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masters of magic or orion mod possible

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  • masters of magic or orion mod possible

    the orion one would be easy (remember test of time expansion for civ2?). lotr mod is out for ctp2, but what about a mom mod? w weapons, heroes, and spells? possible?
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    I had a few ideas for spells

    Unit icon's could be created (kind of like a prophet has so many actions he can perform) that are tied to a slic script.

    Such as healing a nearby unit (or all nearby units, or units that are in the same square).

    Possibly teleporting (if slic can accept inputs)

    Ranged attacks.

    Hero's could be created (relatively easily, I believe AoM had a hero's concept).

    Still not sure how to do magical weapons...

    I see i can create a global var to hold my enchanted units. Most likely an array. I could have a basic enchantment such as a +1 to a unit stat and hopefully they can stack. It may even be possible to allow a unit to have more than 1 of the same b o nus by checking if the unit exists in the array more than once. this would most lukely kill any hope for a bisection method unless my gl9bal var also kept count of how many times the unit had the enchantment
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      Ive been looking at the slic kung fu guide.

      I know ages of man has kings that have 40 yr lifespans. So its possible to tag values to units. However what I think what l want to be doing is create a class or structure so I can assign enchantments to units. However it doesnt look like that is supoorted. In fact working w arrays seems like a pain. Id probably have to create a way to sort arrays myself so I can donsome bisection searching vs looping everytinr. Which maybinvolve recreating the array each time. As for enchantmente I may have to create a new unit for each enchantment combo unless... veteran status is a bonus vs a new unit type... not sure on that one.

      as for spells. If the open v or the game allows for it. Id like to build a tower city that has no upkeep whose sole purpose is to cast spells that are done thru the building list.

      im thinking of dissecting the map where one side is the astral plane and the other the main map


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        I've been reading about slic and actually implemented some stupid add some gold when I make a city.

        However, slic has it's limits. One, struct's are not supported. I do believe functions are however. However, that doesn't limit my struct capability, I just have to pair array's together (and sort them if I want to use bisection searching).

        As to magical enchantments... there isn't really any functions to increase any army stat's... only toggle veteran status. So any enchanted units will have to be transformed units

        Teleportation should be easy however, (If I can change unit x/y locations, which may only be read-only...)

        Healing should also be easy.

        I can probably still have a special city (maybe? or just a capital that can cast spells) that can do things, but the # of spells would be greatly limited since most of the functions can't affect unit internals... for example, there's no way to access/change any units stats... resetting movement and healing hp are allowed, but the rest of the stats are most likely constants. I can't manipulate them to be3 read from a pointer instead, they just aren't accessible via slic.


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          Looks like it might be possible to adjust offensive and defensive values. I was looking at slic.xls

          which is an update(d)/verification of Dale's edit++ that dumped a bunch of flaglist's from ctp2.exe

          and there's a whole lot more values that can be modded using slic!

          All this means is I may be able to have units hold magic items!
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            I would like to collaborate with you on these projects. today i learned that ,Acording to Bureaubert theres only 200 units that are possible in a mod including the units that come with the game. seeing as how this is hard wired into the sourcecode of the game this means that you could combine both fantasy unit sprites and Sci-fi sprites into the same mod. but if you dont want to mix Sci-Fi and fantasy units. then on the fantasy mod you can Combine Classical ,Middle Ages with the fantasy units. even including some of the rennasance era unit sprites. but if your doing a Sci-fi mod such as masters of orion i would suggest using sprites that were talked about in Pedrunn's space mod. User Pedrunn never finished his space mod and uploaded it onto the internet so me and you can still do this task if we work together. i have even heard other users suggesting Puting the space mod units into the Discworld map. becuase all the deep ocean tiles surrounding discworld are actually space. but in discworld you would also need to add fantasy units. but this would mean sacrificing the renaissance era units such as types of Musketeers if me and you collaborate then we can decide which unit sprites we need most.
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              hey, I haven't been diverted to a side project in a while, but this might be the ticket.

              I would love to do some work on this, although magic is out of the question.

              It would have to be pre-defined units. I have no idea how to use slic to modify units other than to change them to another unit (and even that would be a learning project).

              so if if it were going to be sci-fi, then we need to focus on what units.

              I never really got off to a start with the conversions from civ2, I found the sprites and exported them, and started to convert them, but kind of dropped it from there, it was becoming a pain. It's a big project. But I think if team a focussed on art, and team b focussed on units, then maybe we can get something going.


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                This is is good. if we are going to focus on Sci-fi then we should use all of the Sci-Fi unit sprites that can be found. so we are really going to make this mod? i have 27 differnt Sprites on my computer and this even includes Pedrunns sci-fi units that were being posted on his spacemod Discussion here on this Website. some sprites that were never uploaded. these include Smuggler Ship (Millennium Falcon) and Science Vessel (Enterprise) and Alien Creature (Space Cannon) . so al together i identified these 27 sprites as Sci-Fi. this still leaves about 100 or so more sprites from other mods that we can pick and chose from. this would bring us to our 200 units goal. I would also suggest not using the World War 2 units at all because theres about 200 differnt sprites from this time period and our mod wont be able to handle that many. if i could suggest where we go i would suggest Classical era ,Middle ages ,Some of the Rennasance ,all of the Sci-fi units and none of the World War II ones. and this can be our mod. i think its still possible to upload to . so if you want me to go ahead with creating this then ill see what i can do.
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                  I'm fairly analytical in my approach to things. If we hit the cap, I'd suggest we focus on the most used units... but yes, I would commit to this, I would say I would spend up to a year on it, I like this kind of stuff.

                  Of course, after we make the units/terrain, then we have to do the meta-work. to be honest, I've only seen MoO in play a few times through versions 1-3, and played the civ2 mod of it, but I really liked it's scope, I liked the ocean of space one had to explore.

                  So I would look to you for guidance on that, but I could do the terrain gfx. Let me sleep on it, and see where we need to focus on next, but I'm down. My email is if you care to chat within the day (I'd get the msg's on my phone in realtime)


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                    a space mod finally? yes!!!

                    Hi, I have call to power two and was going to play pedruns space mod but it never came out : it's good to hear that there is going to be a orion mod for ctp2. I could play cradle mod and then this mod to have the game I always wanted. I havea quesiton. will you make this mod like thecaveman2cosmos mod for civ4? what I mean bye that is have the game start on a world and play on that world likea regular ctp2 game but instaid of finnishing the game ona world, you get to expand your civ out to space/galaxy and encounter aliens witch are your new rivals. caveman 2cosmos is pretty much my dream game come true although I can't play it becuase My old computer can't handle thegame or in other words the game runs slow with problems. forget making the magic mod and just do the sci fi space thing. fortionatly I have a alot of time on my hands and may be able to help with this mod but the downside is that I don't know how to mod however years ago I attempted to teach myself to mod with guides but diddn't get anywhere so I gave up. when do you think this mod will be done?


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                      kind of on hiatus.


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                        what a coincidence i too am working on Pedrunns Space mod. right now i have a scenario im working on thats called Gundam Wing. its based on the One year War of 79 UC. so far i have used Bureau berts modding site to plug in new unit sprites. it had all the sprites i need except for 2 the two i have not pluged in yet are Light Mech and Heavy Mech. most of the units in Pedrunns space mod were taken up by the Forever future mod which just came out in 2011. but that mod was for CTP1 and not CTP2. the unit im called Light Mech was Created by Blue O. and the Heavy mech is based on the one from CTP1. Unfortunatly my computer has lost all its saved games and data so the progress from scenarios i had been working on from 2008 to 2013 had been lost. and the worst part is i lost my SC3000 data. and none of that SC3000 data can be replaced becuase i cant find user Created buildings for that game any more. i was one of the last people to have preserved the data after the old site closed down only to have it get destroyed because my father did not want to try to help me preserve the data again like he did last time. so unfortunatly i have only create a small Space mod test scenario to test out pedrunns space mod. but this is a space mod that is based on a Civ2 scenario by Timothoy Fowlkes. Pedrunns space mod was going to be based on a Map of the Galaxy or something like that and have each tile of terrain represent a planet or star system. my version is a map of the Earth with the far side of the earth Removed and just replaced by deep ocean. Let me know if your interested. Here is a webpage that shows a picture of this scenario
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                          Im having difficulty with the Masters of Magic mod. Here is my problem. i need to know how to set up Sound files for my Units. for instance the Dragon sprite should sound have the scary monster sound effect that the Were wolf thing had in the Original Samurai mod. other than that that i have a basic idea for a Fantasy mod for CTP2. the Fantasy mod has 4 Playable maps that can be downloaded they are Ultima ,Elric ,Middle earth and Disc world. Dragon units can be found in All 4 of these worlds. but i have never seen a full on Fantasy mod. also im having problems figiring out how to add entries to the great library.


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                            What's the news on this mod, has it stoped?


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                              @ CTP1addict - Right now id say its on Hiatus.. i dont see a downloads place for Call to power II downloads. I once remember seeing them here and there, there was , and even DBmodds had a download section for Call to Power II. iv got all the maps and things downloaded and saved on my computer... im still working on 1 Scenario right for this game right now but i have not got anywhere to up load it when finished.. right now its a World Scenario covering the largest map of the earth the one measuring 200 squares east to west and 400 squares north to south.. one time i had like 1200 cities on it just to see how much i could fit on there for 27 civilizations on the map at the same time, the thing is i wanted to have a long term scenario where it starts and last over centuries and the thing is i could not do this because theres only 41 or so civilization slots and i did the math 27 at one time is not practical at times like 1900 when theres only 50 or so sovereign countries at the same time... iv reduced the number of civilizations down to 8 and this seems perfect for a long term scenario.. i want to play though the whole 20th century though. I got the idea from how there was a World at war modpack that came out that started the game at 1900, i did not like how it was monthly turns i increased it to quarterly turns. but they came out with that world at war modpack but never released a scenario for it i guess the map was too large. but yeah im still working on scenarios with no where to upload them but just working on the scenarios for my own enjoyment... afterim done with this im moving on to Dinotopia map and ill use the dinosaur types of units, iv got this idea that Dinotopia takes place on a alien planet and its a earthlike planet and the idea is that Aliens called the Preservers came and put all these dinosaurs on a earthlike planet to preserve them.. iv got a unit for a Star trek ship so the enterprise is exploring Dinotopia, like i said its just a idea ill look into it after im finished making my World at War scenario. speaking of space scenarios like Masters of Orion , i also once made a Gundamwing scenario using some of the unit types i found that Pedrun from apolytun uploaded but did not see a easy way to change the terrain to space, so i was only able to really do like a Orbs and spheres kinda idea for that Gundam Wing scenario i was working on.

                              like i said i once got it up to 1200 cities but right now its at 868 cities heres how the list of who gets what

                              1 British and French alliance 251 (not finished building) (i once got it up to 400 cities)

                              2 American civilization 128 cities (Finished)

                              3 Other civilizations 164 (not finished)

                              4 Russian 66 cities (not finished)

                              5 European 134 cities (not finished)

                              6 Chinese 58 cities (finished)

                              7 Japanese 15 cities (finished)

                              8 Brazilian 52 cities (finished)

                              total 868 cities so far


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