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Tweaking the game to my liking.

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  • Tweaking the game to my liking.

    I want to make a couple of changes to the game, and need some help doing so.

    I already succesfully changes the value and aplyability, of all land types, and tile improvements.
    (sort of rebalanced it to my liking, now you can build on most tiles multiple improvements, glad to share it later)

    The tweaks I already completed are :
    *I rearraged all land in 4 area types, and 4 zone types.
    Zone A normal
    Zone B desertlike
    Zone C frozen
    Zone D useless
    Area 1 flatland
    Area 2 nature
    Area 3 mountains
    Area 4 hills
    *I changed the values of all terrain upgrades and the terrain itself so that now
    All Zone A tiles produce barren 30, and when fully developed 120 (food+production+gold)
    All Zone B barren 20, developed 80
    All Zone C barren 10, developed 40
    Zone D produces nothing, and cannot be developed.
    Area 1 will use most of that 120/80/40 points in food
    Area 2 most in gold
    Area 3 most in production
    Area 4 balanced between all 3
    *I allowed for the layering of terrain improvements, each terain can now build a farm, a mine, an atm, a road, a radar and an structure on top of eachother.
    -While on top of all tiles can be build roads now, on top of Zone D tiles nothing other can be placed.
    -You still can build only one of these 3 : fort, a gaya tower or a airport (still have to pick)
    -While all tiles of Zone ABC can build a mine, a farm AND a atm, not all tiles can max them out to type 3.
    all tiles can only build 6 improvement levels :
    Area 1 can build a level 3 farm, a level 2 mine, and a level 1 atm
    Area 2 can buld a level 1 farm, a level 3 mine, and a level 2 arm
    Area 3 can build a level 2 farm, a level 1 mine and a level 3 atm
    Area 4 can buld a level 2 farm, a level 2 mine and a level 2 atm
    *I changed terraforming, to a more preservative way :
    -You can change an icy or useless land to a desertland, but not to a normal one
    -You can change a desertland to a normal one
    (so you can only inprove land in steps)
    -it is no longer possible to downgrade land, you cannot change a grassland in a desert for example
    -While you can change to a better type, you cannot change the land itself (nature will only be made into better nature, hills only in better hills, and so on)
    -if you terraform now, terrain improvements will NOT be removed (as you will only add heat/moist)
    -Zone D tiles CAN be made into a Zone C tile of any Area type I

    All this will make polutions a lot more severe as dead tiles will remove a lot of valueble improvements! A lot more that it used to do!
    However dead tiles are the ONLY way you will be able to change an area into any other area type, but it is quite a costly method

    *I made changes to sea plots accordingly, though slightly different.
    -the basevalue (food+production+gold) of coast, shelf and trench tiles is made to be 25, fully upgraded with farms, mines and atm they all have (food+production+gold) of 120 (like landtiles)
    For thise 3 types this is done balanced.
    -The Basevalue of deep and shallow is made to be 20, fully upgraded they will have 80
    this too is done in a less balanced way with a focus on gold
    -The Basevalue of reef, kelp, volcano and rift is made to be 30, upgraded they will have 120
    Kelp and rift will focus on food mostly, volcano and reef on production
    *like land it is possible to build all types on a plot
    -the only building on seaplots will be the gaya tower (no airports or fortifications), and there is only one roadtype and one scannertype.
    -only coast can build port, all other tiles build oil-rig, no ubgrading of atm will take place in sea.
    -while all plots can build both a seamine and a seafarm, per plot it differs what levels are possible and their effect. no grouping in this like for land, but each type it's own options. Most plots have 4 farm/mine upgrade levels.
    *Like land a conservative terraform option will be added
    -it will be made possible to terraform shallow/kelp into reef
    -it will be made possible to terraform shallow/reef into kelp
    -it will be made possible to terraform deep/rift into volcano
    -it will be made possible to terraform deep/volcano into rift

    *I changed city building a bit
    -the bonus a city gives is now bigger if the land is worse, this way a citysquare will always give the same food/shields/production 80 score and 100% defensive bonus regardless where it is placed.
    *I massively increased city size
    max city size is now 200, all growth levels have changed accordingly, expect your city's to expand a lot slower. (but since land is more valueble now, that should not be a problem)
    *I changed some building stats
    -They now supply enough support for 200 people
    -The 3 buildings that could not be build in sea city's (walls, airports, balista towers) now can be build there.
    -I changed the requirements and effects of some buildings, it is now possible to :
    get full 100% reduction of both types of polution (instead of the original 80%)
    get 100% crime reduction
    get 100% defence bonus (instead of the original 120%, walls have been nerved)
    -> but since all city's now will get 100% (terrain+cityeffect) to start with this will give them 200%
    Total happyness from buildings is increased from 14(-3 for crime reduction) to 20(-5 for crime reduction)
    -Television now adds warhappyness too, giving 50% resistance to warunhappyness.
    -Movie theather now adds some gold per citycen too, but television is lowered by the same number
    -production, gold, science and foodboosting buildings have been rebalanced in line with the new terrain.

    Small changes :
    -Roads now use 50 transport instead of 33
    -Maglev and tunnels now use 5 transport instead of 10
    -Levithans have been given 20 transport instead of 10 (they now can move 4 tiles on maglev/tunnel, but on everything else they still can move only 1)
    -I increased the support for city's in all civs by a factor 10 (better suited for gigantic maps)

    *Still to do (help required)

    improving the city placing even more
    -I noticed that when you build a city on an improved plot (one that already has say a farm on it) the bonus of that improvement will stay in the city!
    -> this results that in vanilla game it would make sence to improve a plot BEFORE you build a city, and since you don't have acces to optimal improvements until late game, and certainly not when you build your capitol, this effectively messes things up in my idea.
    -I want to change this so that when one build a city (both land and sea) it will remove all terrain upgrades on that field.
    (if not possible a valid second option would be
    -make it possible to terraform&improve a tile that already HAS a city on it.


    *improving the balista tower further
    -I noticed there are only land and see buildings (while listed as coastalbuilding, the battlements can be build in ALL sea city's)
    -I sometimes build a sea city in a coastal tile, making it possible for land units to drive into the city.
    -I want to make it so that the balista tower can ONLY be build in true coastal city's and landbased citys (build on a coastal square, meaning they border at least 1 tile of land)
    and NOT on all sea city's build on ay of the other 8 water tile types


    Adding sea-terraforming
    *It is my goal to add Limited sea terraforming to the game :
    -it will be made possible to terraform shallow/kelp into reef
    -it will be made possible to terraform shallow/reef into kelp
    -it will be made possible to terraform deep/rift into volcano
    -it will be made possible to terraform deep/volcano into rift
    However I am faced with the problem of not knowing how to direct buttons to these terraform options let alone a new oceanforming tab.
    *I want to have a sea-terraforming tab, But only with these 4 options, no more, no less.
    - I know a terraforming tab is added in the latest update, but I do not want to install the whole thing, can you say me what files to add to my game from your latest update to add that tab to my game?
    (I presume it comes with the missing buttons and such as well?)


    *blocking of acces to MY sea tunnels,
    -When I build sea tunnels, enemy landunits use these to walk over MY seatiles they even do so in peacetime.
    but even more insane, enemy units walk acros MY tunnels to attack MY city's!!!
    keep in mind that is whithin MY borders and under sea, I would ofcourse flood any tunnel as soon as any unwanted unit enters it, and in peacetime place some form of transit controll on them.
    -I want to drasticly change the way the game regards movement on seatunnels.
    *any oceantile that is not in your control or not in that of your ally should ALWAYS be seen by the game as a SEA tile, even if such a tile has a seatunnel.
    (so that enemy attacks will always need to use ships and crawlers to get to my sea city's! regardless of my land-units being able to walk to them)


    Removing tile improvements
    -I currently cannot find an ingame method to get rid of tile improvements other than building one on top of it, terraforming and polution. (possible you can destroy improvements on foreign terrain with a military unit but I haven't checked that one out and that still is not what I want)
    -I want to make it possible to delite any tile improvements you want to remove from your tiles.
    (if your in a war removal of certain roads can be wise, and when a city will falll, better use the bare land tactic so the enemy will not use it against you in that war)


    Improving the tile improvement proces
    -currently you can build level 2 and 3 improvements of barren tiles, without any level 1 or 2 improvement of that type being present. (if so they are replaced but they are not NEEDED)
    -I want to make it a requirement for the placing of a level 2 or 3 improvement that the level 1 or 2 improvement of that same type is already present on that same tile.


    Mapsize-dependant goverment-effects.
    -currently the goverment effects are static, however map-distance and city limit will be more severe on a bigger map (logicly)
    -I want to make it so that the effects of goverments are different in different map-sizes, less city-distance penalty and more city's allowed on a big map, and the opposide on smaller maps.


    bigger nummer of mapsize options + increasing number of contestants
    While I know how to edit the mapsize of any of the 4 sizes, I don't know how to ADD a new 5th size to the game.
    -I want to be able to increase the number of ingame mapsizes options from the current 4 to 12 or more. (so a longer list of options when you select in game)
    -I want to upgrade the maximum number of players well beyond 8, where to change this?
    -I want to make the maximum number of players limit map-dependent (some maps will allow more players than others)


    Setting for revolting city's.
    -currently revolting city's turn into barbarians..
    -I want to make it so that when a city revolts it ALWAYS will form a new player -> (until someone has the wonder that cancels that out that is ofcourse) (regardless of the player limit of the map)


    and last but not least :

    I noticed some of the space level items are still in the game (icons, wonders and such, though hidden)
    I ab-so-lute loved the space level of the game in CtP1
    I HATE it it is gone
    -I want to re-add space to the game (not all of it, but most of it)
    *space as a playable level
    *The space engineer needs to be re-added
    *space tile improvements need to be re-added or invented
    *space units need to be readded (just ad the whole list from CtP1
    (this will also tweak the spaceplane BACK into a spacefaring unit)
    *the spaceage tech, wonders and buildings will be re-added as well, though they will need more delicate vieuw. (not all will be added, to not cause conflicts) -> if I had the raw data adding all of those, the tweaking I could do.
    Is there any "clean mod that does this, or any hints how I could do this myself (most of the data could be leeched from CTP1 I presume?) I currently do not have it (my copy of CtP1 is to damaged)


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    Still no reply? sad, I've noticed many posts are years or months old, do hope that's not because nobody reads (and is able) to respond in this sector of the forums.

    (for you not knowing what I'm doing C:/ProgrammFiles/Activision/Call to Power 2/CtP2_Data/Default/gamedata)

    in that map I edited the textfiles :


    I tested my earlier changes and some new found a few new glitches

    In the textfile Tileimp I've added to the lines TerrformTerrain Terrain_xxxxxx_xxxxxx
    Lines like :

    CantBuildOn TERRAIN_HILL

    That SHOULD exclude those terraform options for those landtypes (making them in effect available only for the landtypes I want it to be) However this does NOT work for this option.
    Adding these lines to any other terrain improvement line does work, it just does not work for terraforming.

    I tested it ingame and still all tile improvements are available for all types of terrain even while I tried to block them out.
    any hints on what textfile to edit to make it do what I want it to do?

    I am going to try to add these lines to the terrain file too, though not sure how that will work.
    will post result when I have it

    The other option I tried to get to work today was

    ** I tried to get the citybuilding to remove tile improvements**

    My first though was adding this code :


    In the UNITS file
    This did NOT work
    UNITS file do list city's and sea city's (and space city's but those are not in use)

    Tile placements still stay when I build a city...

    I will try today adding the exclude code, to the terrain file instead (under city effects) perhaps that will work.
    (though no certainties ofcourse)

    I cannot find an actions-textfile (for while the game shows units that have the ability to settle, and lists the effect of a city, i haven't found the code for the settling itself! (for what I in fact want to do is adding the removal of the tile improvements to the settling effect!) any hints on the source of that can help me severely to work around many obstacles, so please say if you know where to find them.

    please DO respond... I already have spend many an hour on what I already did.

    Oh and why I invest so many hours in such an ancient game?
    It just came to live again for me, and it so happens to run on phones, pads and other less powerfull computers.
    This is great, playing the games you used to love while on the road.
    also I find the gameplay better than of the newer civ versions people spend way to many hours in imho

    Well lets say some civ-elements I loved most are :

    *The ability to make your own units from parts (AC) -> a CtP mod adding this would be great)
    *The ability to use public works for tile improvements instead of terraformers/workers (CtP1 & II)
    *The ability to go to space and build a second layer of citys (CTP1)
    *The ability to build sea city's (CTP1, CTP2, AC)
    *The ability to controll a global empire (enough happyness/citysupport to litterly build a city on every free spot, without it ruining your game because of revolts, and such) : (CTP1, CIVII/III)
    *The throneroom (CtP1)
    *Being able to play to game long enough to controll the whole map, instead of it ending prematurely every time (CtP1)
    *Being able to terraform the land and change it (AC, CTP1, ATP2)
    *Happyness and unit acces by needing luxery goods, (all civ games)
    *Need more than 1 tile of resources to back many units using that good (civ 5)
    *custom tile apointing for city's instead of fixed area's (civ 5)
    *the ability to tell the workers of a city what tiles to work, and the ability to redistribute the use of a tile from one city to the next.
    (all civ games)
    *the usage of secret units to do all sorts of hidden tasks (CtP1 and CtP2) Civ4 in lesser way
    *Total customability of your goverment (AC, Civ4)
    *Saving for special traits with your culture points (Civ5)
    *The ability to steal bordertiles automaticly (and even city's) by having more influence (Civ3, Civ4)
    *The ability to controll religions and corporations and spreading them (civ4) -> I did not like the fact one had all 8 religions in a city, and that temples (that gave a lot of happyness) were unable to build in later ages (since their effect was permanent)
    *The spooky surroundings, and perfect storyline atmosphere (AC)
    *The GREAT advisors humor humor! (Civ2)

    Things I still hope to see in a game one day (ideally on top of all the above)
    -the ability to create your own race (like in spore but more civ like, and it having an effect on your base-values like population growth, science rate, military strenght and such)
    -having 1000+ resources in the game 100000+ techs and millions of buildings and unit parts, all based on what resources your civ has.
    *randomise 5-10 resources on a planet from the 1000+ possible options
    *all techs have a resource requirement, so the acces to what resources are on your map determens your techtree
    *and that techtree will determene what parts you have to build units from
    This will make every game unique, and that would be fun, no more fixed history
    -The ability to make units as big as you want (not like in AC where you selected 1 part per slot, but more like x of part one, x of part 2 etc.. (making megaunits/motherships possible and thats fun)
    -A reform on the unit making screen, instead of building single units, make it so you control more real army's (consisting our of hundreds of units you developed)
    After you designed units and prototyped them, you should be able to say to a city, build xxx of unit y, (more like a goverment orders new guns) the city will than build multiple units per turn how much depending on it's production output.
    You will controll army's and fleets not units (though they will consist of your unit designs
    -the ability after you conquered your own world go to an (online) space mode, where you can travel to other worlds each of them being a full new map of civ.
    (you can simply order each city on a planet to keep building say space faring units, or space settlers or any other backup.. that way you can automate your homeworld and focus on new maps
    each map has unique resources, and every race unique dna, so stealing those will give you more tech, more parts, and a possibility to geneticly enhance your race.


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      Still no responce from others? SAD!
      (I MADE this accound for the SOLE reason to have verbal support in my tweaking process!)

      Will make a new post that is shorter, perhaps people do not like to read this much.