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    Originally posted by mmontgomery
    I had a question about what is possible for a moderator. Would it be possible for all units (or at least all ships) to have AAA ability built in for no extra charge right from the beginning? If so, I think this would be a good idea for this scenario.
    The answer is yes it could be built in via the faction editor such that once each faction discovers the prerequisite tech for AAA (Doc:AP), that all their units (land and sea) receive AAA. However there exists a conflict here in that you can only give each faction one free special ability, and for the Pirates (which everyone was going to be playing in this one) that is already used for the Marine Detachment special ability (i.e. so it would have to be one or the other in that case).
    Otherwise the only way to do it would be by putting predesigned units in the alphax.txt.


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      I think it would be OK to substitute AAA for Marine Detachment. Really, we don't want to increase the attacker's momentum by having them board ships anyway. If anyone really wants marine detachment, they can add it and pay for it.

      I would like to make AAA available at Doc:Flexibility, so that all of the initial ships have it for free.


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        I am not sure about having the time to play, but it sound like an interesting idea.