkish request, and began to March towardsthe Malinese city, Sidon. It is our understanding that these troops may be rogues. If they attack Mali, Turkey will demand that their leader be extracted to Mali to be tried as a war criminal. If Sidon, or any other city is captured by Israel prior to the signing of the treaty, We will also demand that city is returned to the prior holder or that Sidon is returned to Mali as part of the peace accords. Also we remind Israel that as part of the peace terms that are to surrender troops and weapons to Turkey. The excuse "we lost them in a foolhardy rushed attack on Mali" is not acceptable.

              Accordingly, Third, and in response to Malinese reports of Rouge Israelis marching on Sidon, we have dispatched our fastest riders to meet Yitzach Rabin, the new Israeli leader, en-route to Bethlehem, with a copy of the Tel-Aviv African Peace Accords, edited to remove sections E3-E6 as per Israel's and Russia's desires. We were certain that our couriers on horseback would meet up with Rabin before lumbering slow Cannons and Musket troops on foot. And we were correct. A relay rider has returned and informed us that he witnessed his foreman dismount and place a copy of the edited treaty in Rabin's hand, and inform him that the edits have Turkey's acceptance. He further informed Rabin that he had but to sign this copy, and the treaty would be in full force immediately, prior to any rogue attacks on Mali. Rabin would still be able to travel to Tel Aviv for a formal signing, but this would be a formality. We have yet to hear whether Rabin signed the treaty or if he chose to cooperate with the rogues by stalling. Of course any illegitimate rouge actions would have to be undone and disavowed... as they are afterall rogue, illegitimate and thus illegal.

              To the point, if rogue Israeli military tries to use this time to attack Mali, just to attempt to quickly reclaim land just before making peace, this action OS illegitimate and void. Reclamation of land is not part of this treaty, save for the provision returning Israel's capital. Trying to force additional concessions on the allies through rogue military manuvers is unacceptable, void and a clear violative attempt to undermine and manipulate the treaty. Such actions will not be tolerated.

              Mahmud, substitute Messenger on behalf of Sultan Ahmed V
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                "Princess, here are the espionage reports - the French are sending reinforcements to the Israeli once again. Since the capturing of Tel Aviv, and the last round of peace negotiations started already 8 strong regiments - rifles, grenadiers and cannons have been seen crossing the desert to join the Israeli forces. How much our generals must wait?"

                "Really? It seems King Phillipe is dedicated to finally exterminating his supposed friends the Israeli. What he does to the poor Israeli, giving them arms and false hope, is clear example of Bear's favor"

                "Is this Bear's favor means that Russia is making a favor to someone, Princess? The others call Russia The Bear, right?"

                "Oh, Boris, you are so straight-forwarded... Bear's favor means someone to make you a favor, which only looks like favor, but later on it will turn to be a complete disaster for you."

                "Excuse me, My Lady for my ignorance. When in the army we had a class at metaphors, our platoon was on a march."

                "You have qualities and virtues which far compensate for the lack of poetic skills, Boris. It is war and I need sturdy men. Just ask a clerk to send a note to the Israelis about this - they are free nation and they are free to decide their own fate, but my patience about their small dirty tricks isnt endless. Especially now, when I made the Sultan to dump the religious clauses, so they cannot complain about their religion anymore."

                "Immediately, My Lady"


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                  Notice To Israel

                  The purpose of section D of the Tel Aviv African Peace Accords is to ensure the security of Turkey by a reduction in the Israeli arms. The term originally read "All Gunpowder and siege units" instead of just "8 each of Muskets, Cannons and Maces."

                  If you are attempting to rush 'pre-arming' to obtain advanced weaponry before signing the peace treaty, this is similar to attempting to rush capture a city prior to signing the treaty. The treaty requires closed borders with France. Stalling on signing the treaty to facilitate Rushing to take soldiers from France goes totally against the spirit and intent of the treaty. Therefore, if Israel recieves or accepts a single unit from France, Turkey will insist that the clause be amended back to All Gunpowder and Siege units.

                  The current situation mirrors the prior disastrous negotiaton over Ekron. Turkey makes a request for security purposes, and Israel responds by obtaining advanced weaponry, which of course, creates even higher security risks, making Turkey's original request obsolete. Then Israel complains that Turkey withdraws her original offers in the face of the larger security threat, created by Israel.

                  To be clear Israel, the more weapons you get from France or anywhere else, the more we will need to be secure. And to France, please do not intentionally frustrate the peace process by attempting to arm Israel at this late stage in the peace process. Have the Israeli people not suffered enough?

                  Mahmud, substitute Messenger on behalf of Sultan Ahmed V
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                    Netanyahu read all the nervous Ottoman 'notices' coming in, one after another.
                    "How paranoid can one be?" he wondered.


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                      "Princess, it seems Israel is in full anarchy - no one is able to take responsibility for the destiny of their nation"

                      "Hows that?" the Princess said confused.

                      "Their leader accepted the peace, but then their armies seems went rebellious and marched towards Tel Aviv supported by the French."

                      "Ah, those French again. And those Israeli again. So they are now rebels and partisans, obeying no one and hearing no reason?"

                      "It is what they pretend, My Lady. I am quite sure this is very good organized. They used their stalling tactic once again"

                      "So if there is no one who can negotiate and agree to peace, the chances for peace are gone."

                      "With all my generosity, I am forced to deal with a bunch of partisans and deserters?

                      "Thats the actual situation My Lady"

                      "Then fight a partisan war with them. Kill every Israeli soldier you see. Occupy their cities, destroy their infrastructure, so they cant run and hide anymore. Push them in the sands. Come to me again when Israel is pacified, General. How is Georgii, by the way?"

                      "Excuse me, My Lady, but last time I heard of him he was vomiting amply"

                      "Poor him...what he is forced to go through..." Catherine fell in thoughts. "Go now, you know what to do."

                      "Certainly, My Lady"


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                        "For Matushka Rus!" yelled the cossacks attacking the Israeli deserters.

                        The Israeli did not expected such fierce attack at dawn. The cossacks hit them with full force and shattered their lines, their shiny new Neandoris steel cannons destroyed almost all. Their soldiers meeting their sad fate in the face of the fearsome cossacks - the best cavalry in the world.

                        The cossacks made a full circle and lined up on the other bank of Nile, where the riflemen and siege came too.

                        "Shall we finish off the remaining of the Israeli army, now when it degraded to mere deserters?" the young lieutenant asked eagerly.

                        "No, we are not some Jewish fanatics. We will give them chance to surrender till dusk." General Krasnov said with businesslike expression.

                        "They will have the opportunity to seize Tel Aviv now when we extracted most of our army outside of the city to avoid street fighting with the fanatics, did you though about this, General?"

                        "Of course. They are not mad to risk street fights and damage to their capitol if they are going to have it back at some point"

                        "And what if they march and capture Hebron?"

                        "If they do such stupid move, they will be in a trap and we will annihilate them. What other choice we will have?"

                        "Yes sir." the young lieutenant answered sharply, but yet his eyes were full of sorrow.
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                          Official communiqué of the Malian government:
                          Mali thanked the leaders of Turkey and Russia, which stood behind the threats of some Israeli generals. Mali will not forget it. Mali wants a peaceful neighbor to Israel, but obviously there reigns complete anarchy and power in the hands of warlords. Mali can not but express its regret and the behavior of the ruler of Israel - the mighty France because Frenchmen are still translated these rabbis. They have lost the confidence of his people. The continuation of the war damage only the Israeli people. Mali wants peace, but unfortunately this is not seen soon.


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                            Results of the Fact Finding Mission

                            A letter to world leadership:
                            Dear leaders,

                            The Inca fact finding mission has completed, abruptly, as it is fairly incapable at present of keeping up with the actual facts, and due to a lack of participation by one of the combatants. Another reason is that, as the Israelis appear heavily fractured politically, with various competing power factions, and no clear way to negotiate a lasting settlement, there is little point in getting heavily involved in the peace accords at present.

                            The Inca do find, however, the following:
                            • The Israelis have been excessively deprived of their territorial sovereignty and continuity.
                            • The Israelis have been excessively damaged by these wars
                            • The Israelis have in part brought this damage and deprivation upon themselves by their attitudes and actions
                            • There is no clear aggressor in this conflict, although the Israelis certainly did instigate the recent events
                            • This war/campaign should be seen as separate from that of the original World War, despite its obvious proxy element

                            Once peace is found, the Inca suggest the following guidelines for a lasting peace:
                            • The Israelis must remove all considerations of their lost holy city
                            • The Israelis must disarm (through gifting of units to the Ottomans as repayment for their instigation) and become a proper, neutral, demilitarized country, including closed borders to all Great Powers involved in this war (France, Russia, Ottomans)
                            • No country may mobilize troops through Israel. Such an act should be considered one of war by Israel's protectors
                            • The peace of the Israelis against trespasses by her French, Malian, and Zulunanian neighbors should be provided by the Russian-Ottoman alliance, as well as by the Inca army and navy, and (although we are still negotiating this) through the Aztec army.
                            • No reparations payments may be levied by the Russians or Ottomans
                            • The capital of Tel Aviv must be returned to the Israelis, along with at least 1 further city to be decided by the Russians and Ottomans
                            • France, Russia, Mali, Zulu, and the Ottomans must agree to a 100T peace with Israel, and visa-versa
                            • The stationing of Inca and Neander observers (explorers or obsolete units) to make sure Israel does not rearm and that no powers are moving arms through Israel.
                            • If needed, the Inca offer rebuilding loans to Israel of 75M incos per quintannum [75GPT] at 7.5% interest up to a total of 750M incos

                            Further cities may be returned for appropriate deals to be made with the Russo-Ottoman alliance, of course.

                            Please remember that these are the Inca's wishes at present, and nothing more. We will allow the current process to unfold as it will, as we see no way forward at present. Apologies to any friends of Inca who may feel as though this slights them in any way, but the Inca above all wish to be peacemakers and fair in judgment, such being our greatest virtues, and ourselves being virtuous people.


                            Pala Y'Cuzco

                            Sapa Chitcopi Incacona
                            Capaco, Empire of Inca
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                              Acceptable units for a "demilitarized" Israel:
                              - Those units necessary for the peace of her cities [prevention of anarchy through HR barring whipping/drafting]
                              - 4 additional garrison units per city of a purely defensive nature
                              - No navy
                              - No: artillery, cannons, or collaterally damaging weaponry of any kind
                              - No: animal-mounted troops or mechanical troops
                              - No: assault troops (macemen, riflemen, axemen, etc)
                              - Yes: musketmen, machine-gunners, grenadiers (the lattermost to be limited to a maximum of 8 total units)
                              - To be rearranged upon technological advancements that produce newer forms of units beyond those currently specified