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  • drows mystical adventure new pbem

    hi, im after some opponents for a new pbem, i did have a bad year and had to stop playing but now im back n rearing to go

    simple rules

    no alien fractions

    no copters, no cba

    say 4 ppl all together unless more decide to join

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    nobody fancy a game???


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      i'm in

      i will take Hive if you dont mind


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        I'll take university. crocombej AT hbc DOT ac DOT za
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          Mart seems to be busy at the moment, so I wanna try to setup the game, of course ... if you trust me
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            We got CMN, we just need a 4th player and setup.

            Here is what i have in mind(but never gets done)

            No tech trade
            Flex start position
            No random events
            Pods on (if we dont play Vet's map)


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              ill take (original fractions only or those human ones from alien x fire too??) if only original gians,if x fire ill be pirates


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                im ok with trading tech but the rest is fine, but im realy easy soif you dont want tech trade thats ok too

                advanced start or just colony pods?
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                  what about the AIs, do you want them or not?
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                      ai tend to gang up on ppl, so no, id really prefer pirates out of the 2 fractions
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                        Re: drows mystical adventure new pbem

                        Originally posted by drow21
                        simple rules
                        something like this or like the rules in this game?
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                          Preferences for Drow's mystical adventure

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                            @florin79c: with Drow21 playing the Pirates it's really not possible to play on the Vet's map.
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                              No contact between factions until we actually 'meet' each other. That is possible only by ground unit, sea unit, native life form, antigrav, or copter unit. A needlejet or a payload can't create a real contact.
                              Upgrades using the design workshop can only be done at the end of the turn. This to prevent upgrading eg a simple scout rover to the best model available and let it attack the same turn - makes it harder to defend.
                              Retro-engineering allowed, except for using basic unit types such as probe teams, AI formers, etc...
                              Stockpiling in Build Queues is allowed. Also, please note, that if you leave the queue empty after the facility or secret project you get additional energy. You can leave queue empty and use this additional energy.
                              Multiple drops or orbital insertions using the right-click menu is forbidden. So is airdropping from outside a base/airbase, or after having moved (except on a magtube) using the same method.
                              Base growth through Colony Pods - can be used to increase a base size up to the applicable pre-facility limit, but cannot be used to breach that limit without the facility being built.
                              Psi (or any other) units cannot be assigned multiple waypoint patrol routes (to avoid instant demon boil bug)
                              Cannot change an infiltrated faction's workers to specialists, for example by using the F4 screen (or the bases icon of the F2 screen)
                              Transparent Commlink Logs - It is forbidden for any player, whether playing the turn or just browsing the .sav, to open a .sav file (current or past) with a text reader program (eg word, wordperfect, notepad, etc etc) as the in-game commlink exchanges are embedded in text in the .sav file and can be read by anyone. For that reason, and also to keep the save file size low, it's highly recommended to do all private communications per e-mail.
                              It is forbidded for any player, whether playing the turn or just browsing any gamesave, to select left hand menu, then Game, then Resign. If hit accidentally, then immediately select the "No! Get back in there and fight" option. Selecting the "yes, time to slink away in shame" option triggers the game end scores and map expansion from the start (thereby revealing the start locations and limits of expansion of all seven factions).
                              Council notification - immediate broadcast to all players (Post in the thread and e-mail to all immediately by player who has called elections, citing candidates and votes. After each player's turn, post in the thread the running totals)
                              If an aggressive probe action (anything except infiltration) is used on a faction you have a truce, treaty or pact with, you must select 'Declare Vendetta' in the dialog box that appears afterwards, and notify the victim of your transgression, unless you have received permission in advance. No notification is required in other cases.
                              Demanding withdrawal to a human player through the menus rather than by negotiation in the forum by private message or email is prohibited.
                              Bribing (or accepting bribes) for votes through the diplomatic channel box by clicking on the human faction leader's picture is prohibited (must be conducted by diplo message or e-mail).
                              Multiple reloading of the game to try for different effects is forbidden. If a reload is necessary because of a game crash etc., an explanation should be posted to the turn tracking thread.
                              This bug is not allowed: On the turn a terraformer completes its terraforming task, its "flag" will be grayed out indicating that it has moved. Clicking on and activating the terraformer will allow a new terraforming command to be issued to the terraformer with the correct number of turns to completion displayed. Clicking on and activating the terraformer again, cancelling its new orders; at this point, the terraformer will have regained one movement point. Using the more advanced technique of this bug is also disallowed.
                              It is not allowed to mind control with standard probe teams units or bases of any faction that runs a +3 or higher SE Probe rating.
                              It is not allowed to locate bases in unexplored tiles.
                              Crawlers can be used to hurry Special Projects, but it is forbidden to upgrade an already built crawler in order to hurry a Special Project.

                              those rules are fine