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  • The Human Average

    First, make the assumption that Human is an average race.

    Second, make all the other race's picks just like the human picks on the customization screen (you know, average bioharvesting, mining and manufacturing, good research...and so on).

    It is quite interesting that some races end up having waaaay more free pick at the end, and thus how much better a race is than another can almost be quantified (well, that is discounting racial hatred and other such hardwired traits).

    Here is what you get when you make the races have the same picks as the Humans (anomalies I could not account for are in brackets behind the name):

    Humans = 0 (duh)
    Evon = +140
    Psilon = +40
    Meklar = +50 (can't become Investors so set as Monetarists)
    Cynoid = +80
    Sakkra = -10
    Raas = +10
    Grendarl = -50 (can't become Investors so set as Monetarists, can't have poor toughness so set as average)
    Trilarian = +80
    Nommo = +90
    Imsaeis = +80
    Eoladi = +80
    Silicoid = -20 (can't un-choose Natural Engineers)
    Klackon = -40 (can't become Liberty)
    Tachidi = -40 (can't become Liberty)
    Ithkul = +120 (can't become Representative so left as Absolutist, only cannot have senate seat, can't un-choose tolerant, can't un-choose Antaran Background)


    edit: I must be missing something. Why do the Evon appear so good? If I were going to customize a race I would probably pick them because they seem to have a plethora of already quite respectable picks. I know this can't possibly be the case and there must be something hardwired into them to offset the picks, but I haven't a clue what it is (or where to research such things).

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    Many others have noticed this, ie why choose the humans when evon are far superior.

    the devs have vaguely said the humans have some advantage

    I think one difference is the Causus Belli for each civ and that the humans have either a higher or lower (whichever side is better)

    also, look at the oppression meter rules for each civ. there is a file someplace that tells you more specific info-unrest levels etc. Not sure where that is, I am far away from my good computer and can't check it out for you now.

    Yes, I think the humans need some help, somewhere


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      Just modify the Evon to be a better Human.

      I've been complaining about this for weeks, btw...
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        It has been speculated in a thread on the official forums that the humans have a larger number of technologies available to them then any of the other humanoids. But I forget which value and in which file this speculation came from. If true, the psilons surprisingly have much fewer techs then the others.

        I'll see if I can dig it up on the forums.
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          Not the same thread I was thinking of, but it says the same thing:

          Also note that the Evon can't choose creativity.
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            Read the thread...

            Gotta agree with Alexfrog's latest post, though...

            That Human advantage over the Evon is positively MINOR in comparison to the ENORMOUS Evon advantage in race picks...
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            Consul of Apolyton from the 1st Civ3 Inter-Site Democracy Game (ISDG)
            7th President of Apolyton in the 1st Civ3 Democracy Game


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              I took each race and set everything to average/normal (2nd pick up from bottom), kept each race's default goverment, kept senate at random (except Ithkul), kept starting planet at abundant/heterogenous, and didn't select any specials unless they got them for free. Here's how many picks Joe Average gets from each race.

              Human +50
              Evon +180
              Psilon +100
              Meklar +110
              Cynoid +160
              Sakkra +70
              Raas +90
              Grendal +20
              Trilarian +170
              Nommo +180
              Imsaeis +140
              Eoladi +140
              Silicoid +60
              Klackon +20
              Tachidi +10
              Ithkul +190

              The Insectoid species (sounds like the Sectoids from X-COM) seem to get the short end of the stick. Maybe that's to make up for having the Hive/Unification GOV. But the Humans do come in a distant third to the Evon and Psilons.