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    When I was referring to you adding help, I meant specific help for each editor

    I had d/led the stuff from your website aeons ago, but as I remember it was packed. So why not remove the stuff that sdon't work and stick with editors that do? (ie points 4 and 5 )


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      Here's a tip to further some of the tips on improveing your start for non lith races.
      The allready mentioned sell you barracks if your government is not affected, and and or star base if your game setup or map permit.

      Ok now look at the starting pop placement put all guys in sci to prd.
      Now look at your growth % in HW, it will be something like +80% to +150% ect. Next turn take one of your farmers off farming, check the -growth %. if the minus is less than prevuos turns +grow you can flip this farmer back and forth every other turn. Some times you can leave him in prod for 2 turns and farm 1 depending on race picks that influence groth like your colony size +grow + food + prod ect stuff like that.

      Ok so now your fliping this guy back forth and boom out comes you new colony base (CB). From here you can go about increaseing your pop by putting the farmer back and or do what you want. OR try this when you new CB comes out put it to star base, and select the lowest production base possible as first base, keep produceing all remaining bases the least productive first then the most productive last putting them all on star base. After the last one is on star base place all the newest one and any realy lsuper low prod into sci, put home world (HW) all but 1 into sci. When r-labs tech your colonies should build r-labs that turn or soon, you should have some bc to buy some needed r-labs for stragglers. now tech for Auto lab's (AF's) keep your bases that have the rlabs up in sci, you will have a good chunk of sci going and af's will tech very fast. once you get the af's tech put all you r colonies onto bilding af's and then turn them loose on houseing. a little down time on initial housesing is more than made up for with af's down quickly and the rp from the r-labs keeps on bumping your start along.

      From here you can you can pick your tech/build paths.
      Note on tech paths to go for robo 1st or supers 1st or battle tech (BTech).
      This is a dynamic decision based on your map.
      If you have no immeadiate threat maybee hold off on BTech, then you are between chooseing robo or supers. Supers first will get a few techs quicker but the pop will be less but it is a faster approach for raw rp. However Robo's first will generate more pop and when you hit supers they will build quicker less prod pooling for them and your rp's will be much higher the down side is about 8-12 turns in getting supers.
      If you have a lot of nice colonies arround you robo's will help you fil them quickly in both poping with 1 pop houses with af's and robos' about 400+% uni races and in the building of the Colony ships. then get either supers or early b tech.

      There are a lot of ways to do starts, this is one way I use.
      Hope some of this help and hope to see some other share a start they like.


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        there is a trick to get free colony ships, it is a nasty exploit that i have kept to myself. if u stumble across it AND figure out how to repeat it, u get a cookie!