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System Shock 2 question - prisms?

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  • System Shock 2 question - prisms?

    I've finally gotten around to playing this classic (after some patching, texture and model mods, and finesse) and am deep in and having a grand old time. I don't have a game manual (it's a legit copy I bought 6 or 7 years ago, I just lost the manual) and have a silly question I can't find an answer for online: what are the prisms for? For the last 2 hours of gameplay I've come across bunches of prisms, in crates and cometimes on vanquished foes, and I now have over 60 of the damn things taking up a precious inventory slot but I don't know what the hell they're used for. I've tried dragging them to various other inventory items but they don't seem to do anything. So, what are they for?


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    They're ammo for one of the weapons, though I forget which. The manual can be downloaded, by the way. I think the Lower Canines has it.

    Edit- Yes, I checked. According to one fan site, prisms are ammo for the Fusion Cannon or the Stasis Field Generator. And Lower Canines does have the manual for download.
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      And considering those weapons are pretty useless IIRC, you better drop those prisms.


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        I remember reprocessing many many of those prisms and buying stuff I could actually use, like anti-personnel bullets for my rifle. Fun times.
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          Yeah, ditch the prisms. Great game though.