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The Mongols for Freeciv

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  • The Mongols for Freeciv

    This thread is for converting Fairlines remake of Harlan Thompson's "The Mongols" scenario to Freeciv!

    Used tools:


    What works:
    * The map, ruleset, and tileset loads without errors!
    * It's (probaly) possible to play multiplayer games against human opponents!

    * The server crashes on end of turn if you try to play against AI opponents. Probaly due to bugs in the ruleset.
    * No events implemented yet (I have to figure out Freeciv's Lua interface first).
    * Map is empty. Since I don't know how to access the map data from the SCN file, I got the same map from a different source.

    The converter perl script creates a very messed up Freeciv ruleset. I spent hours cleaning it up, but it is likely to contain errors! The tileset is still very messy too.

    How to use:
    Extract archive into your Freeciv data directory (the Freeciv root directory in Windows).
    Start civserver and issue the following command in order: 'load mongols.sav' 'rulesetdir mongols'
    Start civclient from the command prompt with 'civclient --tiles mongols'
    Connect to the network game.
    Enjoy the vast, empty wasteland.
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    part 1
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      part 2

      unpack into mongols/tileset/
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        Im going to give this a try...
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          Did you get anywhere with this, CapTVK?

          I'm working on an improved version. The tileset has beed touched up and techs and buildings are cleaned up.

          Now I'm wrestling with the nations. Rules.txt are a bit messed up in this respect, since nations have seemingly different names in the rules and when you're in-game... Any assistance here would be appreciated!


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            I just tested that it at least starts. First I were a bit lost in that loading mongols.sav did not set correct rulesets.
            I suggest that you add 'rulesetdir' capability to savefile.options and 'game.rulesetdir="mongols"'


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              Re: The Mongols for Freeciv

              * The server crashes on end of turn if you try to play against AI opponents. Probaly due to bugs in the ruleset.
              Server should never crash even if ruleset contains errors. Those incidents should be reported to freeciv bugtracker.
              I already sent patch to fix this one.


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                Thanks for testing the modpack Marko!

                I'll try and continue working on it soon.


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                  It's great to have at least some scenario for testing freeciv codebase. I'm a bit worried that scenario related functionality is not much tested with real scenarios. Probably all potential scenario authors wait for stable release... which means that we have to release stable version without testing how it works with real scenarios.


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                    Agreed. Most scenario creators give up when the game crashes for no reason with their creation.

                    I know the maintainers of both the "Fantasy" and "Magic" modpacks gave up converting their respective modpacks to 2.0 due to unexplained crashes.


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                      New modpack versions to test 2.1 with?


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                        Yes? Do you want me to make one or what?

                        BTW, did you ever send me an updated 2.1 version?


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                          Originally posted by himasaram
                          Yes? Do you want me to make one or what?
                          Just asking if you have been working with this. I'd like to test new version if such exist.

                          BTW, did you ever send me an updated 2.1 version?
                          No, I have done nothing to 2.1 version of the modpack. Just fixed several freeciv bugs that caused problems with this modpack.

                          If you want, I can make some suggestions about technical details, of course.


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                            No, I haven't touched it since. The main reason I stopped working on it, was that Freeciv lacked certain features at the time that would be required for key elements of the scenario. Created at least one ticket:


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                              Originally posted by himasaram
                              Created at least one ticket:
                              That one is now completed. Is there any other high priority events or functions (actions) missing?