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help with running moo1

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  • help with running moo1

    I recently downloaded mater of orion 1, and after unzipping it, when i click on the orion icon, nothin happnes, an MS-DOS screen pops up and instaly closes itself, no message, no error, ive tried chaning the propeties of the icon, the expaneded memory and what-not, and nothing has changed, im running on windows xp, thanks for any help

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    Have you tried running it with DOSBox, or with VDMSound? Both are worth a try.
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      Any advice where to get Moo1 downloaded? I missed that game really a lot .. having a hhhhhhhhhhhhard time sourcing for it now!


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        Try :


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          iamperfect go to properties and uncheck the close at exit. This will let you see the error msgs. I am sure it is complaining about not having any ems.

          Some motherboards do not suport emulation of ems.


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            haha thanks, i found the error, fixed it, and am making this a quick post as possible to get back to playin, btw, i love might and magic 6


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              Hey, I got this to work using DOSBox! Woo hoo!