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4x Space Game Needs Play Testers

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  • 4x Space Game Needs Play Testers

    I need a few play testers for a game I am developing.

    Game overview :
    • 4X space game
    • Browser based, only runs in firefox
    • Closed Beta status
    • Basic 2d graphics
    • Strong focus on grand strategy & diplomacy
    • No action, not a RTS & no tactical control
    • Role play possible
    • Not commercial, this will never be a pay to play. (it's my hobby)

    Website :
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    Is it like Star Quest 2?


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      Have not looked at SQ2.

      To view some pics and details,
      See my post at


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        Could use a few more testers now.


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          I don't use Firefox anymore.

          Don't try to confuse the issue with half-truths and gorilla dust!


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            Update :

            2 new options now available :
            - Design your own ships
            - Negotiate treaties with Independent stars (NPCs)

            Now 98% working in Chrome, just some issues with canvas.

            Tutorial re-done, simplified, got rid of the videos, now text pop-up based. Could use some new blood to test the tutorial...

            Graphics marginally improved :

            Economic Report :

            Building :

            Laboratory :

            Star Administration :

            Treaty Negotiations :


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              Running under chrome 100% now


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                The tutorial has been axed in favour of in-game hint panels.


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                  We just started a new episode.
                  Join in if you would like.

                  Feel free to ask questions here.


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                    There is no cap on play time. It is just (at least to start with) you run out of fleets to move and need to wait for their jump engines to recharge.

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                      The episode "Mercatus Volgus Ubivis" has begun.

                      New game features:
                      • Dogfights : Takes place during short range combat by fightercraft
                      • Thrusters, Generators and Ion Cannons : Only usable on Fighters & Interceptors
                      • Civil Markets : Similar to black markets but deal in legal goods
                      • Luxuries : Demand now based solely on each star, rather than realm
                      • Civil Defence Fleets : Replace tribute ship building. CDF's build automatically based on habitat level
                      • Monuments : May now be dedicated to science, fertility, productivity or shipping. This results in bonus output


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                        The episode "Partes Facere Totam" will begin on September 11th 2020.
                        If you have never played and wish to join in, please begin the training game now so you can join the above game with some knowledge of the mechanics.

                        New game features:

                        New Structures :

                        Crafter - Crafts components
                        Power Station - Higher level structures now require power
                        Slave Market - Provides workers, but increases rebel activity
                        Training Base - Increases experience of ships at the star

                        Components : A new asset type :

                        May be used to reduce costs of building structures, modules and ships.
                        Should provide a comparative advantage to lords that invest in their research.

                        Misc :

                        Tradebases have been removed in favour of the more universal "Sector Markets".
                        Lords may now enrol officials for extra training at foreign academies.
                        Shipyards, assemblers and academies may now be dedicated to a single output, reducing time and costs.


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                          Any youtube videos of your game? I can't find any which definitely hurts your online presence and ability to recruit players.

                          If you haven't already I'd recommend posting updates in the big 4x Gaming Reddit too.. lots of fans there.


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                            Tried making video, major fail. The game has no action, all strategy. Its like trying to make a video of chess or Go.

                            I have posted to Reddit. The games with the glitter get all the love...

                            Thanks for the ideas!