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CTP 1.21 Hack

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  • CTP 1.21 Hack

    This file is no longer available in the file section for some reason, and I really, really need it.

    If anyone has it, or knows somewhere else to get it, will you please email it to me, or post a link here?


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    It's still there under patches.
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      Thanks for the help.


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        . . . . The only CTP1.21 Hack that I found unzips as RT3 and RT3_105_eng. CTP IV blows up on me. Some times it brings the game down and drops into the Windoz is looking for a fix requester. Other times it locks up. Sometimes it locks the system up. I am running Win8.1, pro, 64 bit. My system is based on an AsRock EP2C612WS with two 6 core i7, 1.6 GHz processors, 32 GB of ram, and a FirePro W5000 graphics card with 2 GB of ram. Help! Please!

        Originally posted by poolking View Post
        It's still there under patches.