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port CTP2 Source Code for AmigaOS4 (ppc)

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  • port CTP2 Source Code for AmigaOS4 (ppc)

    i'm trying to port CTP2 for AmigaOS4 that is a PPC OS.. i'm doing an huge work to convert all routines that needs endianess conversion..
    I've converted almost all functions and now the game starts correctly even if i have some problems..

    First of all. The graphics is not displayed correctly. Or better, not always.
    For example: the main menu:

    seems correct

    but the game itself:

    shown the problems i'm try to fix. The cursor has wrong colors, and also some items. I'm pretty sure there is a function that is not loading correctly the colors. Or better it needs to convert 15RGB to 16BGRA..
    Any help is appreciated..

    Andrea Palmatè
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    Why do you start with an outdated version of the game and not with the latest version of the source code you can download from the repository?

    If I remember correctly the Linux guys had also some trouble with colors.

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      mine is one of the latest (if not the latest) and contains also some patches for the colors but i think it is a problem on endianess. A linux ppc would be great so i could try myself..


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        Well, the latest version does not contain this start up screen you are showing. It was replaced by another one to simplify the design some 800 revisions, ago. Well, unless your code is based on some Linux branch. But I think we removed that old screen before we got the SVN server. So then it should also be gone from the Linux branch.

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          yes, iirc it needs some file to be replaced but i never replaced them just because i want to test the game. Indeed the Linux version i've compiled contains all new data files. I never copied that files on my Amiga box but the svn code contains all patches in the code tree. Now i'm cross compiling CTP2 from a Mac machine to AmigaOS. I'm pretty sure there are 2-3 functions that needs some endianess fix but i'm lost in that tons of functions.. Keep in mind that i've lost almost 2 days to fix a bug that was a "char" instead of "int" than on an endian machine has a different way of works..