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An 'interesting' offer

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  • An 'interesting' offer

    I just got a very strange message from my silicoid allies- They want to know if I will accept their polite offer to go to war. The description of the offer is improve TA: Intelligence. Could this have something to do with an earlier declaration of war I got (the wrong text being used) or something?

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    I think the Description of the Offer is the thing thatīs right.

    Had this one also at one time (long time Allies and I declined the Offer ).
    Have also often found other thing where the thing the Ambassadors of the other Races said didnīt fit into the Descriptions of the Offers.

    But I think the Description is the one which is correct.

    Either their Universal Translator is sometimes broken, or there is a little Bug (no Klackon ) in the Diplomacy
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      This just happened to me 30 minutes ago

      See an example of such diplomatic masterpiece here

      (I just uploaded this)

      Best regards


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        I think it's a bug. Trust the description.


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          It only seems to happen with intelligence treaties. How ironic.

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