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    Originally posted by EPW View Post
    It says there is a missing upgrade icon file when I try to start the scenario, and then the game crashes.
    That's because the upgrade order was added to the Apolyton Edition after I uploaded the scenario. You just need an upgrade order entry in uniticon.txt.
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      hey maquiladora im playing your world war 2 scenario its the english version of cource becasue this is my native language. i think its the best sceanio there is based on number of military units most of the civilizations get specific units that they use. one problem with the british is you made there civilization too large you gave them gibraltar and hong kong. on a global scenario such as this these really arent big as states there too small. i got rid of Gibraltar and built Sevile ,spain nearby for the neutrals. also i got rid of hong kong and built Canton ,china nearby for the japanese. altough the canton-hong kong region was much larger then in real life and shared a border with wuhan ,china this was interesting its not like this in real life either in real life the japanese only occupied along the coast of kwang tung province not deep into the country beyong the pearl river delta but i ran with it anyways. i also gave the neutral other cities i took Tibet away from the chinese in real life it wasent chinese till after world war 2. i also took mongolia away from the soviets in real life it was only aligned with the soviets for a breif period in the 1920's by the 1940's it was neutral. also there was only 7 players instead of 8. after my changes free china now only as 5 cities left making them the smallest nation. technically free china was not unified there were 3 chinese factions there were nationalists , communists and the war lords. not to mention the japanese occupation in the part of china that was not free. im still not finished with building new city territories i could built more in china ,south america ,canada ,africa ,soviet union. i am noticing a problem with switzerland its got a state thats much larger then real life. i noticed you used geneva switzerland for it but thats too close to the french border i tried to change it to bern which is more towards the center of switzerland it did not solve the problem. in fact switzerland is nearly a negligible amount of territory i might have to get rid of it all together. also becasue theres only 7 civilizations this means theres 6 civilizations and the 7th one can just be everyone else on the globe regardless of there invlovement in world war 2 weather there bonified neutral or a exile goverment. some exile goverments were axis but they had been occupied by the allied powers early on such as madagascar which was vagly controled by germany though vichy french goverment so i gave it to neutrals instead as part of a free french however most of the french in west africa was controled by vichy french for a very long while such as your city placement of dakar ,Senegal this town was contested by neutral (free french) british becasue of influence from gambia colony plus a 3rd civilization contested it the germans though vichey french. so you can see that on a global war map that the politics of who gets to control what land territories is compilcated but i have a system. who ever controls the most land in the area gets the area regardless of small colonies inside there boundaries. i need your help with something. my question is how do i save the scneario so that i play from the beginning like this in my version?