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Diplogame FAQ and Reference Manual

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  • Diplogame FAQ and Reference Manual


    ver 2.1

    by CapTVK and OzzyKP

    1. Foreword
    1.1 Note on version 2.0
    1.2 Note on version 2.1
    2. Diplogames
    2.1 What are diplogames?
    2.2 How long does a diplogame take?
    2.3 Do I really need 7 players to play a diplogame?
    2.4 Can players be replaced or join in later?
    2.5 What's the point of playing such a game?
    2.6 I'm a Newbie, or suck at Civ, can I still play a Diplogame?
    2.7 How should I start?
    3. Diplogame History
    4. Settings
    4.1 Maps
    4.2 Special Rules
    4.3 GeoPolitics
    4.4 Colonization
    4.5 Fantasy or Historical?
    5. Stories
    5.1 Stories as propaganda
    5.2 Interwoven story lines
    5.3 Visual Media
    5.4 Statistics
    5.5 Official communications between leaders
    5.6 Using History and Literature to build a diplo story line
    5.7 More on Characters
    5.8 Foreshadow or Keep Secrets?
    5.9 Link between game world and story world
    5.10 Being the Bad Guy
    6. Game Play
    6.1 Balance of Power
    6.1.1 Weak players
    6.1.2 Strong players
    6.2 War Etiquette
    6.2.1 Wars of annihilation
    6.2.2 Justification
    6.2.3 Measured war
    6.3 Elections
    6.4 Land Treaties
    6.5 Economic Ideas
    6.5.1 Investment & Loans
    6.5.2 Tolls
    6.5.3 Tariffs
    6.6 There can be only 1 top player
    6.7 Other In-Game Goals
    6.8 AI & Subs
    7. Technical Innovation
    7.1 Canals
    7.1.1 Engineer opened canals
    7.1.2 Other options
    7.2 Game Ending
    7.2.1 Alien Invasion Ending
    7.2.2 Other Ending Options
    7.3 Civ specific units
    7.4 Natives
    7.5 Custom Wonders
    7.6 Modpack
    7.7 Ship Movement Increases
    7.8 Flags, Names, Titles
    8. Great Library
    9. Diplogames

    This faq is intended as a reference for playing diplogames or large scale multiplayer games. Subjects discussed in this thread will include: defining diplogames, rules, stories, game play, and technical innovation. Also a list of past and current diplogames will be included.

    Most of these subjects have already been discussed in previous threads. For the benefit of the reader these threads will appear as links included where appropriate. An attempt was made to draw from experiences of past diplogames to enrich and inspire the diplofaq. References to past games are made throughout.

    Note: This thread should be seen as an evolving document, in the sense that it will never be 'finished'. In time it will turn into a proper faq organized by category, chapter and subject. All people are free to help out and discuss the subject. From time to time if I see a good post or another relevant subject I will make an addition by posting this message in the thread: Category-subject-article+authors;, which means that it will be added to the FAQ.

    1.1 Note on Version 2.0
    As the DiploFAQ hadn't been updated in several years, I have taken it upon myself to do a complete overhaul. I ended up changing more than I anticipated I would. I tried to save stuff from the original DiploFAQ whenever possible, but sadly much of it was either outdated or unnecessary. For fans of the original Diplogame FAQ and Multiplayer Reference Guide, please view it here.

    Areas I have removed include the timezone chart, and multiplayer basics (such as instructions on getting the patch), which by now I feel are generally known, can be found elsewhere, or just aren't unique to Diplogaming. Note the "multiplayer reference guide" has been dropped from the title. This is for Diplogames exclusively.

    In my opinion CapTVK's chapter on geopolitics is more a college lecture than directly applicable guidelines for diplogaming, but it is interesting so I decided to keep it.

    Finally, I apologize for frequent use of History of the World examples. There are lots of great games out there besides the HOTW series, however it is freshest in my mind, and in many ways epitomizes many aspects of good diplogaming. I also apologize for the length of this FAQ. The Table of Contents is over a page long itself, with the entire thing filling up 23 pages. When it is finished it’ll be even longer. Enjoy!


    1.2 Note on Version 2.1
    Not really anything different in 2.1 vs. 2.0, I'm just adding this note to explain that this version is still written around Civ2 and all its advice and technical info will be outdated for Civ4. I'm adding it here in the Civ4-MP because much of the info on the general style of diplogaming is still applicable and since this forum is our new home on Apolyton it is more convienient.

    I am also adding it here to act as a placeholder for my future update to version 3.0, that will be specifically tailored to Civ4. I will probably start working on that after HOTW V finishes.

    2.1 What are diplogames?
    Diplogames are champagne and opera to duel game's beer and tractor pull.

    Looking through the threads you'll find countless definitions of diplogames. In summary a diplogames comes down to this: A long term Civ2MP game with 5-7 players who try to resolve problems by diplomacy. Managing your civ is not enough. You try to play a 'leader' thus roleplaying and storytelling in a diplogame is as important as gaming skills. An eloquent speaker who uses tact can get the same work done as the no.1 in the game, if he speaks up.

    The Diplomacy takes place in the form of negotiations, treaties, special alliances, pacts and in the end...WAR. To keep track of historic events players will be required to post their view on events on a public forum. Everyone is free how to write his own posts it can be funny, formal, boring...anything is allowed as long as your message gets through. Just read through the diplogame threads located at the end of this FAQ for examples.

    Originally posted by GNGSpam
    Diplogames should center around Politics. While most games turn into lessons in game mechanics, with super growth strategy formulas, and trade bug manipulation equations, the Diplogame relies on human interaction, through diplomacy, politics, even out and out propaganda.
    2.2 How long does a diplogame take?
    Played on a weekly basis with 3-5 hours per session a full diplogame can last 6-12 months.

    2.3 Do I really need 7 players to play a diplogame?
    5 players will work fine. What is important is the size of the central 'core' (3-4) players. It's the 'core' that's responsible for keeping the game going.

    2.4 Can players be replaced or join in later?
    As long as a civ is available anyone can join in. It's inevitable that players will drop off due to other obligations so it's good if there are subs available to take their place. Just ask some of the core players if you can join. If you want to play for one session that's fine but players who want to play for a couple sessions or want to become a permanent sub are preferred.

    2.5 What's the point of playing such a game?
    To the faithful, diplogaming is an art form. It takes civ gaming to the next level of intensity. For players bored of dueling or standard civ play, this may be the variation to renew your interest in the game. These aren't games you play for an hour or two because you are bored; they can require a great investment of time and effort. A player in a good diplogame may spend every day in between sessions planning strategy, writing stories, researching characters, and plotting with his fellow players, this may last for 8 months.

    Each diplogame is unique and special. Threads are saved from each game and read even years later. Non-players regularly read the stories posted from games, and good diplogames attract decent sized audiences.

    Also diplogames are a good way to learn Civ2MP and learn to negotiate. It will be a learning experience for all players involved. Winning or losing isn't important in this sort of game; it's the story of reaching the end...

    This is also a nice summary...
    A real education eh Nappy? A freind of mine called Rah once asked me on another thread what was the 'point' of playing a diplomatic game where the objective is not to win. I told him that one of advantages of diplomatic games was that they taught you how to play Civ to a much higher standard and a lot more intensively than mute two or three player duels could ever do. I hope he reads the posts above from myself, Nappy and Glohithia as all are reporting that they are learning massively from this game, and talking about things they will do 'next time'. I predict that this group will contain many of the worlds finest players by our third or fourth game, all of which would have learned their craft from the most intensive way to play Civ. Just a theory.
    2.6 I'm a Newbie, or suck at Civ, can I still play a Diplogame?
    Of course! Diplogames are a very good way for new players to learn the game. Since its not a kill or be kill atmosphere you have more time to play at your leisure and learn the workings of the game. Diplogamers aren't cut throat, and will help you through the game.

    If you aren't new to the game but aren't good at competitive play you can also find a home with Diplogaming. Since Diplogaming depends on general skills of negotiation and diplomacy, players who may be lacking in a duel setting may excel in a diplogame. Make alliances with some of the more powerful players and you will never be out of the game.

    Originally posted by The Capo
    I kinda blow at Civ, but I love to play Diplogames becuase I can almost talk my way out of anything.
    2.7 How should I start?
    Usually a post in the forums is the best way to start. Diplogames usually have a set-up thread where players are recruited, settings are discussed, and times are arranged. There is a great deal of information that needs to be agreed to before a game begins. Finding subs is encouraged, as every long running game will require them.

    Having a regular weekly playing time is necessary. Because of this it is rare to have American, European and Australian players together in the same game. Usually the founder of the game picks a time convenient to him and looks for other players available then.

    Getting the right players is important. The following key qualities help to ensure a mixed group. A player with a fast, stable Internet connection is important for a host. A core group of players who are dependable, show up to every session, and keep momentum in the game. One or two hardcore story posters keep the game rich all other players motivated. A person or two who can handle the technical requirements of a diplogame and can handle whatever modding or customizing may be required.

    Once the settings and time are decided upon and you have found a group of core players you are ready to begin. Start a story thread in the forums and schedule your first session.

    3. Diplogaming History


    4. Settings[*]Normal Production and Normal movement.[*]Difficulty: Deity or Emperor usually. Though King is seen at times.[*]Barbarians: any setting that the players agree on is possible.[*]AI on or off. Usually the more human players the better. Leaving some AI allows human players to join later.

    4.1 Maps
    Diplogames are usually played on a real world map for the historic perspective (this also makes it easier for outsiders to follow the game). Though some prefer random maps for the freshness of discovery.

    A good premade map defines the game, players can imagine themselves replaying and remaking world history with their game. Most common are games on a large World Map and on a European map. Play on a Gigamap is discouraged, as players have unlimited room to expand peacefully and usually reach the city limit (hard coded) before most of the land is inhabited.

    World Map
    Europe Map

    More Maps
    More Maps

    For games on random maps, small land mass is recommended. Players bumping elbows on the map is one of the surest paths to an interesting game. Other settings are negotiable.

    4.2 Special rules
    Ideally problems should be worked out in game, diplomatically rather than using a list of rules. But for those who choose to use them, Rah's Rules are a very good list of standards to avoid exploits and unbalancing play.

    4.3 GeoPolitics
    The use geopolitics in diplogames

    "Always make the best of your location, even when it sucks..."

    Geopolictics, or the politics of geography, is based on the recognition that certain areas of the world are valuable for the political reasons. The term geopolitics, first used in the end of the nineteenth century, described a process well under way in international relations. Statesmen influenced by geopolitcal concerns recognized the strategic value of land. Some territory was considered important because of its proximity to acquired colonies or to territory targeted for takeover. France, for example, occupied thousands of square miles of the Sahara Desert to protect its interest in Algeria. Other territory was important because of its proximity to sea routes. Egypt had significance for Great Britain not because of any economic potential but because it controlled the entrance to the Suez canal which ensured a safe and secure British access to India.

    "Try to control areas as quickly as possible. You don't have to settle, just control it and use that land as a strategic resource"

    A third geopolitical motive for annexation was the necessity of fueling bases throughout the world. Faster and more reliable than wind-powered, coal-powered ships were, nonetheless, dependent on guaranteed fueling bases in friendly ports of call. Islands in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean were acquired primarily to serve as fueling stations for the great steamers carrying manufactured goods to colonial ports and returning with foodstuffs and raw materials. Note the importance of colonies, in a diplogame naval bases (with ships and troops) also guarantee a place at the negotiating table, so try to establish a few colonies outside your own region, even when your a small player. The naval aspect of Civ2 is severely underrated, partly due to ships having such a low movement rate. When playing a diplogame on the world map you should increase naval movement of ALL ships in the rules.txt by two to emphasize the naval factor.
    In turn, the acquisition of territories justified the increase of naval budgets and the size of fleets. Britain still had the world's largest navy, but by the beginning of the twentieth century, the US and Germany had entered the competition for dominance of sea-lanes. Japan joined the contest by expanding its navy as a vehicle for its own claims to empire in the Pacific. The politics of geography was land- as well as sea-based. As navies grew to protect sea-lanes, armies expanded to police new lands. A side effect of the growing importance of geopolitics was the increased influence of military and naval superiority in foreign policy. Once again I emphasize the naval factor, later ships like the frigate and ironclads should have more ATT and HP to increase their strategic importance when playing on the world map (i.e. gunboat policy).

    In game terms, it is a good idea to carefully decide beforehand where players are placed, especially on premade maps. If you have 3 players in Europe they are gonna be very crowded, and possibly make for an Africa with just one player who ends up dominating the game. Sometimes positions need to be assigned. Depending on what map you use, some land that is more fertile may accommodate more players, take this all into consideration before starting.

    Think of what characters you can choose for each civ, and think of your possibilities for expansion. Will you have enemies on all sides? Will you be stuck in a corner? Is your land desert or grassland? This will affect your strategy in the game.

    4.4 Colonization
    For World Map diplogames, players may choose to make the Americas and/or Australia available for colonization later in the game. This requires all players to start in the "Old World" (e.g. Europe, Asia, Africa, etc)

    Benefits of this include historical realism, a great mid-game goal for players to compete over, the opportunity for players who start weak to catch up, colonial bargaining chips*, further emphasis on naval power by having spread out empires, and it forces player's starting positions onto a smaller land mass which encourages conflict and makes for interesting games.

    In History of the World 2 for example, the Chinese player was stunted for many sessions when the AI controlled it. In the middle of the game a good player took over and since there was plenty of available land in the New World, was able to build China into a powerful world player.

    *As players are loath to give up their homeland during war, defeated nations can trade colonial possessions to get back homeland territory.

    4.5 Fantasy or Historical?
    This is a good thing to decide upfront before starting a game. As diplogames are about assuming identities and role playing, which roles to allow is important. Players interested in a historical game may be bothered by their neighbor, Stan Lee of the Marvel Comics civilization.

    For the enjoyment of all, all fantasy or all historical games are encouraged. Mixing can damper the enjoyment of some. Sometimes allowances must be made for historical games, i.e. a player starting in Australia has no great world empire to base his character off of and must improvise. All games have a mix of fantasy and reality, but how outlandish it gets is the question. Historical minded players will allow (though decidedly cringe) Adolf Hitler to take command of the Israelites, but Snoopy just won't cut it.

    ****links to fantasy games*****
    *****links to historical games*****
    Captain of Team Apolyton - ISDG 2012

    When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah

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    5. Stories
    One key way that Diplogames differ from standard games is the rich storyline that is written in the forums to accompany the game. Much of the appeal of Diplogames is the interactive, living story that evolves as the game does.

    Stories can be used for propaganda, to explain or foreshadow in game decisions, to communicate with other leaders, and most importantly for the enjoyment of writing and reading a good story.

    5.1 Stories as propaganda
    Everyone in the game reads the story threads; so many players use this as a podium from which to create propaganda. Players can talk up their military capacity to intimidate their neighbors. Players in a war often use stories to tilt world opinion over to their side or cause. No one wants to be an outcast, so getting non-combatant players to side with you or remain neutral during a war is important. Also, stories can be an opportunity to spread misinformation. If you are going for a wonder and are concerned others may steal it from you, write up stories about how you are going for a different wonder to throw your competition off.

    5.2 Interwoven story lines
    Diplogame story writing is a group effort. Since players interact in the game, so should their stories. Have your King marry the daughter of another player's King. Have characters interact, and share story lines. This is a fine art that increases the enjoyment of all players and to do it correctly requires you to pay close attention to hints dropped by other players and openings for you to capitalize on.

    Be careful though, each player has their own direction they wish to head with their stories. Your stories should compliment rather than interfere with that. Assassinating another player's character without his/her consent is very poor form.

    Inserting characters into other player's storylines is greatly encouraged, but often best to make them minor characters rather than better known ones. The Chinese player may have plans for Sun Tzu, so it is best you not create that character first.

    For example in History of the World 4, after a very brief exchange in King Chat during the game about Christianity, the Serbs accused England of adopting a heretical form of Christianity and King Arthur's daughter (who married the Serbian King) converted Serbia to this heresy and persecuted believers of the "true faith." The people revolted and exiled the King to England. The English player, me, welcomed the exiled Serb King onto my King Arthur's Round Table as an advisor. I then had Serbian religious fanatics assassinate their former King which sparked the need for an Ecumenical Council to decide Christian doctrine between Serbia and England. This story line was played out over several posts by both the Serbian and English players.

    5.3 Visual Media
    Players do a marvelous job of incorporating visual media into their stories and posts. Use a Google image search to find pictures that help illustrate and advance your story. It may slow down the load time on the thread, but it greatly enriches the story. If Ghandi is put in charge of India, post a picture of him to illustrate.

    Maps help players to visualize the world they play in. Political maps are common for diplogames, showing territory owned and claimed by the world powers. By stringing together these maps in an animation, players can see the change and development of their civilizations like the replay at the end of the original Civilization. Maps are also created to show land claims and treaties. Also to illustrate battles.

    5.4 Statistics
    Players love charts, statistics and information to compare themselves to their competitors. It is common for players to post pictures of the Powergraph, Demographics screen, Top 5 Cities or Wonders list. Also the city/unit list that is viewable at the beginning of any multiplayer session is coveted information. Using this to make graphs and charts from is a great innovation for the statistically minded.

    5.5 Official communications between leaders
    The story thread is used as a forum for leaders to issue demands, negotiate treaties, and other in-character discussions. In fact this was the prime purpose of stories in early Diplogames like an Open Letter to All Nations.

    You can use stories to flatter or antagonize your fellow players. KenThur explains:
    Originally posted by KenThur
    Talk / suck up / flatter the other rulers. Both in game chat & even better, in your posts here!
    *for example: Doctor, you are one of THE smartest, sharpest, best Civ players I’ve ever had the pleasure to read here on these posts. Your magnanimous generosity & enlightened rule of your Civ is a credit to you, your dynasty, & the great citizens of ________! What a GUY! (Now, about those borders & trades we were discussing...)
    Use these forum posts for the other extreme also; if U are pissed off, feel used, or just want posture yourself in preparation/justification for a war of _________. Do it or "hint" at it in the open. Give others a chance to respond... for or against. The WORST thing any ruler can do in a diplo game is SNEAK attack. Nothing else comes close to making a bunch of instant enemies & ruining the game! ):
    5.6 Using History and Literature to build a diplo story line
    Every story, diplo or otherwise, needs a good cast of characters. Players often use historical figures and literary characters for their diplostories. A Chinese player may use Chairman Mao, a Greek player may use Socrates, a Russian player may use Catherine the Great. The possibilities are endless and greatly enrich the story. Like playing on a real world map helps others follow along with the action, so too does using real world characters.

    The real world history of your adopted nation can help drive your game play as well. If you play the Arabs you may choose to be a warlike civ and go on a Jihad once you discover Islam. A Spanish player may want to be the first to discover the New World. An English player may seek to recreate the far flung naval empire of the 19th Century British. Using history as inspiration your diplogame can take many twists that increase your interest and the interest of your neighbors. Sometimes trying to maintain historical realism becomes a more important goal than winning. For example in History of the World 4, I (as the English) want to role-play a line of English monarchs as long as I can, so refuse to switch to Republic even when it may be a better form of government game-wise.

    Sometimes the mixing of real history can lead to some interesting combinations. Julius Caesar may send Marco Polo on a journey to China, who meets Confucius when he gets there. Of course all these characters are from different time periods, but a good diploplayer can make it work.

    5.7 More on Characters
    You can use characters to offer different perspectives of your in-game decisions. Rather than just be a ruler with a singleminded focus, your characters can argue over the appropriate paths to take. This can also help to confuse your enemies, not knowing which path you will take when your posts seem to go both ways. Your leader could threaten war while the people have massive anti-war demonstrations and threaten to topple the government. Or King James may want to ally with the Zulus, but some in his cabinet hate the Zulus and may try to stop him.

    5.8 Foreshadow or Keep Secrets?
    There exists a tension between inclinations to foreshadow future decisions and keeping secrets about your game progress and decisions. Players often like to give hints in their posts on what is coming next for their civilization. This helps to move the story forward. Is a warmonger coming to power? Are the people clamoring for Democracy? Has someone stumbled upon an exploding black powder?

    Other players, worried their foreshadowing could endanger their plans in game, choose to keep stuff like that secret until it has already happened or is inevitable. How much information to reveal is a decision good players have to make.

    5.9 Link between game world and story world
    Another tactic that players use when crafting stories is basing them directly on their game play. If your civ is fundamentalist (or fascist), roleplay as a fundamentalist. If your civ just invented The Wheel, roleplay that discovery. If you just built a city, write a story to accompany the founding of that specific city. Sometimes players will even associate characters with real units in the game. For example you may assign the identity of Sir Lancelot to your Knight unit, or Hannibal to your Elephant unit. Where that unit goes in-game so goes your character in the story. When that unit dies, so does your character in the story. If that unit wins a battle and earns veteran status, then write a story about how that character became a battle-hardened vet during that war.

    Originally posted by The Capo
    I also notice that a lot of players make the mistake of thinking that their "Monarchy" is a liberal institution, you find comments like "I do not force my people into anything" being said by Monarchs, which is all well and good since we are in America, but its no fun to deal with Monarchs that act like Presidents.
    5.10 Being the Bad Guy
    Some players like to stay good and benevolent throughout the game. Others like the fun of being a bad guy once and a while. Have Saddam Hussein or Genghis Khan come to power in your civilization and roleplay yourself as a bad guy. Put your own people to death, piss off your neighbors, and generally act like a bloodthirsty tyrant. This is role-playing and it is fun to play the bad guy every once and a while. It brings some variety and unpredictability to the game. Write stories about your leader putting his advisor to death for a small criticism, or starving peasants on a whim. Good and evil are elements to play with in a diplogame.

    6. Game Play

    6.1 Balance of Power
    Maintaining a balance of power is very important in a diplogame. To make the game fun and playable for everyone it is important not to let anyone become too weak or too strong. Alliances, charity and war are good ways of evening things out.

    6.1.1 Weak players
    Very weak players often receive handouts from larger powers to help them through the game, especially if they were stunted by a bad sub or AI. Players may give tech, money or even cities to weak players to help them be competitive again. Since this game thrives on human interactions and everyone having a good time, it does no good for any player to be totally out of the game.

    6.1.2 Strong players
    To hem in strong players, alliances and even war should be used. No one wants to see one player run away with the game and dominate his neighbors. Other players may ally together to counter the power of that one player, and may even gang up on him to take away some territory in order to knock that big player down a few pegs. Allowing that one player to sit alone on his island building up an army will come back to haunt you later.

    6.2 War Etiquette
    As you may have guessed war in a diplogame is different from war in normal games. War does exist though, quite a lot in fact. The difference is it is measured, explainable and follows diplogame etiquette.

    6.2.1 Wars of annihilation
    Wars of annihilation are very rare and greatly discouraged in a diplogame. Do not even try it. Wars like this are very difficult as often the rest of the world will team up against you (as in WW2 against the Axis), but even if successful, wars of annihilation ruin the fun for everyone.

    6.2.2 Justification
    You must have some plausible justification for a war. You can't just decide one day to attack your long time friend and trading partner. Though I suppose you could, but you'd find it very difficult to make any friends in the future. Wars develop in diplogames like they do in the real world: competing claims for land, gradually stepped up hostilities, breaking of promises, etc. Sometimes accidents are used as justification for war. If the Germans accidentally move their ship in the wrong direction and attack a Slav ship, the Slavs can use that as justification for an invasion. There is nothing worse in a diplogame than a sneak attack. That’s a sure way to make enemies out of everyone else in the game.

    6.2.3 Measured war
    War must be measured. Take maybe 2-3 cities and then sue for peace. Taking capitals or major wonder cities is also very discouraged, though allowed if you intend to give them back after the war in exchange for reparations. This is where colonial territory comes in. India and China may go to war and China may capture part of mainland India and sue for peace. Rather than holding onto this important piece of the India homeland, China returns that territory and India gives up some overseas possessions. Wars should be waged for tactical gains, not to cripple an opponent.

    6.3 Elections
    History of the World 2 introduced the concept of elections in diplogames. For players secure enough to trust their fate to others, this is a fascinating way to conduct yourself during the game. Start a thread (if the moderators allow it) with a poll choosing between different leaders. Other players in the game, and other non-players can vote in the poll to elect a new leader of your nation and thus decide what you will do during the next game session. Will they elect a peaceful technologist? A warmonger? Someone interested in increasing production?

    This requires a great deal of trust by a player to give up control over his game, but the payoff in enjoyment is great. Be careful how the election is handled however. Ballot stuffing and election fraud is as possible in diplogames as in the real world. In History of the World 2 when the Mongol player (me) held an election, the Australian player (Deity) used multiple log-ins to manipulate the results and elect who he wanted.

    6.4 Land Treaties
    I will let Capo explain this aspect

    Originally posted by The Capo
    I think you should talk about the idea of plotting out borders early, in most of the Diplogames I have been in, everyone had made agreements such as:

    France: I want to own India.

    Mongolia: I want to own Indonesia.

    France: Deal

    Now neither of these civs would actually have had a stake in these areas, but they felt comfortable enough to "guarantee" them to each other in the sense that they would not interfere. Often this leads to war with each other (in this case since the territory is so close) or with outside civs, say the Persians and Japanese had previously made a similar agreement with each other, and both sides wish to hold their deals.
    6.5 Economic Ideas
    Some ideas for bringing more realism into a game is applying various economic actions from the real world and doing it in the game.

    6.5.1 Investment & Loans
    For example in EuroDip I, the Spanish were building a wonder and called on other players to "invest" in the project by giving money. After the wonder was built, the Spanish player (Moker) repaid these investments with money later. Loans like this work in the same way real world loans do. Borrow money, and pay it back with interest.

    6.5.2 Tolls
    Charging tolls is another way to generate income in a diplogame. Hold a sensitive position like a canal or land bridge, and charge players gold to pass through. You can charge less for friends and allies, or simply not allow enemies to pass.

    6.5.3 Tariffs
    As trade becomes very important in diplogames, players may choose to place tariffs on foreign trade. A foreign caravan entering your city must pay 20 or 30% of the gold received to the host civ. This can be adjusted for friends and enemies as well. Trade embargos can be attempted between hostile civs. The possibilities are endless.

    6.6 There can be only 1 top player
    In a seven player game this means there will be 6 players who aren’t the best. Get used to it. Find ways to enjoy the game even if you aren’t dominating the world. And remember, positions can change over time. The puny last place civ may one day be first and the first place civ may one day be last. No one is ever totally out of a diplogame so don’t loose hope.

    Originally posted by KenThur
    As any that followed the "Tales from the Diplo Front, Dolby Stereo" knew, i (Milo/Vikings) had one of the "puniest" civ's ever to play a Civ MP contest. This was due to: (A) starting position, (B) not knowing we were playing on "Earth", & (C) dumb initial city placements (we all have to learn, right?). But by sticking with it & realizing/admitting that I would never be the #1 power (sort of like the Swiss or Swedes will ever be"#1", I was able to have a rousing good time! All by working with, against (gr-r-r-r), & thru the parade of other players. The ultimate reward was achieved by fantastic TEAMWORK with 2 other civ's be part of the winning TEAM that provided the "surprise ending" Cap refers to above. NEVER give up & honor your commitments / promises(unless of course, circumstances change ).
    6.7 Other In-Game Goals
    Since only one player can be the biggest, it is a good idea to pursue other goals besides being the biggest and strongest. Side missions can make the game quite enjoyable. Send a ship around the entire world and be the first to circumnavigate the world. Replicate Marco Polo's journey by sending a diplomat overland to China. Build the Silk Road. Open the canals. Be the first civ to send a unit (the same unit) to both the North and South poles. Become the World Bank by lending out money to all other players. Try to create a real United Nations to solve disputes. Send a unit to explore the source of the Nile. Have a unit climb the highest mountains on every continent. These side missions may not help you win the game, but they will greatly enrich the game and make it more enjoyable.

    6.8 AI & Subs
    Everyone ends up missing a few sessions during long diplogames. In most cases the other players will continue on without you and find a Sub, hopefully, to take your place. If you are unlucky your Civ will just be left for the AI. This sucks, but is the nature of the game. You can role-play it when you get back as a revolution by "Arty Intelli" who ran the nation into the ground during his rule.

    Originally posted by KenThur
    IMPORTANT... it is a given that the AI or a sub will HAVE to take over your Civ for a number turns during a contest of this size & length. So please go into it with that understanding. But therein, lays another of the beauties of a true diplo game; your friends & allies (+ by adjusting your Civ's attitudes toward other Civ’s before leaving) will standup for & protect your long-term interests during your absence.
    Captain of Team Apolyton - ISDG 2012

    When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


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      7. Technical innovation
      Players seeking to enrich their game experience may choose to implement various technical innovations. As Civ2 is a very customizable game, the benefits are great for the creative player. Often this requires the diplogame to be a scenario file, and may require players to update their files after every session. The costs of this must be weighed versus the benefits of customizing the game.

      7.1 Canals
      For games using a World Map, there is always a question of what to do about the Panama and Suez canals. Most world maps leave the canals open to allow ship passage just because this makes things easier. For players interested in adding some historical realism it is suggested a map with closed canals be used. To further enhance the richness and reality of a diplogame having the canals open at some point is a great innovation.

      History of the World 4 wrestled with canals during its formation. Consulting experts from the Scenario League, the HOTW4 players considered several different options for a canal opening mechanism, some more complicated than others. Using engineers to open the canals was the final solution decided on by HOTW4, but many other possibilities exist.

      7.1.1 Engineer opened canals
      Some actions by settlers and engineers can be adjusted in a rules editor. To use this technique simply use a certain type of terrain (like plains and forest) to block the canals and then edit the game so mining this terrain changes the square to ocean. Also adjust the turns required to complete this action to increase the cost of the project and discourage opening of the canal before engineers. HOTW4 used 40 as a base requirement for settlers. This decreases to 20 turns with engineers.

      With the high turn requirement this method requires a great deal of effort, as it should, either a great deal of time or a large number of engineers to complete. Also it is realistic in that to open the canal, a civ must have a real presence there rather than building a wonder in China and opening a canal in Panama. Controlling the canal zones can be an impetus for diplo maneuvering and war.

      7.1.2 Other options
      - Wonder triggered canal opening. Great idea, but proved impossible.
      - Special unit created to block canal and special unit required to destroy it.
      - Canals automatically opened at certain game year or after tech invention.
      Read through theHOTW4 set up thread for discussion on alternate Canal opening ideas.

      7.2 Game Ending
      For players who feel games as epic and involving as diplogames a standard ending just won't do, this option may be for you. Complaints about the typical spaceship or world conquest ending were raised towards the end of History of the World 2. Some players viewed sending the spaceship as an aggressive act as it would suddenly end the game. Disputes over the ending led to the collapse of HOTW2 in its final days. History of the World 3 attempted to solve this problem and proposed unique options for alternative game endings.

      7.2.1 Alien Invasion Ending
      The solution finally agreed upon in HOTW3 was an ending that involved an invasion by powerful space aliens. At a pre-specified moment towards the end of the game powerful alien units appeared on the map with the intended purpose of eliminating the human race. While HOTW3 never reached the ending, a player spot was left open so when the time came a human could control the alien units and turn them against the human players. The game would end when all player's civilizations were destroyed or the aliens were driven from the planet.

      This ending incorporated several approaches to the ending. It can be played either cooperatively or competitively. All players can unite under a common banner to drive off the aliens together, allowing a cooperative victory. Or if players feel their survival depends on one strong player this could end in a competitive ending, as the players fight to produce that one strong player.

      For its versatility and creativity this option was chosen by HOTW3, though other options exist. Get creative.

      7.2.2 Other Ending Options

      7.3 Civ specific units
      Inspired by Civ3, the players of History of the World 3 decided to attempt civ specific units. Players could design and name one unit that they could use for every session of the game. Civ specific units help to bring variety to the game and enhance the roleplaying of the diplogame. Like in Civ3, units can have slightly adjusted stats.

      Players interested in attempting this innovation are urged to be cautious regarding implementation of civ specific units. There always exists the possibility of abuse, and the creation of "super units" was partly behind the collapse of HOTW3.

      7.4 Natives
      For games that use a world map and choose to leave the Americas open for colonization it may be worthwhile to consider placing native cities and units in open territory. This enhances the character of the game plus provides some speed bumps to stop the first player to reach the New World from quickly colonizing it all. The natives may be AI or Barbarian and may use special units or standard. The number and difficulty of the natives are options for players to consider.

      7.5 Custom Wonders
      For players wishing to incorporate wonders in their story and roleplaying; the customization of wonders is a very good idea. Once a player builds a wonder, that wonder is given a unique name and picture fitting that player. For example a Chinese player who builds the Colossus can change it to the more fitting Great Canal. Or an Islamic player who built J.S Bach's Cathedral can change it to the Ka’ba.

      7.6 Modpacks
      Customization of a game through special modpacks is an idea implemented in several diplogames. Different unit designs, different tilesets, new techs, and new units are all options available to the creative player.

      Here are two modpacks from HOTW2 and HOTW4 ******links needed*******

      7.7 Ship Movement Increases
      Players wishing to accentuate the naval aspect of the game and who are playing on a large map may choose to increase the movement of ships by 1 or 2. These additions are cumulative with the lighthouse, Magellan's and Nuclear Power bonuses and exist for all players and all ships with the possible exception of the Trieme.

      7.8 Flags, Names, Titles
      For a little more customization and uniqueness, players may choose to customize the look of their civilization. Simple things like changing the name of your civ from the England, to Great Britain, to United Kingdom and adjusting the titles for your ruler. To more nuanced changes like replacing the flags and sheilds for your civ with something custom designed. Changing the graphics for your cities is also an option to consider. Lots of great graphics can be found here.

      8. Great Library
      To understand the ins and outs of Civ2 outside of Diplogames please look through the Great Library. This is the most complete resource for understanding the way Civ2 works.
      Captain of Team Apolyton - ISDG 2012

      When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


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        9. Diplogames

        Tales from the diplomatic front
        May 8, 1999 - June 19, 1999
        Civilization II
        Egyptians - Glohithia
        Zulus - John Barbarossa
        America - Aburtt
        India - Nappy, bizzaro
        Russia - Cromwell, Frank Johnson
        English - Bizarro, Martin Guerre
        Germans - AI (killed very early by Russia)

        Tales from the Diplomatic Front II (in 3D-Dolby Stereo)
        May 18, 1999 - November 30, 1999
        Civilization II
        Vikings - KenThur
        Japanese - Grau Geist
        Croatians (Aztecs) - Smartfart, Nappy
        Chinese - Geronimo, Martin Guerre, Pseudo
        English - Gideon, CapTVK
        Russians - pastieman, Superstar
        Sioux - AI, Takeshi, Colon, AI, Cavebear

        European Tales from the diplomatic front
        July 3, 1999 - July 25, 1999
        Civilization II
        Germany -Cybershy
        France - Martin Guerre
        Britain - Frank Johnson
        Russia - John Barbarossa
        Spain - Glohithia
        Italy - Colon, Blue Waldo, SmartFart
        Turkey - Takeshi

        Tales from the Diplomatic Front IV
        February 13, 2000 - March 26, 2000
        Civilization II
        Celts - Curumbor Elendil
        Indians - Empress, many subs, AI
        Chinese - Frank Johnson
        Deitians (Germans) - Deity
        Aztecs - Scotty, Rasputin
        Babylonians - ?
        Carthaginians - Wezil

        Tales from the Diplomatic Front V
        March 30, 2000 - November 25, 2000
        Civilization II
        Chinese - Frank Johnson
        MLB (Carthiginians) - War4ever, Hydey, carved up by world & eliminated
        Libertarians (Indians)- Curumbor Elendil
        Owls (Egyptions) - Suas, J23SE
        Japanese - Berzerker
        Falcons (Vikings) - Finbar
        Romans - Slowwhand, carved up by world & eliminated

        Tales from the Diplomatic Front VI
        March 26, 2000 - August 12, 2000
        Civilization II
        Mad Monks - Rasputin
        Texans (Americans) - Frank Johnson
        Fountinia - Empress
        The Empire (Spanish) - Visaggio
        Deitians (Germans) - Deity
        Romans - Matthew
        Sioux - Hydey

        Tales from the Diplomatic Front VII
        May 29, 2000 - June 7, 2000
        Civilization II
        Iberians - Capo
        Americans - JDI_Falcon
        English - Common Terry, berzerker, Gjost
        Japanese - Krec, Moker, RocMaster
        Metalheads - OzzyKP
        Russians - Kasparov, Lor Ty
        Germans - The Nothing

        Tales from the Diplomatic Front IX......
        June 13, 2000 - July 5, 2000
        Civilization II
        English - common_terry
        Romans - Capo
        Sioux - Running Water
        Lunian - Ithil
        Polish - Casimir the Great, Mr Dimbleby
        Zulu - JDI_Falcon

        Tales from the Diplomatic Front X
        July 17, 2000 - August 7, 2000
        Civilization II
        Sioux - SuperSneak, Cavebear
        Lorien - Empress
        Aztecs - SmartFart, Darkstorm
        Japanese - Berzerker
        English - Frank Johnson
        Germans - Markus

        Tales from the European Front I
        October 1, 2000 - January 14, 2001
        Civilization II
        Italians - Capo, C0ckney, SunTzu
        Spanish - Moker
        Hungarians - OzzyKP
        French - JDI_Falcon
        Germans - Berzerker
        Russians - kent-jo, Mika
        England - Mr Dimbleby, Mindfields

        Tales from the Ultimate Diplomatic Front I
        October 25, 2000 - January 16, 2001
        Civilization II
        Mongols - Drake
        Indians - GNGSpam, SunTzu
        Egyptians - Easthaven, ml_4da3
        Europeans - Capo
        Brazil - AI
        Americans - Mr Dimbleby
        Canadians - AI

        Tales from the Monday Night Diplo Front
        ? - May 8, 2001
        Civilization II
        Egyptians - suas333
        Neanderthal/Chinese - SunTzu
        Carthaginians - Epik
        Mongolians - Drake

        Cavebear Diplo Game
        January 22, 2001 - March 8, 2001
        Civilization II
        Tuatha De Dannan - Slowwhand, Species
        English - CapTVK
        Japanese - Boann
        Americans - Cavebear
        Mongols - War4ever
        Celts - absurddoctor, sekong
        Borg - Epik

        Tales from the New Millennium European Diplomatic Front
        January 22, 2001 - April 21, 2001
        Civilization II
        Austrians - Curumbor Elendil
        British - Deity
        Russians - Crustacian
        French - Atomic Dogg, OzzyKP
        Italians - finbar
        Germans - Berzerker
        Turks - Markus

        History of the World II
        February 16, 2001 - November 15, 2001
        Civilization II
        Adriatic League - The Capo
        Mali - GNGSpam, sekong, GNGSpam, Belinda
        Zulus - Drake
        Israelites - Dimbleby, Sun Tzu, Rasputin, OzzyKP, Rasputin
        Chinese - AI, Prometheus
        Mongolia - War4Ever, sekong, Easthaven, Dangime, OzzyKP
        Australians - Deity
        (With Sun Tzu playing minor roles in nearly all civs)

        Tales From Gaia
        October 23, 2001 - December 20, 2001
        Civilization II
        Chiraqua - Belinda
        Arabs - Drake
        Freedonians - Chris
        English - rridd
        Celts - Boann

        Saturday Night (USA) Diplo Game
        January 12, 2002 - March 12, 2002
        Civilization II
        Americans - Berzerker
        Cantonese - Frank Johnson
        Deitcians - Deity
        Aztecs - Makeo
        Carthaginians - Cannon Fodder
        Ukranians - Hydey
        Atlanteans - OzzyKP, Winzity

        History Of The World III
        February 28, 2002 - April 10, 2002
        Civilization II
        Arabs - OzzyKP
        Germans - Chris
        Russians - Prometheus
        Chinese - Frank Johnson
        Indians - Dank, Zylka
        Amazulu - Kuja, Berzerker

        WHEMDD Diplo Game
        March 31, 2002 - April 25, 2002
        Civilization II
        Japanese - Frank Johnson
        Deitians - Deity
        Borg - Epik
        Victorians - Hydey
        Aztecs - Makeo
        Greeks - Winzity

        Thursday Night Diplo
        April 12, 2002 - June 27, 2002
        Civilization II
        Carthaginians - Deity
        Romans - DeityDude, Rasputin
        Vikings - Markus
        Japanese - Zylka, J23SE
        Spainish - Winzity
        Sioux - Berzerker
        Persias - Frank Johnson

        History of Mankind
        September 9, 2003 - November 12, 2003
        Civilization II
        Slavs – Vetlegion
        Dutch – Germanos
        Chinese – Winzity
        Ethiopians – Ljube
        Maori – Atawa

        History of the World 4.0
        October 6, 2003 - February 24, 2004
        Civilization II
        Serbs – Ljube
        Tartars – Winzity, AI, Carved up by world and eliminated
        Chinese – Frank Johnson
        Indians – Berzerker
        Egyptians – Trev, Rasputin
        Azande – Deity
        English – OzzyKP

        Ozzy's Classical Eurodip
        December 27, 2003 - April 17, 2004
        Civilization II
        Greeks – Ljube, OzzyKP
        Spanish - Zylka
        Gauls – Frank Johnson
        Babylonians - Dylan Baker
        Egyptians – Makeo
        Carthaginians – Deity
        Romans - Atawa, Ljube

        Epic of Man
        November 25, 2005 - January 6, 2006
        Civilization IV
        Rome - The Capo
        India - OzzyKP
        Azande (Mali) - Deity
        Russia - Moker
        Japan - Master-Mike
        Mongolia - Seventy7Ways

        Man's Epic Odyssey (Epic of Man 2)
        November 26, 2005 - December 16, 2005
        Civilization IV
        Rome - Moker
        India - Seventy7Ways
        Mali - Aussie Lurker
        Russia - Ljube
        Xianbei (Japan) - Deity
        Mongolia - Frank 'Dangime' Johnson

        History of the World V
        February 24, 2006 - July 29, 2006
        Civilization IV
        India(Gandhi) - OzzyKP
        America(Washington) - CyberShy
        Germany(Bismark) - LzPrst, Omnipotent Trout
        France(Louis XIV) - NPDragon, carved up by world and eliminated
        China(Qin Sh Huang) - condor223, Frank 'Dangime' Johnson
        Russia(Catherine) - KunojiLym
        Spain(Isabella) - TheCapo
        England(Elizabeth) - Deity
        Mongolia(Genghis Khan) - AI, carved up by world and eliminated
        Inca(Huayna Capac) - NicodaMax, condor223

        Winner: OzzyKP

        History of the World 6
        April 12, 2006 - May 22, 2006
        Civilization IV
        England(Elizabeth) - OmnipotentTrout
        Mali(Mansa Musa) - LzPrst
        Arabia(Saladin) - CyberShy
        Russia(Catherine) - Schtix
        Germany(Bismark) - Frank Johnson

        Winner: none (game wasn't finished)

        History of the World VII
        August 28, 2006 - March 2, 2007
        Civilization IV: Warlords
        India(Gandhi) - CyberShy
        Egypt(Ramses) - condor223
        Vikings(Ragnar Lodbrok) - LzPrst, Rykoffe
        China(Qin Shi Huang) - KunojiLym
        Choson(Wang Kong) - Deity
        Inca(Huayna Capac) - Dangime, Franski, Levi_the_Oracle, Dangime, kbarrett
        France(Napoleon) - Colonel_Treize, Conquistador45, AI
        England(Victoria) - MMC, Glohithia
        Celts(Brennus) - OmnipotentTrout, AI, dacole, AI
        Arabs(Saladin) - OzzyKP
        Carthage(Hannibal) - Subs, Rykoffe, (eliminated and handed over to Vikings)
        Rome(Julius Ceasar) - AI, Moker (carved up by world and eliminated)
        Bulgaria(Cyrus II) - Toni

        Winner: OzzyKP

        History of the World IX
        February 4, 2007 - May 6, 2007 (?)
        Civilization IV: Warlords
        Egypt(Ramses) - condor223
        Vikings(Ragnar Lodbrok) - Dangime
        Inca(Huayna Capac) - Toni
        England(Elizabeth I) - trev
        England(Elizabeth I) - vilemerchant
        Carthage(Hannibal) - The_Aussie_Lurker
        Germany(Bismark) - deity
        Spain(Isabella) - Conquistador45

        Winner: Unknown

        History of the World VIII
        February 24, 2007 - July 14th, 2007
        Civilization IV: Warlords
        India (Gandhi) - kbarrett
        Egypt (Ramses) - Nolan
        Korea (Wang Kong) - KunojiLym
        Inca (Huayna Capac) - CyberShy
        Ottomans (Mehmed II) - Deity, Conquistador45
        England (Elizabeth) - OzzyKP
        America (Roosevelt ) - dacole
        Zulu (Shaka) - Levi, Deity Dude, Pinchak, AI (carved up by world and eliminated)
        Carthage (Hannibal) - Beta
        Mali (Mansa Munsa) - Glohithia
        Germany (Bismarck) - Toni

        Winner: Toni

        History of the World XI
        August 31th, 2007 - April 4, 2008
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
        Inca (Huayna Capac) - Arvcan
        Ethiopia (Zara Yaqob) - The_Aussie_lurker
        Russia (Stalin) - Mr. Lincoln, LzPrst, Mr. Lincoln
        England (Elizabeth) - LzPrst, Dacole, AI
        Rome (Augustus) - Beta
        Byzantine (Justinian I) - Nolan
        America (Lincoln) - CyberShy
        Portugal (Joao II) - Deity
        Native America (Sitting Bull) - AI, Deity Dude, Asmodeous
        Dutch (Willem van Oranje) - Toni
        Germany (Bismarck) - Frank Johnson, AI

        Winner: none (game wasn't finished)

        History of the World XII
        January 26, 2008 - January 16, 2009
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
        Mali (Mansa Musa) - Aussie_Lurker
        Holland (Willem van Oranje) - Deity
        Inca (Huayna Capac) - Toni
        France (Napoleon) - Heraclitus, Vampgelus, Heraclitus
        America (Washington) - TheCapo, OzzyKP
        Carpathia (Charlemagne) - Pinchak, AI (carved up by world and eliminated)
        Ottoman (Suleiman) - Trev, AI, Black Knight 427
        Mongolia (Kublai Khan) - LzPrst
        Russia (Stalin) - Nolan, Beta

        Winner: none (game wasn't finished)

        Beyond the Pit I
        May 28, 2008 - July 20, 2009

        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Pitboss)
        Rome (Augustus Caesar) - Heraclitus, The Priest
        Portugal (Joao II) - Toni
        Metalheads (Ashoka) - OzzyKP
        Khmer (Suryavarman II) - deity
        Sparta (Pericles) - CyberShy/Robert Plomp
        Russia (??) - LzPrst, St Jon
        Holy Roman Empire (Charlemagne) - Beta
        Vikings (Ragnar) Rasputin, Aussie_Lurker
        Japan (Tokugawa) - BlackDragon427, mzprox
        Spain (Isabella) - classical hero, Jeroen Schweitzer
        Natives (Sitting Bull) - Wittlich
        Celts (Brennus) - bamf226
        America (Roosevelt) - WarningU2
        Maya (Pacal II) - Pinchak, Kees
        England (Victoria) - MMC
        Persia (???) - Vampgelus (carved up by world and eliminated)
        Inca (Huayna Capac) - Whip[lash (carved up by world and eliminated)
        Korea (Wang Kon) - Jon, TheCapo (carved up by world and eliminated)

        Diploscore winner: Rome (The Priest)
        Gamescore winner: Rome (The Priest)

        Dance of Civilizations
        August 19, 2009 - April 8, 2010
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Pitboss)
        Arabia (Saladin) - WarningU2*
        Byzantium (Justinian I) - The Priest*
        The Holy Empire of Britannia/Orb (Willem van Oranje) - Black Knight 426
        Egypt (Ramesses II) - Rempedaalops*
        England (Elizabeth) - Toni
        Greece (Pericles) - Hendriks de Infiedielen Dooder, deity*
        Inca (Huayna Capac) - St Jon
        India (Gandhi) - mzprox*
        Korea (Wang Kon) - Rasputin, deity
        Mali (Mansa Musa) - bamf226
        Native America (Sitting Bull) - Hercules*
        Ottoman (Mehmed II) - BranksDilly
        Persia (Darius I) - Robert Plomp
        Rome (Augustus) - Jeroen Schweitzer*
        Russia (Catherine) - OzzyKP, LzPrst*

        * = tmp subbed by OzzyKP at least once during the game

        Diploscore winner: Persia (Robert Plomp)
        Gamescore winner: India (mzprox)

        Doom of the Diplomats
        April 1, 2010 - January 22, 2011
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Pitboss)
        America (Lincoln) - trev
        Byzantium (Justinian I) - deity
        Russia (Peter) - Toni
        Babylon (Hammarubi) - The Priest
        Summeria (Gilgamesh) - St Jon
        Egypt (Hatseputs) - mzprox
        Mongolia (Genghis Khan) - bamf226
        Rome (Augustus Caesar) - Robert Plomp
        Celts (Boudica) - The_Aussie_Lurker (Marcus) (carved up by world and eliminated)
        Vikings (Ragnar) - BranksDilly (carved up by world and eliminated)
        Maya (Pacal II) - Pinchak (carved up by world and eliminated)
        China (Qin Shi Huao) - Hercules (carved up by world and eliminated)
        France (Napoleon) - lzPrst (carved up by world and eliminated)

        Game winner: Egypt (mzprox) by Cultural Victory

        Destiny of Empires
        September 16, 2010 - November 10, 2011
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Pitboss)

        Vikings (Ragnar) - Toni, Rhothaerill
        France (Louis XIV) - Exploit, mzprox, Beta
        England (Elizabeth) - OzzyKP, 2metraninja, OzzyKP
        Ottoman (Suleiman) - ThePriest, Sommerswerd
        Germany (Bismarck) - deity
        Mali (Mansa Musa) - Hercules, DNK, ______?
        Russia (Catherine) - 2metraninja
        Mongolia (Kublai Khan) - trev
        Arabia (Saladin) - Pinchak, mzprox , ______?, DNK, mzprox
        Egypt (Ramesses II) - Robert Plomp
        India (Gandhi) - St Jon, mzprox, lzprst
        China (Mao Zedong) - BranksDilly
        Japan (Tokugawa) - BlackKnight 427
        Zulu (Shaka) - The_Aussie_lurker, Sommerswerd, DNK
        Aztecs (Montezuma) - Amarriner, PMBmaker, Calanthian
        Native America (Sitting Bull) - Dubhghlas
        Inca (Huayna Capac) - DNK
        America (Franklin D. Roosevelt) - Rempedaalops

        Game did not finish, but France (Beta) was leading in Diploscore when the game ended

        Destruction of Foes
        June 24, 2011 -
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Pitboss)

        Bulgaria (Simeon I) - Anonymous
        Carthage (Hannibal) - Anonymous
        Egypt (Ramesses II) - Anonymous
        France (Napoleon) - Anonymous
        Greece (Pericles) - Anonymous
        Hungary (Imre Nagy) - Anonymous
        Ottomans (Suleiman) - Anonymous
        Persia (Darius I) - Anonymous
        Portugal (Joao II) - Anonymous
        Rome (Augustus Caesar) - Anonymous
        Russia (Stalin) - Anonymous
        Spain (Isabella) - Anonymous


        1. 2metraninja
        2. Calanthian
        3. The Priest
        4. Deztro
        5. dick76
        6. DNK
        7. Hendriks de Infiedielen Dooder
        8. LzPrst
        9. OzzyKP
        10. PMBMaker
        11. Robert Plomp
        12. mzprox

        Gods & Heroes
        September 26, 2011 -
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Pitboss)

        Thracia (Hatshepsut) - Calanthian
        Athens (Pericles) - Zoid
        Macedon (Alexander) - Seridur
        Milete (Ramsesses) - LzPrst
        Minoans (Gilgamesh) - Ozzykp
        Illyria (Zara Yaqob) - St Jon, OzzyKP
        Sparta (Boudica) - DNK
        Lydia (Hannibal) - 2metraninja
        Epirus (Wang Kon) - Beta
        Troy (Roosevelt) - batams

        Destiny of Empires II
        March 14, 2012 -
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Pitboss)

        France (Louis XIV) - LzPrst
        England (Elizabeth) - Dick76
        Byzantine Empire (Justinian) - OzzyKP
        Holy Roman Empire (Charlemagne) - Toni
        Spain (Isabela) - Kenshin2
        Russia (Peter) - Jehoshua
        India (Asoka) - 1889
        China (Qin Shi Huang) - Calanthian
        Japan (Tokugawa) - BlackKnight 427
        Khmer (Suryavarman II) - DNK
        Korea (Wang Kon) - MNGoldenEagle

        Domination of Barbarians
        March 26, 2012 - March 26, 2014
        Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Pitboss)

        France (Louis) - Exploit, Halvgud,
        Spain (Isabella)
        Portugal (Joao II) - 2metraninja
        Netherlands (Willem) - Sommerswerd
        Rome (Augustus) - Caledorn
        Greece (Pericles)
        Germany (Bismarck)
        Ottomans (Suleiman)
        Holy Rome (Charlemagne)
        Russia (Catherine) - Halvgud
        Persia (Darius) - Halvgud
        Byzantines (Justinian)
        China (Qin Shi Huang) - WarningU2
        Arabia (Saladin) - lordwonderz, Sommerswerd
        Viking (Ragnar)
        Japan (Tokugawa) - Halvgud,
        England (Elizabeth) - damnrunner
        Celts (Brennus) - Sommerswerd, Halvgud

        - Sommerswerd
        - Black Knight 427
        - 2metraninja
        - MNGoldenEagle
        - WarningU2
        - Dick76
        - Skirnir
        - Beta
        - Elkad
        - OzzyKP
        - damnrunner
        - Toni
        - Donovan Zoi
        - Calanthian
        - Exploit
        - nabaxo
        - Kenshin2
        - Caledorn
        - Halvgud
        - lordwonderz
        - DNK
        - Canuckistan
        - Arkipeller

        Game winner: Persia (Halvgud) by Cultural Victory
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          Edit by Robert Plomp:

          List of potential players
          PM Robert Plomp or OzzyKP if you want to be listed here.

          - Robert Plomp
          - dot80
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          When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


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            Thanks Solver for topping this!
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            When I was younger I thought curfews were silly, but now as the daughter of a young woman, I appreciate them. - Rah


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              This would be a good time to start talking about changes to the FAQ for Civ IV, especially considering the problems we are facing in the game right now.
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                Some topics to expand upon:

                - Covering maps styles, especially terra maps
                - Settings such as no tech trading both pro & con
                - More information on balance of power
                - More information on role playing & diplomacy
                - Add info on point system victory option
                - Reliable players
                - Check your egos at the door - don't be so prideful about losing one city that you throw away the whole game
                - Don't carry grudges over between games
                - Be prepared to get backstabbed! This is not unicorn land. People WILL double cross you. You must always be prepared for it.
                - Anonymous play
                - Options for mods
                - Multimedia innovations such as sound, video, websites, etc
                - Gameplay innovations like Ozzy/India's use of a game of Pacman to determine who should have the hand of Indian princess and determine alliances
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                  Amazing, I never really checked the history of all the games that were played so far (only read the FAQ) and I'm proud to see that my diplo game, back from 1999, was even recorded!!!! I'm there, 1999, CyberShy (Germany) and I just noticed that Frank was in there as well!

                  It's safe to say that Frank and me are the most ancient diplogame players around 8) (Ok, Frank was there from the beginning, he's even more ancient).
                  Ozzy, Frank and The Capo are the most veteran players apparantly.

                  Is it possible to include HOTW6 as well?
                  We've played quite a few sessions and I think we should be included.

                  Great work for recording this Ozzy! You're really dedicated!
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                    I think that the FAQ needs to be civ4-ed!
                    It's all 'civ2mp' right now. Maybe we can do it after HOTWVII when civ4 has some real diplogame history
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                      A map of Diplogaming history (sorry it is small, pic posting restrictions):
                      Attached Files
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                        Hi guys, this is my post. I've joined these forums to play Diplogames especially. I'm finding it a little different to what I thought it'd be. I guess I have a lot to learn. Hope to participate in the next game.


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                          Hi There!
                          What's exactly different then you thought it would be?
                          We'll notify you when a new game is about to start!
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                            Diplomacy games are mentioned in Soren's column / chapter in the Civilization Chronicals book!

                            “Diplomacy” games are pseudo-competitive multi-player games with a focus on role-playing so that an entertaining story can be later told. These games (originally using Civ II but now moving to Civ IV) would be played once a week over a long period of time, with many fans following the stories as they are periodically posted.

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                              Kick ass.

                              He was there for my presentation at the PolyCon. So was Trip.
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