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    Has anybody already used multiple Government DEAs on a single Planet?

    I am curious if it gives you additional Taxation benefits or the like if you build more than one Government DEA on a single Planet or if the only Effect of the additional Governmental DEAs are their capabilities to keep the people content.
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    Multiple Gov DEA's should make the planet harder to capture, but i always build only one so i can't answer.


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      I haven't verified it in the game, but the Devs have stated that Gov DEAs improve efficiencies planet wide and that building multiple Gov DEAs gives a larger bonus. However, the principal of 'diminishing returns' applies. Building 2 Gov DEAs doesn't give you twice the bonus, it's probably something like 1.5 times the bonus.

      Again, I haven't verified this by experimenting in the game, and I don't have links to the developer comments (it might've been a beta tester comment), so I can't be sure.
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        No no no

        I prefer to use a single Gov DEA per system, when i build a second on another planet thant the first the effects are already reduced to a poor level, i prefer to build a Mil and Rec DEA on each planet, ( smallers don't) and raise the taxes, works great too