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Customization of Colors, Names, and other such things?

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    I have no problem with the backstory, think it's immensely cool. Didn't know about the zoo worlds part, though (somehow I missed that when I read the posted background story that was on QS's site oh how many months ago now...).

    I can understand that, then. Still would be nice to re-name the system or other systems to taste, however ('Terminus', anyone? ).

    It's also true that since the designers apparently made the game almost infinately customizable on purpose in other degrees (such as with the spreadsheets), it would make sense to let players rename things or select names when they customize the game in this manner.

    Thanks for letting me know about that element of the background story, though. I don't have as much trouble with the Silicoids not starting on Cryslon if their really detailed background story includes such (though I'd still like to be able to name the starting system something appropriate).

    As for race colors... you do it the same way that MoO2 did it. Everyone can whine about someone else getting red or orange or brown or whatever, but the players can select their color in the order in which they joined the server (or something like that). That system worked pretty well for MoO2.... can't see why they'd ditch it for abandoning color selection altogether.

    Thanks for replying, though
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      May-be you cannot change the system name because with the idear of starlanes in the game linking starsystems together it might make it hard to maintrain the starlane links
      when you save the game it you are allow to change the system name it is my opion only as I donot work for any of the companies or is than betra tester.
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