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  • MOO3 Advantages

    Iíve had MOO3 for over a week and Iíve already noticed one significant advantage: Iíve lost weight! It seems those evenings where I have a rushed dinner, then plopped myself Ė sessile and oblivious to all else Ė in front of my computer screen is distracting me from snacking, or even eating properly. Heck, at this rate in a few more weeks or a month Iíll be at my ideal weight.

    But, there is a catch: Iíll have to buy another new wardrobe. Already my size 34 pants are feeling a bit loose, and I just got rid of my size 36s last summer. So this stupid game will cost me much more than $50US.

    Maybe QS should use this as a marketing tool? I can see it now: MOO3 Ė a galactic game of interstellar conquest and weight loss. Who needs Atkins or the other dieting fads when, for $50US, you can lose those kilos and conquer the galaxy!!!

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    No, you're not losing fat, you're losing muscles. If you don't get that lazy butt of yours off that chair and walk around for a while, you would be the first Cynoid to play MoO3.


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      There are definitely advantages. I feared that I would lose hours upon hours playing an addictive game, but now nothing stops me from going out and enjoying some fresh air instead.


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        Well here's a corresponding disadvantage... my RSI is getting a lot worse >< Must stop playing.... must stop playing... *click* *click*


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          Strange ...., the biggest advantage to me seems to be that I spend less time behind the computer than expected.
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